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Introductions and Recruitment

You wish to introduce yourself or your Guild to the others players? Your Guild is currently looking for new members? Leave a message to the community right here!
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Sunday 07/10/07

2 messages
Español _ - last answer from _, Sunday 07/10/2007, 21:10.
Hello,I come to recommend that they are united to the union Commando Elite that reclutz people nvel 35+ and those who surpass nvel 45+ tendran the honor being admins of guild.Unanse I wait for their requests!
1 message
We are a new u.k only guild but we already haye 60 members and are still growing.
So join us if ya want the only rule is u gotta be friendly to other guild members in our or any other guild
2 messages
English Elliott uk - last answer from Elliott uk, Sunday 07/10/2007, 17:39.
Hi Im Elliott uk and i would like as many of you as possible to join my guild Abbeydale rcoks we are an up and coming guild with 12 members and would like as many as you as possible to join there is 3 requirements for you to join my guild

1. Must speak a bit of english
2. Must be at least level 10 (Some Exceptions)
3.Must be well mannered to others in the guild
2 messages
English Killingshadow - last answer from Goenitz, Sunday 07/10/2007, 15:20.
1 message

I made it today...

Guilds name is DestroYer`s

So come around

Sorry for my bad english
4 messages
English {B}warioware - last answer from martinbowler, Sunday 07/10/2007, 12:37.
I need a good guild with ppl on every day!
1 message
This is my new Guild. There are no specs to join other than you will try your hardest to win.
My primary objective is to rule the world, and i know loads of you want that as well.

1 message
Can someone join my guild please its called destroyers red metal go to www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=96949
2 messages
English MrCexy6 - last answer from Symbolic, Sunday 07/10/2007, 04:08.
I keep trying to quit my guild but when i click leave guild a window pops that says u cannot leave this guild
1 message
Please join we need 10 more members
Saturday 06/10/07

1 message
Please join,we need more members!
1 message
If you are looking for a new, upcoming, English talking guild than you have come to the right place. if you have a respect level of 8 or above than u are free to join. it will not cost you anything to join but i am asking you to remain active. thank you for your time, i look forward to seeing you soon
1 message
Welcome. If you are reading this, then it shows you have a slight interest in my guild.

Join today, and become a full member of the Dark Hand, crush your opponants with no mercy and together....
we shall rule this world!!!

Psycho's of all ages are welcome
People who are polite are to be shot on site.

Warning!! this message may contain nuts.
2 messages
English Unlucky Kojo - last answer from Tanto89, Saturday 06/10/2007, 20:00.
Even though I'm already level 7...this is a fun siteI love it
1 message
I am looking for some players who want to have fun and arent looking out just for themselves.

Goals? How about wold domination...

Send me a message if interested
3 messages
English Blazeboy - last answer from Blazeboy, Saturday 06/10/2007, 18:23.
If u come to the Blaze guild u will never regret ur decision unlike most guilds we r a family we r trying to be the best but first everyone has to want to become the best and in our guild we r family if one fall we all fall if one succeed we all succeed and that is a good feeling!!!!!!!
2 messages
English PWNAGEFDHDFH - last answer from Unlucky Kojo, Saturday 06/10/2007, 15:28.
I just signed up 2day , got my 1st cards lol , are Bodenpower and Murphy good cards cos i got them
4 messages
English TheBloodHunter - last answer from Gus Lee, Saturday 06/10/2007, 11:43.
When people take forever to make there turns in hope that you'll quit what can you do?

Also are the four cards you play with randomly selected out of your 8???

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