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Introductions and Recruitment

You wish to introduce yourself or your Guild to the others players? Your Guild is currently looking for new members? Leave a message to the community right here!
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Friday 11/07/14

4 messages
English HOA-JAMES - subject is closed
Hey guys I made a new guild for new and experienced players if u want a fun guild. To trade chat and have fun plz join
Thursday 10/07/14

12 messages
English darkdragondt - subject is closed
Hi, im the founder and Leader of Legendary Domination. Currently we are looking for new members (no matter what level you are) You just have to fit these requirements:

- Active
- Over level 5
- Friendly and Kind

We host card giveaway's and events so be sure to apply!
Legendary Domination

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Wednesday 09/07/14

8 messages
English DA_Banana - subject is closed
For a brief period of time Potato Flavored Potatoes was one of the most active guilds in the U.S of A.
Since then things have changed.
Activity went into the toilet and the message boards went from active conversations to a "siesta" room.
Partly because I as guild master didn't do my job to be active and almost left the game entirely.
Partly because half of the guild was filled with inactive sons of mothers.
Now we're trying to restore The Potato Flavored Potatoes to it's former glory

Old Rules:

Be level 15+
don't flame
Don't curse excesively
Try and be nice

New Rules to be added on:
Be active on the message boards or if that's to much...
We are also making a feedback thread on what's good or bad (mostly bad) about our guild and where to improve

if you would like to help us return to our glory and try to rejuvenate our message boards
APLY FOR THE Potato Flavored Potatoes
3 messages
English Freelance360 - subject is closed
Wassup everyone Freelance360 here and I'm here to introduce my guild "Urban Warriorz". Its a guild where anyone of all levels can come, team up, and have a blast. If you wanna join the link is n below:

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Sunday 06/07/14

14 messages
English PALOFGAMES - subject is closed
Join the most Explosive group in Urban Rivals!

Wanna Join sure we always look for players who are passionate about the game not meet 101 different statistical requirement to make the guild look good.

If you're looking for guild that has high level experienced players that you can learn from look no further than here!


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Saturday 05/07/14

17 messages
English 0 RoyalDeath - subject is closed
Want to make money? Want to be the best? Want to have a good time while doing it?
Join Clintz bank! Weekly giveaways, a guild currency, activity rewards, events, you name it we have it. What do you have to do to be in on this you ask? Just click one recruitment button, it couldn't be easier!
Join now: Clintz Bank
1 message
English (TRK) A713N - subject is closed
You remember and know us well.
We are The Rising Kings.
We were once top 3 in Activity in the US.
After my absence, the guild lost it's way.
We WILL Return to our former glory...

But to do that, we need you.

I need you.

Thank you,
(TRK) A713N
3 messages
English Zodiac Lion - subject is closed
Hello everyone, Zodiak Warriors is recruiting members. Any player of any level can join it. There are no strict rules, doesn't matter if you are an active or inactive player just enjoy the game. Our guild is familiar and will always help you if you are a new player. Those who are interested feel free to apply .

Zodiak Warriors

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Friday 04/07/14

1 message
English _-_CM PUNK_-_ - subject is closed
Hi I'm looking for people to join my new guild.
This guild Necessita a powerful, brave and very brain people.

The requesitos:




a greeting

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Thursday 03/07/14

8 messages
English RAP-DUC - subject is closed
Looking for a active,good,responsible guild, i m good elo,dt player
pm me or post here
1 message
noland63 - subject is closed
C'est Bon academy is looking for applicants, open to all levels. If you're aim is to grow to be one of the top contending fighters of Clint city then this is the place for you, hosting active forums for deck construction and strategies and testing in the practice room, I will try to make this the most known and feard guild in all of Clint city.

日本 C'est Bon Academy

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4 messages
English sssssd11 - subject is closed
Hello! My name is SSSSSD11, and I'm here to tell you of a wondrous new guild! The guild may be young, but the bonds are strong! We are currently recruiting and I'd like to welcome everyone who applies in advance. We're looking for experienced and inexperienced alike, so there's nothing stopping you from applying. We have no real requirements, but if you match the criteria below, it'll help you with joining our merry band!
* Level 25+
* Active on the Guild Message Board
* Friendly and Loyal
Tuesday 01/07/14

7 messages
English Zhangoose - subject is closed





3 messages
English Laquavious - subject is closed
There are a few requirements for this guild , I am the founder so I can make admin and things like that but anyways.

