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Strategy and Tactics: General

You think you've built the ultimate Deck? You believe you've got great strategy ideas? Share those ideas with your rivals.
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Thursday 28/02/08

7 messages
English Deity EVO - last answer from Pom Pui, Thursday 28/02/2008, 23:44.
I'm doing type 1 for the time being (being also that im level 14)
I'm using Mona, Ottavia, Vicki, Price Jr and Jackie, Rubie, Samantha, Zatman

I keep thinking Samantha is a weak card, I'd like to replace her with something, any suggestions on that, or any other cards I can replace?

People wonder how I got these cards..I bought a couple packs..and I got really lucky. Got some very nice rares..
5 messages
English The-Girl-eVo - subject is closed
Maybe for players, you Fraggle, Memento, Whisper
Can try to make a clint city's image from bird's fly.
Like there can be house "Game Arena" where can play. "comics stend" and so?
8 messages
English Mondan - last answer from Titan_AH, Thursday 28/02/2008, 19:00.
I get the whole attack points thing, but when you or and opp attacks the opposition what actually determins the amount of dmg done?
5 messages
English -Mart- - last answer from -Mart-, Thursday 28/02/2008, 15:35.
I play the following deck:
Charlie 5
Yayoi 4
Ella 2 or Feelyn 2
Svethlana 1 or Noon Steevens 1

Ulu Watu(13):
Lulabee 5
Gaia 3
Gabrielle 2
Nanook 3

I´d like to know wich is better:
Ella or Feelyn?
Svethlana 1 or Noon Steevens 1? (i´m not using Gwen, cause it´s expensive to keep her unleveled)
Charlie 5 or Clara 5?
2 messages
English excelsiorloy - last answer from Varathron, Thursday 28/02/2008, 12:50.
Please help me make some ELO decks so here are the cards i have and also they are maxed unless i give the stars they have...

Bristone (U)
Dr Saw (C)
Leviatonn (R)
Lilith (C)
Methane (R)
Meyen (C)
Z3r0 D34d (U)
Rolph (R)
Vladimir (U) 4
XU52 (R)

Charlie (U)
Clara (R)
Dolores Boss (C)
Ella (C)
Elly Mae (R)
Emma (C)
Feelyn (U)
Gwen (C)
Noon Steevens (C)
Yayoi (U)

Kolos (R)
Nistarok (R)
Kenny (R)
Dieter (C)
Hel (C)
Sheitane (U)
Timmy (R)

Fang Pi Clang
Kerozinn Cr (Cr)
Kati (U)
Linda (R)
Marlysa Cr (Cr)
Sakazuki (C)
Windy Mor (U)
Xia Leming (U)

La Junta
Bruce (C)
Bryan (R)
Burger (U)
Dean (U)
Tank (U)
Uxoh (R)
Molly (U)
Wardog (C)
Jane Ramba (U)
Gertrud (R)

Splata Cr (Cr)
iron field
Soushee (C)
Titus (C)
Wolfgang (U)
Maciej (R)
Zoltan (C)

Petra (U)
SkrumxxT (R) 3
Caciope (C)
Corrina (R)
Uranus (U)
Lunatik (U)

Colin (C)
Dorian (U) 3
Zatman (U)
Janine (U)
Beetenka (U)
Frankie Hi (U)
Rubie (R)
Samantha (C)

Bridget (R)
Hugo (R)

Prince Jr


finally done lol also i have about 12k in founds and i can sell cards... so please help and thank you for posting
11 messages
English Ilzhahkha - last answer from FAST IS FUN, Thursday 28/02/2008, 04:37.
After alot of ELO play this week I think I've gotten the hang of this game and was curious about some card choices for my deck. Would be nice with some general comments

Montana - 15*

Sakrohm - 10*
Na Boh

It would probably be better to run with Lyse Teria and Prince Jr (instead of Edd and a 3*) to fit in Petra but I really dont want to use Pinto if possible to avoid (sure he's playable but I tend to draw when when I least want him) and it seems like I'll have to sacrifice a arm to get Lyse Teria (or get lucky in the top 100 lotto). Would be really nice to get rid of Lunatik though, she seems to be the weakest link in the deck. It's also possible that I should run Simon in there (probably instead of Ottavia). lastly it's the choice between Edd and Rosa where I haven't made up my mind what's working best yet, but Edd has been working quite nice as first drop.

The real problem with the decka as see it is that you get get some really weak draws, combined with the general Sakrohm weakness for Roots and/or GHEIST.
Wednesday 27/02/08

53 messages
English Jinji - subject is closed

I'm sorry...I don't know where to put this (I look ALL around for a suggestion board), but I have to say this.

The Rescue Deck? Is pretty overpowered and is ruining the game.

I know I say this loosely and people are like 'YOU CAN BEAT THEM', but honestly? It's rediculous.

Let's take a look at the bonus. +12 attack (In a monodeck...Which...Does anyone NOT monodeck a Rescue in ELO?). This doesn't have a stoprate...where as the only deck that can negate it completely is the Nightmare deck. Otherwise, Montana's can minus 12, but it'll only take it down to 8 minimum.

Now...Let's say you use Nightmare. Cool...They're +12 is gone. Neat-o! But...Let's face it...MOST OF THE Rescue DECK ALL HAVE ABILITIES TOO. There's two cards (GET IT...TWO) on the Rescue that are 'non abilitied' and even then? They're pretty damn good.

