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Strategy and Tactics: General

You think you've built the ultimate Deck? You believe you've got great strategy ideas? Share those ideas with your rivals.
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Friday 01/02/08

3 messages
Português _Mr-I_ - last answer from 0- JP, Friday 01/02/2008, 02:23.
Thursday 31/01/08

12 messages
English Baron Brixius - last answer from Baron Brixius, Thursday 31/01/2008, 10:18.
I've just put one together hoping that I can use this deck every week if I want. I don't think that either clan will be banned because Rescue (grrrrrr...) and Uppers have been banned for the most part in the past few weeks. With that said, here's the deck. I'd appreciate any and all suggestions critiques on the deck.


Willy 5*
Blaaster 4*
Vermyn N 3*
Graff 2*

All Stars

Striker 4*
Amelia 3*
Ashley 2*
Flo 2*

Thanks everyone,
7 messages
English nicktam - last answer from LOA_MadPirate, Thursday 31/01/2008, 08:24.
Hi everyone,

I have a question, not sure if it's the correct place though.

Can someone please explain me why when Svelthlana*** is against Feelyn**
Feelyn is always winning ?
Why Feelyn's ability is not applied first ? Meaning having no effect on Svelthlana's power.
Then Svelthlana's ability would be applied, meaning having a power of 5 (same as Feelyn) .
I have tried both ways : attacker and blocker, did not change anything.

Have fun,
Wednesday 30/01/08

7 messages
English Raynos - last answer from diedsoul, Wednesday 30/01/2008, 17:27.
What do people play for Bangers with elo

Bangers 12* / 13* ?

Blaaster 4*
Vermyn N 4*
B Ball 2* / Saddy 3*
Graff 2*


and with Uppers or GHEIST or Ulu Watu?

i would like to hear some ideas about Bangers half decks and what to play them with
2 messages
English geoff10 - subject is closed
Coz i would really like to see a 'last activity' feature, to make guild organisation easier, but have no idea where to say it

(yeah i know this is probly in the wrong place, so sorry for that )
Tuesday 29/01/08

12 messages
English elfayra - last answer from LOA_MadPirate, Tuesday 29/01/2008, 18:56.
Well i was just wondering how this deck would do in ELO...

Lao Cr 5*
Marlysa Cr 2*
Windy Mor 2*
Xia Leming 2*

Kenny 4*
Sheitane 2*
Kolos 5*
Dieter 3*

Well..7 SOBs and 1 SOA...Windy Mor and Xia Leming isnt that costly to replace. If you want...put in Sakazuki for Xia Leming. 2 Cards capable of 1 hit KO. So...wat do u guys think? Its just a random idea..lol. Maybe i'll make one with SOA later...lol.
7 messages
English Beliazmodan - last answer from Tanto89, Tuesday 29/01/2008, 10:07.
My Deck


Gaia Noel
Ice Jim

Any advice to improve my deck? Thanks in Advance
12 messages
English Damgark - last answer from Anger_HM, Tuesday 29/01/2008, 07:16.
Which one is better to pair up with Sakrohm? AllStars or Uppers?

This is what I have in mind
For Daily For Daily

Sakrohm(12*) Sakrohm(12*)
GraksmxxT 4* GraksmxxT 4*
Lunatik 2* Lunatik 2*
Corrina 3* Corrina 3*
Uranus 3* Uranus 3*

All Stars(13*) Uppers(13*)
Striker 4* Jackie 4*
Ashley 2* Zatman 3*
Lamar 5* Samantha 2*
Flo 2* Beetenka 4*


Sakrohm(12*) Sakrohm(12*)
TrinmkkT 4* TrinmkkT 4*
Lunatik 2* Lunatik 2*
Corrina 3* Corrina 3*
Uranus 3* Uranus 3*

All Stars(13*) Uppers(13*)
Striker 4* Dorian 5*
Ashley 2* Zatman 3*
Marina 4* Samantha 2*
Lewis 3* Rubie 3* / Frankie Hi 3*

What do you think?
Monday 28/01/08

4 messages
English von Hohenheim - last answer from Ninja-zero, Monday 28/01/2008, 23:01.
I've thought up a pure Nightmare deck that relies on life gain to win, i think this is a different counter against OHKOs as long as you don't get koed on the 1st turn. CAUTION! THIS FOLLOWING DECK IS EXPENSIVE!

