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Strategy and Tactics: General

You think you've built the ultimate Deck? You believe you've got great strategy ideas? Share those ideas with your rivals.
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Sunday 09/03/14

12 messages
English TheDoomBug - last answer from playallday_0, Sunday 09/03, 16:14.
I know it's a bit of a meme to claim that Vortex names are typed by nose, but I've been wondering what meanings the names could have. Specifically, the five (yeah, small number) I haven't found a possible origin of:
Heegrn Cr
Cyb Lhia
And the three that I'm not sure of:
Dregn (Dragon, the symbol of royalty? Drain, like what he does to your Opp Life?)
Oflgn (Offline?)
Negodz (New Goods, what he sells? No Gods, what he probably believes?)

Any serious ideas or intel?
Saturday 08/03/14

21 messages
Русский XC-MeRLiN - last answer from hashburki, Saturday 08/03, 21:00.
I honestly have no idea who borrowed my cards, I don't keep track because all you guys are very honest, and I am too lazy to go into sales history, then purchase history and Secure Trade and so on, but still I would like to request people who borrowed a Guru and a Lyse, specifically to please return them.
By the way, I am not crazy, only I don't know where all my cards are, and I loan out only too readily.
If you are the guy who sees this message and loaned my card, please so get in touch. When you return my card, I will kiss you.
Wednesday 05/03/14

2 messages
English SavvyHavvy - subject is closed
I have recently completed the following clans: Montana, Hurucan, Vortex, and Frozn, WITH NO CRs!

So since I have the ability to make any non-cr deck, I am looking for advice on the best decks for each of these clans without Crs. I usually play any game mode except for ELO but I am open to all opinions. Thank YOU.
Tuesday 04/03/14

9 messages
English playallday_0 - last answer from playallday_0, Tuesday 04/03, 02:52.
Well spam this place and like my presets
every time i comeback and see that 1 of my presets has gotten +200 points ill give a Globumm to a random person who posted in the last ten points

double post are not allowed
no smileys
no numbers

let us start the spam
Monday 03/03/14

8 messages
English zz Tundra zz - last answer from zz Tundra zz, Monday 03/03, 19:57.
Could someone explain to me what a CR is?? How does a card become a CR?? Who decides the next group of CR's??

Any info would be great!!!
Saturday 01/03/14

14 messages
Português Roberto RBL - last answer from Bemmoth, Saturday 01/03, 13:15.
Is not possible that people by so fast every single time the cheap cards on market, I take on the max 3s to buy the card and is already sold out, there are people using market bot ?
Friday 28/02/14

3 messages
English DA_Banana - last answer from DA_Banana, Friday 28/02, 20:42.
If so
Tuesday 25/02/14

6 messages
English TheSkytherOrc - subject is closed
Hi, I was just thinking about what bonus I would give a new clan if I could.
And I thought, instead of the usual old balls [(+Attk (8-12); -Attk (8-12)], you could do something really special.
Something like +40 Attk. Sounds crazy, but again hear me out.

These cards would have really really low power (3 or 4 power at max) and would rely heavily on their bonus/ability. Obviously you would get shattered on by SoB clans/card(s), but you could really do well against other (most) clans.
You could also make it a real pill/life manipulative clan. What are your thoughts on this.

Oh and I made an example:

Name: Jayd'n
Clan: (I dunno uhh Juveniles (meh..)
Power: 3
Damage: 6
Ability: -2 Opp. Pillz
Bonus: +40 Attk.

So yeah, thoughts?
Saturday 22/02/14

4 messages
Deutsch Tranquil_Suit - subject is closed
I'm using Scott Ld, Campbell, Gordon, Shirley, Benson, Nancy, Reeve, Pastor as deck

I've been using it in Std Daily Tournament and Std DeathMatch.

Now suddenly it's not working, I can't enter those rooms.

Anyone else?
Tuesday 18/02/14

3 messages
English TheSkytherOrc - last answer from Tranquil_Suit, Tuesday 18/02, 19:47.
How about an ability called "Cancel Bonus." Hear me out for a second.
Let's say a card was released for the Huracans. I'll create one as an example.

