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Sunday 12/10/14

1 message
Good evening everyone
İ want to sell my spalata 0 XP for 850k
2 messages
English MU Gorfang - subject is closed
Hi!, I have a full Caelus valued in 180k and I Am looking for 3 Charlies + 10k clintzs.

If you are interested you know what you have to do
1 message
800,000 put it in my PS
1 message
I want to buy your Vryer, I'll buy any Vryer for 450 Clintz. I prefer 0xp but I'll take whatever. Just send it in my private sales, THANKYOU
1 message

i trade my Lyse Teria Cr 0xp (6.8m)
i accept:
cash + 2%
crs: Marlysa Cr 1.3M, Lao Cr 900k, Lamar Cr 870k, Jackie 220k, Tanaereva 310k etc.
Can also accept small lots (max 1-2)

Mp me
18 messages
English 0_AAR - last answer from 0_AAR, Sunday 12/10, 16:10.
Okay, I got some lots, and I'm looking for Zapatino... massive bulks of Zapatino

I got:

XXXX Rekved -> I want 5 Zapatino 0xp per 2 Rekved 0xp
XXXX Tameshi -> I want 5 Zapatino 0xp per 3 Tameshi 0xp
XXX Naliah -> I want 5 Zapatino 0xp per 2 Naliah 0xp
XXX Mefisto -> I want 19 Zapatino per 2 Mefisto 0xp

BONUS: I got 443 Stooge 0xp... as soon as you have traded me at least 50 Zapatino 0xp.. the next offer will be available: 2 Stooge 0xp for your Zapatino any xp!
2 messages
English 01 NaNo - subject is closed
Good morning forum

i sell 100 Qubik 0xp for 15.5k/each for cash
i trade 100 Qubik 0xp for 16k/each for cards

My research are almost crs. Mp me
1 message
I'm trading 2x C Wing 0xp = 14.4k for 3 Pr Hartnell any level 12k. I've only got 28 c wings so hurry
7 messages
English 0 Emilio - subject is closed
LOT: 30 Uranus
PDD 23k/t

LOT 1:
12 Methane
PDD 8,5k/t

35 Draheera
PDD : 10k/t


13 Wardom
pdd : 15,5k/t

LOT 20 C Wing

PDD 8k/t

LOT 15 Lola
PDD 8k/t

LOT 58 T Gaank


LOT 125 Naele 0 xp

PDD 9,5k/t

lot 40 Boyle

LOT 25 Nellie
pDD 6,2k/t

LOT 7 Shakra 0 xp
PDD 34k/t

LOT 550 Naliah 0 xp

PDD 3,7k/t

LOT 72 Krung 0 xp

PDD 2,7k/t

LOT 30 Sekutor 0 xp

PDD 3k/t

J accepte:

Mercury 6,5k/t
Raskal 7,5k/t
Molder 450/t
Grace 7k/t
Kenjy 480/t
grounchy 13,5k/t
Octana 20,5k/t
Dr Copernica 31k/t
De Couture 1,2k/t
Alexandrea 1,1k/t
Pr Hartnell 4,5k/t
kerozinn 670k
vickie 630k
splata 820k
tanaereva 330k
caelus 180k
jackie 230k
dounia 290k
page 83k
geuner 88k
diyo 90k
cassio 95k
copper 75k
graks 55k/t
Uranus 21k/t

everything is negociable.
IN priv sales.
Saturday 11/10/14

3 messages
English RAMZYxUK - subject is closed
I would try and buy a GraksmxxT for 50k clintz lol. it is a little low but this is the place for purchases etc so i would like to find a cheap one if i could from a nice person
1 message
Português DLK_Shiryu - subject is closed
I want to trade my Lao Cr 1050 k clintz by your Vickie Cr 640 k clintz + Tanaereva Cr 330 k clintz + Emeth Cr 80 k clintz

1 message
English RAMZYxUK - subject is closed
The following cards are 0 xp:

Tasty Tast x2
Caesar x2
Rey Mono
Bridge x2
Proffer Man x2
Molder x3
Karnor Ved x2

i also have 7 bristones full xp
Elvis full xp

what i would like is:
Miss Stella

just tell me what you want for the card.
2 messages
English (RAP) - subject is closed
I trade my jakie cr + kerozine cr for lama cr
who is interested,pm me
2 messages
English brahmaman - last answer from Cyber, Saturday 11/10, 14:53.
Trade my vickie full xp and Saki 0xp for vickie 0xp. Please pm me only.
5 messages
Română Atlas TpU - last answer from Atlas TpU, Saturday 11/10, 14:36.
I propose Kero+ Compliments for a Tessa Cr.
6 messages
English Cyber - subject is closed
I have 130 D4 Funk 0 xp to trade and I value them at 9.5k per head.

This is my proposals for some cards.

1 D4 Funk 0 xp (9.5k) for your 1 Campbell 0 xp
7 F4 Funk 0 xp (66.5k) for your 1 GraksmxxT 0 xp
9 D4 Funk 0 xp (85.5k) for your 1 Copper Cr 0 xp

While stock last!

Put the cards in my private sale and I'll send the D4 Funk 0 xp over.
16 messages
English - Pillman - subject is closed
Hi there,

I wanna trade the following Collectors:

- Vickie Cr (Full Xp) 620k

- A Award Cr (0xp) 330k

- Sum Sam Cr (0xp) 1,24mil

I'm Interested in other Collectors:

- Selsya Cr 285k

- Thaumaturge Cr 285k

- Ombre Cr 380k

- Ambrose Cr 396k

- Page Cr 85k

- Beltran Cr 255k

- Nahi Cr 235k

- Swidz Cr 174k

I'm looking for 0xp version of each Collectors,I won't accept full
If you have other offers with only Collectors,post here or just PM me

P.S.: I'm NOT looking/interested in lots,all the posts/PMs with lots will be ignored so don't waste your time.

Thank You!
7 messages
English HarleyxQuinn - subject is closed

I want to sell the following cards:
-48 El Chiquito 0xp (200 per card)
-1 Miranda full xp (1900)
-1 Mini Mosu full xp (170)

I am looking for cash (comment if you wanna buy with clintz)
But if you wanna trade throw me an offer in PM if you want an answer fast.


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