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Strategy and Tactics: General

You think you've built the ultimate Deck? You believe you've got great strategy ideas? Share those ideas with your rivals.
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Thursday 13/03/08

10 messages
English elfayra - last answer from elfayra, Thursday 13/03/2008, 20:54.
Something I found out to help u get far in a tournament. If you are currently using Uppers or All Stars or any other clan that boosts/reduces ur attack/power. Get a deck with 26 power (Preferably Uppers/All Stars) and play in type 2. Why? here's why...

1. Most players in Type 2 are new players, playing unleveled cards with low power. You can beat them easily
2. With only 26 stars, u can still get pretty much the same point as Type 1.
3. Players who play in there will have high star count, if u beat them, u get a huge amount of points
4. If you do meet players with good cards (which u probabaly will). Uppers/All Stars are still a great combination, shouldn't be too much of a problem but you do lose.
5. When you lose, the players with high star count won't get lots of points. So they won't go that far up in a tourny.

Only negative is that if u meet alot of players with strong cards or get a bad draw.

Also, keep in mind that players in Type 2 want to end it in 2 turns to get more points, Pussycats and Sakrohm will make them mad and its fun
44 messages
English ALL CAPS - last answer from Maiii, Thursday 13/03/2008, 18:46.
Is it just me or is Kolos much more powerfull than any of the cards other cards that where banned but still is running rampat. the thing win fights that should not be able to and dosen't require it to be in a deck with it own clan. they at least put it in a clan that needed the power boost, like the Freaks, but that would make to much sence.

i know i can be alone on this one........
9 messages
English Me10c - last answer from HaveOne WMD, Thursday 13/03/2008, 17:41.
For now all i can think of is
K Cube


Any ideas how to make it work better ?
2 messages
English Commander_FFZ - last answer from LOA_MadPirate, Thursday 13/03/2008, 04:30.
Yookie from the Roots is a great card even without the Roots backing him up. With a 7 pow on it's 3rd lvl Yookie takes out some strong cards with 7 and 8 pow wen u put 4-5 pills on him. And if that don't work a good bluff will do the trick. This way u still benefit from Yookie's loss and reduce ur opp dam -2 min of 3 with it's ability. If do win the round Yookie does 4 dam and it is not that mnch, but playn with some1 that has a half desent hand will make u fill releaved wen u took out their strongest card. If ur playin wit some1 that their highest card dam is a 5 and their pow is high like Ulu Wata cards back him up wit some Pussycats and u will pic threw them fast.

Wednesday 12/03/08

8 messages
English -Manux- - last answer from Baron Brixius, Wednesday 12/03/2008, 18:02.
People say this clan is never in top 3 ELO, therefore, it's not very good.

(Without collectors of course. Their price is high because of time.)
10 messages
English TL-Nexarcus - last answer from 0MystiQ QJON, Wednesday 12/03/2008, 17:33.
Hi everyone i have this deck that i think might be good for elo/type 1 but i wondering if you could offer any suggestions thank you:
jane ramba(maxed)
emmeth (maxxed)
No Nam(maxxed)
Molly (maxxed)

i was looking through the presets and what not but i don't know if this deck will cut it in the current metagame
19 messages
English Gryazzie - last answer from Anger_HM, Wednesday 12/03/2008, 11:48.


takes me 1 hr both cards....wat do you think?
6 messages
Česky Korthag - last answer from Korthag, Wednesday 12/03/2008, 10:52.
I am pretty new to this game so i have Question about rules

if some card have +attack (-attack) is that calculated after pills of before pills?

9 messages
English von Hohenheim - last answer from Hobbitusz, Wednesday 12/03/2008, 08:42.
Not quite sure where i should put this, but here goes.

i know how the amount of battle points after a battle is decided, but how are the amount of clintz won decided? i've read the rules but it doesn't actually say.
26 messages
English The-Girl-eVo - last answer from Kate, Wednesday 12/03/2008, 03:27.
Yes, i like to know, and i think much people would like to know
5 messages
English 0bby - last answer from Force Majeure, Wednesday 12/03/2008, 03:27.
I see abilities like " courage: power +12" (My card, Emma has that) Does what does the courage mean? Is that just a description or does it carry value in activating the ability?
38 messages
English Pfannensteil - last answer from worldpad, Wednesday 12/03/2008, 01:39.
Do you tried of tha same old ability like "Attack + 8 " or "[support] blah blah "
Let think of some new ability !!!
(please don't make it overpower)

[win] pill +1
if this card win the battle, the user regain 1 pill

[loss] opponent suffer damage 1
If this card lose tha battle, the opponent suffer 1 damage
(This card is a sure 1-damage-dealer)

[courage] swap
When this card is played first, the "power" and the "damage" is swap
(This card should be tagged with courage all the time, or else it might be overpower)

[clan] Attack+4
When this card is draw, the card from the clan get attack+4

Steal opponent bonus , Steal opponent ability
Err.... no more explanation, right?

[Leader] Clintz after battle + 100%
Another self explain ability

Could you think about some more?
Let this topic "fun"
Tuesday 11/03/08

3 messages
Español Half Empty - last answer from Capn Clintz, Tuesday 11/03/2008, 13:50.
Goes well with sentinels?? please reply to this post i really want to know because..

i wanted to make a deck with Sentinels and Montanas but montanas are just too expensive for me..

BTW just to add this to this post.. im selling a Gary, Mort Bax and a Prince Jr. so if anybody is interested just pm with offers or reply offers on post..
9 messages
English Meyla - last answer from TheScathed, Tuesday 11/03/2008, 09:35.
I am soon going to make a one hit kill deck... even though i is going to be really hard to make... i already hve kijo but what are the other cads id need?
5 messages
English Blue Zero - last answer from Blue Zero, Tuesday 11/03/2008, 09:26.
A sub for the legendary deck of mr. Raven
Loma Noju
Alexei 3*
Gwen 1*
Charlie level 5 is optional because it is more useful than level 4 Alexei and level 4 Charlie
Monday 10/03/08

7 messages
English Tagux - subject is closed
How do you know which characters will be CR?
5 messages
English 0-v15u4L3rr0r - last answer from 0- JP, Monday 10/03/2008, 17:26.
So I have made what I think is a pretty good deck The Ugly Ones and I rank pretty high when it comes to the dailies, but when it comes to ELO I'm always stuck. I'm wondering if it is my cards or just my strategy. Any help is appreciated.


I less than three me
9 messages
English kdgns - subject is closed
I've played a few daily tournaments, and have found that many people would wait till the last second and play their character, although this has little affect on the battle, it does affect how many battles I can do in the hour, and longer battles means less points, is there anything I can do about this? or should I pray for fast players in a tourney.
11 messages
English soliuz - last answer from RG LoA, Monday 10/03/2008, 16:26.
I got question about it does all the UR tax go to the elo prize list?
13 messages
English DawnOfRage - last answer from 0-FS WMD, Monday 10/03/2008, 12:44.
My cards:
Acid DC

All of them are maxed lvl besides Winifred at lvl 3. which should i change for?
I'm definately keeping Zdrone and Venus cos they are my best 2.
I also am low on money so cheap yet good cards would be good

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