Stats: 7 power, 6 damages.
Ability: No ability
Bonus: +1 Attack per Life remaining

In a good senario, Arrow would be able to reach 7/8 (fury). Pretty amazing for a 3* O.o Combine that with his bonus and that, on paper, makes for a pretty powerful card. And a ridiculous card suggestion, right?
This is where cancel bonus would come in.
Perhaps UR can release cards with very highly elevated Power/Damage and give them Cancel Bonus to even it out. I know the last time a card with No Ability came out was 3 years ago, but I think this would be a pretty good addition.
This would allow players to also combat SOA. If a card with SOA was played on a card with Cancel Bonus, the cancel would be nulled and the character could then unleash hell!

Ask any questions/feedback below.
6 messages
English -Arkham - last answer from BA_HYDRO, Tuesday 18/02, 13:51.
Death Valley
Thnks For the Mmrs
First of the Year

Continue the list
Monday 17/02/14

13 messages
English TaguX - last answer from TaguX, Monday 17/02, 22:08.
I was wondering if any of you knows the function to determinate how much battle points are needed to pass a certain level. I mean, given a certain level, how much battle points are needed to go throught the next level.
does anybody know that?
Friday 14/02/14

9 messages
English 1san - subject is closed
I've just been wondering...other card games I play such as Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM, and Hearthstone, patch their cards if deemed too OP, or too terrible, why does UR not do this too?

Better yet why not let the community vote on how the cards are fixed so there isn't any discrepancies?

The game is constantly evolving. Cards that where useful in the early days of UR haven't seen the light of a deck in ages. Why not give a card Ogoun Kyu an ability and a decent power to work with? Another example, is Dolly, who's ability is poison 2 min 1, why not raise that min from 1 to 2 so she can be used in elo again?
Thursday 13/02/14

4 messages
English BA_Mihir - last answer from hutson01134, Thursday 13/02, 05:14.
Just a fun thread to voice your opinions over certain situations

so lets start!!

which hand do you prefer to hold?
Isatis Dugan Raven Ed 12
Mechakolos Lin Xia XU52 Ksendra
and why! ?
Wednesday 12/02/14

12 messages
English Johnson Randy - subject is closed
After I sell my cards I will have about 332k what cards clans should I buy
Tuesday 11/02/14

10 messages
Deutsch Tranquil_Suit - last answer from Yurieu HoA, Tuesday 11/02, 22:26.
I started the game with Rescue, and have since become fairly proficient with Atk bonus (mixed with some damage reduction).

I've also played (250+ wins each) with Piranas, Berzerk, Vortex. Mostly mono, but also tried mixing Piranas with Vortex.

Piranas dude... their SOB and pill manip is a Nightmare against my Rescue. BUT, when I play them... arrg I just haven't yet gotten the hang of pill manip. I get it wrong too often. Anyway...

All and all, I've become too reliant on the attack bonus. My habit (from playing Rescue) of default low pilling is my main weakness when I play other decks.

My plan to improve my UR game and get rid of the bad habit is by learning other playstyles. So right now I'm looking for something (as in clans/decks) that requires a very different playstyle from my current one.

Any suggestions?
6 messages
English GoM - Aomine - last answer from KurO ReapeR, Tuesday 11/02, 12:49.
Hey I have a Roots/Sentinel deck with these characters can you help me.

Monday 10/02/14

4 messages
English TaguX - last answer from - Elkas, Monday 10/02, 22:23.

when I get into Le repaire de zapatan (http://ur.xephon.org/), on the right side it shows a card that summarizes my profile, and so:
the design of the card is my avatar
the name of the card is my nickname
the clan of the card is the flag of my country
the ability of the card are my clintz and credits
the bonus of the card is my guild
the power of the card is my level

but I can't understand what the damage of the card is. does any of you know?
2 messages
Română Steel X_HoA - subject is closed
Really ... one of the issues with that new layout of the site they wanted to implement was the ad swarm. If that new version is now gone, most probably due the mass of negative feedback, why do they think that spamming the current one with ads is a good idea, then ? Really, just now, clicked on about 5 of these stupid things accidentally. Not to mention that they're slowing down the website for me. Way to go UR .
4 messages
English Squirtroll - subject is closed
Now it has recently been brought to my attention that mods tend not to look at the guild threads, well, they look to blacklist cough cough

But they don't do anything regarding the comments themselves
Possible solutions that don't involve mods to spend their " precious " time " moderating "

Threads need approval,
Perhaps implement the comment approval system again just for that one area

Allow admins and creator of the thread to edit and remove comments, although it is the hardest to make happen it is by far the smoothest fix

Send all comments to creator of the thread to approve

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