Must be at least level 10
At least a 96 fair play percentage

If you want to join , Message me

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Monday 30/06/14

12 messages
English -CALLOUS- - subject is closed
Limit Break

We're Limit Break, a max level guild that has been around for over two years. We recently acquired all the active members of another long-standing and well-respected guild, Vicious Salvo.

We're an international guild with members from over a dozen countries. Our forums are in English.

While we are, admittedly, not as active as we were at our peak (the same can be said about nearly every single older guild that I am aware of) we are a tight-knit and accomplished group of good people with the right attitude and we're looking to add some laid-back semi-casual, semi-competitive gamers to our group.

Limit Break Offers-

-An environment filled with accomplished, knowledgeable, friendly players who are happy to socialize with you or bounce ideas back and fourth.

-Forum games, none of which involve counting or spamming.

-A relatively active environment that doesn't come with pressure to play all the time or live up to unrealistic activity expectations.

-An established, respected guild with many event successes, including making it to the final stage of Battle of Olympus, which was almost certainly the largest and most relevant event in history of Urban Rivals guilds.

We simply ask that you're at least level 45, relatively active, mature/calm/drama-free and that you take a moment to send an admin a message before applying. Tell us a little bit about yourself and tell us why you'd be a good fit for our guild.

Looking forward to new friends and fond memories!
15 messages
English {AVA} Avatar - subject is closed
Hey all!

Ͼ≈₪₰ ҉ «Team Avatar» Ͼ≈₪₰ ҉ is a brand-new guild for casual players who enjoy Avatar: The Last Airbender (or Legend of Korra), Urban Rivals, and/or just being sociable on the guild message board! We are currently looking for start-up players of any level with any qualifications to get the guild off the ground. Players who are friendly and helpful in starting up the guild are likely to become admins sooner rather than later, so join now!

Quick note: Don't be discouraged by my own low level, I have been playing the game for years off and on, and let me emphasize again that all levels are welcome. Also, you don't have to be a fan of the show to join - so invite all your friends!

Ͼ≈₪₰ ҉ «Team Avatar» Ͼ≈₪₰ ҉

"Together we will be the strongest guild in the entire Urban Rivals! We will dominate the earth!" - A:TLA book 3, episode 5: The Beach
Sunday 29/06/14

2 messages
English MrkingPin_MoB - subject is closed
If you are looking for a guild come check out New guild I have started. I really do not care about ELO scores or battle points I just want a nice friendly guild to hang out in.

So i will take any above LvL 10 at first then we will go from there.

5 messages
Deutsch Deceiver22 - subject is closed
Hello everybody,
we are looking for new guild members.
no clasifications required!
Everyone can join!
just sign up here!
with friendly greetings The Mohicans

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Thursday 26/06/14

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English Altheda - subject is closed
Guild Link: The Pink Ladies

Come join the Pink Ladies, a guild where we have mainly Female characters in our deck, but you can have whatever deck you wish! Accepting all applicants! You can play casually, and chat casually with the members, we plan to be use a mainly Female Oriented Deck! If we get enough members, we will set up a room where we can practice and battle one another.
Kommen Sie den Pink Ladies, eine Gilde, wo wir vor allem weibliche Charaktere in unserem Deck, aber Sie haben, was auch immer Sie wünschen Deck! Akzeptieren alle Bewerber! Sie können locker spielen und plaudern lässig mit den Mitgliedern planen wir, mit einem hauptsächlich weiblich orientierte Deck werden! Wenn wir genügend Mitglieder zu bekommen, werden wir ein Zimmer, wo wir üBen können und Kampf miteinander.
Venez vous joindre à la rose de dames, une guilde où nous avons des caractères essentiellement féminin dans notre plate-forme, mais vous pouvez avoir tout ce que le pont que vous souhaitez! Accepter tous les candidats! Vous pouvez jouer avec désinvolture, et discuter avec désinvolture les membres, nous comptons être utiliser une plate-forme orientée essentiellement féminin! Si nous obtenons suffisamment de membres, nous allons mettre en place une salle où l'on peut pratiquer et combat l'autre.

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3 messages
English OC Titan - subject is closed
Clintz bank has its own currency. through max activity and other things you can win merrits. You can win BIG prizes with them. One person in the guild recently won a Marco Cr with his.It is led by CB Immortal who provides al the prizes himself. We need more players so that we can grow as a guild more quickly.

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