Not only that...but the Nightmare deck? They're best cards are very bulky (Read as: Plenty of Stars), and the ones who aren't bulky don't have amazing abilities that up your power to 10, or your damage to 8.

Oh, and Nightmare only has one 'SOA'. Yea. Let's not forget that.

Beyond that, you could stop all of their abilities with the sexy GHEIST, or Roots. But...Hey...Look at that amazing +12 damage.

Now, as far as it ruining the game? Rescue has 15, check it, 15 (Marco's sitting on the NON-ELO bench) characters...who...really <Continued>
5 messages
English DjDeck - last answer from blakezz, Wednesday 27/02/2008, 22:15.
Hello fellow Urban-Rivalers

I'm having a problem in the ELO, with my All Stars deck, I got most of the good ELO All Stars cards. However I need help with my deck since it get constantly pwned by Free Win Rescue or GHEIST/Nightmare , which both have horribly strong cards for ELO.

I got Alexei , Amelia , Bhudd , Flo , Frank , Hammer , Mario and Striker .

I got some Sentinels cards aswell, along with Copper , Miss Chloe , Josh and Luis as the good ones.

I really like Allstar,but they seem handicapped in ELO tournaments alone, anyone got some good tips or a great deck build with the + another clan?

Thanks in advance, DjDeck.
3 messages
English Tide LoA - last answer from DerMagus, Wednesday 27/02/2008, 19:46.
The knowledge base is very vague on the order of SOB and SOA can anyone explain it a little better I always get bitten by the "roll of the dice" it seems in which takes preference.
3 messages
English -Mart- - last answer from LOA_MadPirate, Wednesday 27/02/2008, 16:52.
Is there some way to stop evoliving, or do i need to buy a new unevolved card everytime?

For example i want to use Gwen lvl 1.
4 messages
English samdan87153 - last answer from 0-Jade, Wednesday 27/02/2008, 16:31.
I'm not SURE this goes here, but I can't find a better place, so why not just ask, eh?

What determines how many points you get from a game? I like playing in the daily tournaments because I'm trying not to spend much money on credits to get new cards, and the tournaments give me a chance to get a few credits and a handful of clintz.

Do you get more points if you KO vs win by leading in life points? If I have 10 pillz left after I win, do I get more points? Whats the deal?
18 messages
English Force Majeure - last answer from Force Majeure, Wednesday 27/02/2008, 15:42.
The new set of comics are finally here..it's great! nice work on the art and story..

hmm..I think there were no hints or previews on what the new characters will be looking like or what clan they'll come out..you know..new cards this Friday people,so save up those credits..
5 messages
English MG2589 - last answer from Force Majeure, Wednesday 27/02/2008, 10:55.
Is it a good idea to have a deck with pretty much all La Junta cards?
or should i mix it up tih a few Rescue cards too
Tuesday 26/02/08

2 messages
English FriendlyZombie - last answer from Tanto89, Tuesday 26/02/2008, 19:33.
Hi, this is the deck I am using for Type 1 at the moment, however, I was wondering if it could be made any better:

All Stars:



Dr Saw
Z3ro D34d

Could this be improved at all? Thanks in advance.
13 messages
English 0-Nightmare - last answer from 0- JP, Tuesday 26/02/2008, 14:50.
Nightmareawesome abilities and my favourite)
GHEIST great bonus and some very strong cards)
Uppers-10 attack! plus cards like Zatman and jackie)
All Stars the bonus is killer along with some hard hitters )
Ulu Watu the power these guys bring out is amazing and the cards are all hard to beat)
Bangers i love blaaster and Vermyn N .The clan has solid power along with some great offensive cards <3)
Pussycatsgreat defensive capabillities here and with some card with great stats and abilities there hard to beat)

Junkz well they do have a nice bonus and all but on they lack any accssable power unless you want to pay money for DJ Korr)
Montanagreat for stopping resuce but apart form that there cards don't pack a punch , yes vickie and lysa trie are strong but not everyone can fork over that kind of clintz)
La Juntasuper offensive clan yet lacks any really helpful abilities general can pack the 1 hit KO and has soa but that's like a uber expensive CR)
fang pi clan: (yes they are offensive and yes they have kerrozinn CR but they lack helpful abilities just like La Junta)

cont on next one
4 messages
English 00K-Raf EVO - last answer from 0- JP, Tuesday 26/02/2008, 14:45.
I just completed this deck today im working with it and its been taking down quite a few 50+ players i like it tell me what you think

Kerozinn Cr
Lost Hog
18 messages
English elfayra - last answer from 0- JP, Tuesday 26/02/2008, 14:39.
Wat do u think is the most anoying deck ever? Lets keep it to Type 1.

Na Boh
Wanda 1*

or Any Rescue Deck
22 messages
English blakezz - last answer from 0- JP, Tuesday 26/02/2008, 14:25.
Kinjo Lost Hog Sakazuki Windy Mor Hel K Cube Kolos She itane it PWNS DONT BAN ANY OF THIS FROM ELO OR ILL CRY anyone have any comments or tips on this ?
9 messages
English blakezz - last answer from 0- JP, Tuesday 26/02/2008, 14:19.
? Kolos is good but not agenst good players
Monday 25/02/08

9 messages
English 0- invoker - last answer from -Mart-, Monday 25/02/2008, 16:52.
Im planning to buy a pack.

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