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Thursday 11/09/14

1 message
Hello to everyone
i trade my 2 Dounia Cr full for a Vickie Cr full
or 1 Dounia Cr 0xp + 1 dounia full for a vickie 0xp

1 message
English Alluka - subject is closed
Hello all,

I'd like to trade the following cards for a Marlysa Cr 0xp 1350M;

20 Dr Copernica: 33k (660k)
25 Hammer: 15k (375k)
50 Tomoe: 6k (300k)
+ Rubie x4 7k (28k)

Total: 1363M

Thank you.
1 message
I want to trade Splata Cr full for Lamar Cr.

3 messages
English AKP_Kaiser - subject is closed
100 Lear Barduh 0xp 14k/tête
50 Aaron 0xp 4900/tête
40 Marjory 0xp 6800/tête
27 Hemdall 0xp 19k/tête
for :
Liona 0xp 11k
Dr Copernica 0xo 30k
Jackie Cr 0xp 215k
Tanaereva Cr 0xp 310k
Marlysa Cr 1.3M

and i accept other proposition
1 message
400 Methane 0xp for 9k each
2 messages
English 2sHaMe - last answer from Artemis-BZ, Thursday 11/09, 11:20.
Best offer for Kiki Cr 0xp will receive the latter. Send offers to pm.

edited by Artemis-BZ Thursday 11/09, 11:20
7 messages
Español 0 THE J0KER - last answer from XC Levi 69, Thursday 11/09, 11:08.
I'm listening to all offers in CASH (Be reasonable).

The lowest market offer at the time of posting this is 1,000,000 clintz at 0xp.
1 message
I sell this cards only for cash

8 Duke 0xp 4,4k / cad
6 Rekved 0xp 4,4 / cad
2 Rekved liv 3 4,3 k / cad
6 norton 0xp 450 /cad

contact me in mp
4 messages
Deutsch L4F-Durrrr 88 - last answer from SPT rozzo, Thursday 11/09, 00:08.
Search Dounia Cr 0xp + Cash

Pm me your offer
Wednesday 10/09/14

4 messages
English 2sHaMe - subject is closed
2014 09 25 best offer for Kiki Cr 0xp will receive latler. Send offers to pm.
1 message
English XC Levi 69 - subject is closed
102 copies of Rahanpah

Reserve is 2200/head.

Good luck.
4 messages
English -_Anonymous - subject is closed
I'm here to sell my lot of 37 Qubik 0xp for 13.000 clintz ech

actually in the market there are 28 copies of Qubik and only 4 Qubik 0xp at 12k-13k and 18k clintz so my price isn't good is THE BEST

4 messages
English Marx-x - last answer from ALS_Blader, Wednesday 10/09, 13:55.
Trading ​​batch of 600 Jakson 0 exp
I am trading the following lot for Guru Cr, please contact me if you are interested

edited by Artemis-BZ Tuesday 09/09, 15:45
1 message
English Bus-A-Bus - subject is closed
1m clintz for Armanda Cr anyone interested PM
7 messages
Deutsch O MINGAU - last answer from Squirtroll, Wednesday 10/09, 03:38.
Hello guys o/
i want to sell my Bulk of Dounia Cr 0 xp
i want for now Cash
450k/Each = 45M

Thank u all !!
5 messages
English ran75 - last answer from ran75, Wednesday 10/09, 03:17.
Yayoi 33k
Bogdan 20k
Sakura Cr 6k
12x Campbell 9.8k
10x Kamekun 1.7k
20x Oxo 1.7k

pm me or create secure trade...thanks
7 messages
English hat24 - subject is closed
I'm willing to trade for FHTAGN
1 message
Hi! I sell 150 Kent 0xp for 750 each one

I'm looking for clintz only

If someone is interested contact me and I put them into his PS
3 messages
English -Ryder- - last answer from -Ryder-, Wednesday 10/09, 00:11.
Selling 93 0 xp Fanny for 3,150.

I am willing to hear out offers. I am only looking to sell as a bulk not singles.

Pm me if interested.
Tuesday 09/09/14

2 messages
English (ATL)ProbleM - last answer from ChangeIsGood, Tuesday 09/09, 23:22.
I buy 50 Liona 0xp at 10,1k clints / cad
if you have in pvp ;=) ty

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