Ambrose Cr

can this work? opinions and discussions welcome.
21 messages
English Tanto89 - subject is closed
Wow this player too good to be true.
his name is rucen ( http://www.urban-rivals.com/player/?id_player=1457340 )

damn, he can use his pillz very efficient and very accurate. (yes, I lost against him because random, but after that, he challenge me again and I won)

His hand: Angelina, Vickie (level 4) Wanda, Svelthlana (this deck alone is very strong, except Angelina)
My hand: Prince Jr, Vickie, Samantha, Zatman

okay, I played Zatman 4 pillz,and he use Wanda 1 pillz (12-10 life) (8-11 pillz)
I use Samantha 0 pillz, he use Svelthlana 1 pillz (yeah2.. I lost because random) (8-10 life) (8-10 pillz)
and I don't have any choises I use vickie + fury (10 damage) and he use vickie + fury (8 damage) too?

after that he says jeje (level 12 saying GG? he is pretty fair isn't he? I though only high level player will say that)

5 messages
English ZexionVI - last answer from 0-Nightmare, Monday 28/01/2008, 13:17.
What does this do? its the Rescuers ability
11 messages
English cheese_14 - last answer from TnT_MeRm, Monday 28/01/2008, 08:21.
Who do you think is the best person in the ELO? it could be because of the number of amount of times they have won or just their decks, methinks it is 1f-K-Raven (sorry if i've spelt you're anme wrong) because i constanly see his name in teh top 100
14 messages
English TNT_Shadow - last answer from LOA_MadPirate, Monday 28/01/2008, 08:19.
Ok i would like a fang pi clan elo deck
or an all star deck

for fang pi clan i can get every card
accept a cr card i have Kerozinn Cr and thats all i have for crs

And thanx for helping

Sunday 27/01/08

109 messages
English Dummyuser - last answer from LOA_MadPirate, Sunday 27/01/2008, 07:52.
Okay, time to talk about the placement of the Clans in the overall ranking:

Top Tier:
Rescue - Great cards, abilities, and that ridiculous bonus. Some do well against them like Nightmare, but for the majority of the situtations, Rescue has the advantage if not outright dominate.

Upper Tier:
Uppers - Uppers in the Upper tier. Previous champs until Rescue came along. Good spread of stats, abilities, and bonuses
All-Stars - Damn good cards. Okay Clan bonus.

Middle Tier:
Everyone else

Lower Tier:
Pussycats - A number of cards aren't very impressive. And the thing about their clan bonus is that you have to get hit first. Doesn't come into play otherwise.
Leader - Their clan bonus isn't a bonus.

Placement is debateable and there's no Bottom Tier yet. Discuss.
Saturday 26/01/08

9 messages
English -HM-Haplo_64 - last answer from cheese_14, Saturday 26/01/2008, 19:46.
I'm looking into buyin a Leader, but dont want to spend the cash unless i know what ability they have.
does anyone know?
5 messages
English goku_dbz - last answer from ZEPPELlN, Saturday 26/01/2008, 16:36.
Then the guild of dbz and naruto forever is yours! http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=162872
10 messages
Deutsch 0UC-DarkEagle - last answer from elfayra, Saturday 26/01/2008, 01:20.
I'm a rather defensive or bluffing player and I'm currently using this deck:
Fang Pi:
Kerozinn Cr (5)
Windy Mor (2)
Marlyssa Cr (2)
Sasuke (2)

Nistarok/Kolos (5)
Kenny (4)
Dieter (3)
Sheitane (2)

I still think it lacks on some spots especially on the unlucky draws, maybe you guys can offer some advice
14 messages
English 0-Jade - last answer from 0UC K-Ryder, Saturday 26/01/2008, 01:05.
"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."
- Chinese Proverb

Welcome to UR Deck Garage! Here you can post your deck or deck ideas and the community will help give your deck a full tune-up.

As said in the proverb we must give importance to teaching someone instead of just doing it for them. I hope that I myself and the rest of the community will be able to do the same with your decks. We are going to look at your deck and treat them as our own and tell you step by step how to improve it.

If you would want any help we would need the following:

1)Your deck list
2)The theme or style you want your deck to have
3)If possible the problems or issue that your deck is having.
Friday 25/01/08

8 messages
English Inactive - last answer from Inactive, Friday 25/01/2008, 18:12.
I want to know which cards are best for type 1. Clans are : Bangers and Uppers

For ELO Montana and Freaks
3 messages
English Lewster48 - last answer from Apostel, Friday 25/01/2008, 15:29.
I think to get a good profit/return on cards bought i guess that you need to have a card that's price is unstable, eg Miss Chloe, and Timmy, and to sell the new cards in the two weeks that are considered "new" and then buy them back for 1/8 of the price when the other "new cards" come out, these are ways of making profit, does anyone mind if they can post their tactics on making clintz quick plz
A member of Academy of Elite Team

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