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Introductions and Recruitment

You wish to introduce yourself or your Guild to the others players? Your Guild is currently looking for new members? Leave a message to the community right here!
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Tuesday 14/08/07

1 message

Do you think you have what it takes? If so...look us up.....You are welcome to join....
1 message
A newly created guild is looking for recruits! Come to us for training, and fun with this game!

Or, if you are trying to get certain cards, I'm sure the administrator would not mind helping out.
Monday 13/08/07

1 message
To join just go to this link .............http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=57547 n see if u got the beat to join our guild
Sunday 12/08/07

1 message
My guild is such a great guild to join because i love to talk to and meet new people.
so if you would like to make friends on this site then join my guild.
1 message
I just got my guild off the ground and im looking for members to join. if ur interested click on the link http://
1 message
Want revange or anything esle then join my guild where member respect each other but at the same time want respect.

Looking for anybody

Wat esle if i supposed to tell you so if you want some trainning or need help with plans and so on then i or the admins well be able to provide you with one
10 messages
English -Annihilator- - last answer from StormWhisper, Sunday 12/08/2007, 08:59.
We're looking for new recruits... wanna join???
Saturday 11/08/07

3 messages
English Jwillis07 - last answer from kronos35, Saturday 11/08/2007, 22:39.
Im a new guild and have a good deck, looking for others level 10+ to join ! preferably no noobs, join my guild and help it become a champion guild
1 message
Anyone that wants to join an new clan, feel free to join mine. Im looking for at least 4 people who can help me
keep the clan alive and start towards making it bigger
1 message
Warriors, brave and true hear me the group Knights Of The Apocalypse is opening its doors to all level 15 or higher players we are among the top groups in the U.S. and soon will be among the top in the world joining us is a very wise move. you never fight alone here we always have each others backs

5 messages
English OnlineHelper - last answer from OnlineHelper, Saturday 11/08/2007, 15:47.
I am accepting everyone.The link is http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=62108 .Please join.
1 message
Hey Sup Urban-Rival players feel free to join my guild!
2 messages
English The_Rich_Man - last answer from 6SimS-Sven, Saturday 11/08/2007, 04:21.
Why settle for anything less when you could join us, the Rated_R Guild in our Quest for Dominance!

Presenting, The Rated_R Guild!
Friday 10/08/07

6 messages
English tiko_1EVO - last answer from AoD Nithos, Friday 10/08/2007, 18:29.
Been playing for awhile and I have no idea (aside from meeting people) what are the advantages of joining a guild?? Does it get a person more clintz, credits... what is the advantage of joining one guild over the other? I read people bragging about their guilds and I can see which guoilds are at the top but still... why be part of one??
1 message
It is a place to hang out, exchange game play tips and whatever else you make it out to be.
1 message

Come one come all....The DragonAngels Clan is accepting new members..All we ask is that you are an active player...It doesn't matter what level you are..We know everybody has to start out somewhere...We are here to make new friends...So come join us!!!
5 messages
English Drain WMD - subject is closed
I have 80000 clintz to spend and i might do some trading please send me offers and pm me for dragon only i dont want any other cards.
1 message
The reason i want more people in my guild is to make it more interesting for me and the small amount in there already. well if anyone doesnt have a guild and wants to join we accept everyone 10+.
Thursday 09/08/07

2 messages
English Collector_HM - last answer from Collector_HM, Thursday 09/08/2007, 10:36.
The Calling is looking for active players that are looking for a guild to join

For more info speak to the ADMINs of The Calling

3 messages
English VFXgamer - last answer from 0-Jade, Thursday 09/08/2007, 05:04.
Q: What is "Fight Club"?
A: Duh. What else are you here for?...We're here to kick ass!

Q: What will "Fight Club" do for me/why should I join?
A: Card trading amonst members to avoid paying the high prices of the market.

Q: Can I expect this to be like other guilds?
A: I don't know...I've never been in another guild because I don't feel like having some little kid guild Leader
telling me how I should play. We aren't here to regulate your gaming but instead, to help you easier
aquire the cards you'll need to kick ass.

Q: Ok, fair enough. How do I join???
A: http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=54081

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