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Introductions and Recruitment

You wish to introduce yourself or your Guild to the others players? Your Guild is currently looking for new members? Leave a message to the community right here!
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Wednesday 01/08/07

1 message
----meanmachine----is accepting 1 person who is above level 15. please contact me if you are intersted to be part of the best guild in the country and have fun. we offer free cards, tournaments, and lots more, if you do not make it to ----meanmachine----, we have a brother guild in the making for lvl 10 and above. thank you and we look forward to meeting you. the guild link is :
Tuesday 31/07/07

6 messages
English G H O S T - last answer from G H O S T, Tuesday 31/07/2007, 15:09.
Hey zup i need help to build this guild
we got ranks, tournaments, guides, and more
i need hard workers and talented people to help grow the guild to a high level.
also need high level co owner
and im acepting people from any country lv 5+
join now!!! \(o__~) /```~~

Follow the link - - > http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=55226
1 message
I am looking for recruits for the guild Blood Cross. If need, the Blood Cross is always ready to help!!!! We will be the best in Urban!!!

4 messages
English shorty1 - last answer from shorty1, Tuesday 31/07/2007, 03:46.
Join the last crusade over the past weeks we have went from 4 members to 36 members from dead last in our nation to the top 25 we supply our members with cool new cards and show them ways to make there deck better and plan on going to the top http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=43577 if ur not intrested in joining at least take a look at our site thnk u
1 message
The last crusade is looking for some talent http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=43577
if u think u can hang then your more then welcome to try but if u r a begginer the try our other begginer guild the first crusade
Monday 30/07/07

2 messages
English LoA DHUB3R - last answer from LoA DHUB3R, Monday 30/07/2007, 21:57.
Yes we are making hte First crusade which is the sister guild to the last crusade
3 messages
English LoA DHUB3R - last answer from LoA DHUB3R, Monday 30/07/2007, 00:10.
Yes The Last Crusade Is lookign for some new recruits. we will be getting as much recruits as possibel mostly lvl 10+ we are a decent group which wishes to win as much battles as possibel and be the best guild as possible.
Sunday 29/07/07

1 message

We are ready for you to join......If you wanna meet new people and make new friends....just join.....
1 message
- Imperium is a relatively new guild, recruiting everyone that thinks they're 'ard enough.
- We want anyone who enjoys playing the game and can be serious when needed. You must be friendly!
- We want to provide a safe haven for people who want to play for fun, and who want to compete

Come along and see what you think

20 messages
English Drain WMD - last answer from Arcade Town, Sunday 29/07/2007, 10:59.
Ive always wondered how a common card thats weak became a cr with such a high price. example: Berserkgirl Cr is a card thats really expensive espicially for a common card, if its common doesnt it mean there should of been alot of them not just 1-5 we see today? Please explain
5 messages
English 0 Prophet-Cr - last answer from Zeppelin WMD, Sunday 29/07/2007, 06:08.
How come they dont work no more or arnt active, they appear to have been blocked by site all of a sudden just curious as to why cuz it looked tight ?
1 message
:evil: Joining this guild could turn a neewbie or experienced player into a imperator if alot of us join ok get it!!!!! so if u join u could be one of many to experience a sweet name guild and a nuty crazy cool guild that could make other guilds fall to our Knees!!!! So if u join dont forget to tell other players to join the wicked guild ok??? so pls join.............It will be made tommorow ok!!! PLAYER"S GUILD NAME:BOOMERMAN!!
1 message
If u have somethin to say then say it to the last crusade if not then wht r u waiten for join us http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=43577
2 messages
English Syndvir - last answer from Albion Sox87, Sunday 29/07/2007, 01:03.
At the Guild of Kings, you can forge your name into lengendry. Join and become a part of a guild of mythical proportions...
Saturday 28/07/07

1 message
Come join Legacy we are acepting from any country at the moment, we have guides and tournaments,
ranking system. i need active players hard workers and people with talent to help grow the guild to a high rank.
acepting lv 5+

Follow the link \ (o__o) /````
1 message
!Join! http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=35010. !Join!

Our guild consist of players trying to be the best! Better decks, better strategies, better game, and support from each other.

Anyone and everyone willing to be in a winning guild can join!

Our goal is to be the best and strongest!

!Join! http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=35010. !Join!
Friday 27/07/07

1 message
Please join in my guild called: >>>>Shadow Freaks<<<<
everyone is welcom. pls... join......

1 message
Searching for members that want's to join

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