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Introductions and Recruitment

You wish to introduce yourself or your Guild to the others players? Your Guild is currently looking for new members? Leave a message to the community right here!
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Wednesday 08/01/14

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English Cyber - subject is closed
The Union is an organisation for players with good business knowledge to facilitate discussion on the market via another message board on a third-party website that the Event Team and probably the staff uses. The aim of this organisation is to share ideas and market strategy with one another.

Why should you join us?
I understand that most of us are attached to a guild and won't be leaving it (for whatever reasons) for a market guild, hence the reason of this creation. This arrangement also gives you the best of both worlds. You get to know more about the market, make more friends, share business strategy, grow wealthier together AND also continue to serve your current guild. The question shouldn't be why should you join us but why SHOULDN'T YOU join us?

Do note that the Union isn't a place for you to sell/buy cards but to facilitate the sharing of ideas, strategies, statistics of certain cards to maximise our profit yield and to learn and grow wealthier as a team.

1) You are expected to contribute actively to the forum when recruited.
2) All UR rules, terms and conditions apply

1) 2m clintz on hand
2) Able to generate another 2m clintz from the sale of your other investments
3) Strong knowledge about the market

Sounds easy?
It really is! For the 3rd requirements, you need to prove that you are knowledgeable by showing consistent profits (the larger, the better.. duh!) you have made, be it short or long term investment.

I will be recruiting a maximum of about 10-15 best applicants (small group = easier to manage) this month (till 20 Jan) for now and will continue to recruit more in subsequent months if everything goes smoothly. I prefer a small group with quality instead of large group with little quality so the discussions facilitated will be good

Send me a PM, proving in whatever way that you meet all 3 requirements if you are interested
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English XC MeRLiN 32 - subject is closed
You all know who we are.
If you haven't heard about us, don't bother to read the rest.
We are recruiting 10 members who come close to our ELO requirements, but couldn't quite make it, hence waiting by the side.
Well, we will give you a chance to enter E X C A L I B U R, stay and study and work, and fight shoulder to shoulder with the best of the best, and I am sure your gameplay will improve vastly.
If you make it within a month of recruitment, you can stay as permanent member, else, you need to go back home.
We are a dead serious guild, hence only relevant posts will be entertained. Trolling of any kind will be reported as it is against http://www.urban-rivals.com/player/cgv.php and violations will be recommended for further action.
Only Excalibur members, our guild friends, and prospective recruitees, may comment in this thread.
Thank you.

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English Ayii - subject is closed
Please pm this guy and ask him anything and get to know him.
Thanks alot guys.
You can also comment below to get to know him.
1 message
modjib - subject is closed
As you can see from my profile you will understand everything about me. I will glady accept any friends, feel free to just add me.
16 messages
English AsianRepublic - subject is closed
Hello, Asian here with a question for all (and very few) Deathwatch lovers.

Would you be interested in a legitimate English deathwatch guild?

Just wondering, because if there is enough interest, I will be making one in the future. (probably early February)

Possible requirements:
-Level 100
-Ability to make 600 or more points in Deathwatch.

Pretty simple requirements. I'm sure everyone has the capability to make 600 DM on a busy DM hour.

I am seriously looking to see if anyone is interested, so leave a post here if you'd join.

Tuesday 07/01/14

3 messages
English MackeyStar - subject is closed
Star Fire is a new guild for building a family of UR players who wish for support during their urban rivals play time ! Great for New players looking for a guild. I know with you help we can allgrow and become awesome players ! So what are you waiting for !!!! Become a star !

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Sunday 05/01/14

4 messages
English suthurndrowl - subject is closed
Looking for a great guild english please since i am in the states..

hope all is well
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English Ackley2012 - subject is closed
If u are a pet rat lover and urban rivals addict then this is the guild for u to join and have some fun and show u are a fan of rats and the urban. So join my new guild and help keep it open and if u have questions just inbox me and I will reply back as soon as I can.

edited by Artemis-BZ Wednesday 01/01, 16:57
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English Demon Freak - subject is closed
Please! Please! Please!
Amateur players and players of all types can join our guild.our guild is on lvl 5.Please join it!!!!
If anyone wants to please contact me.we nedd many active players>

The Lair of Monsterz

edited by Artemis-BZ Sunday 05/01, 11:53
Wednesday 01/01/14

3 messages
English IceEskimos - subject is closed
I buy Curlix for 14 k
Monday 30/12/13

1 message
English TSC Redblood - subject is closed
Have you ever committed something hideous in Clint city?
Do you believe in Glibon Dashra Sakrh?
Do you want to get better and enhance your performance in many ways?

Well join the Blood Stream and cause Mayhem in Clint City and drive the bad players out of Clint city never to return again.

Guild requirements: none
level 5+

English guild only with the UK flag.

Recruiting {on) off

edited by Artemis-BZ Monday 30/12/2013, 02:59
Sunday 29/12/13

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English raptor007 - subject is closed
We are a welcoming committee that would love your company and experience in the guild, we accept all levels and are happy to train new players to the game (5+)

You are playing a game for the reason of entertainment and thrills, so your looking in the right place.

We expect you to:
-Obey the rules
- be nice
- be cooperative with other players

Love for you guys to join!
so easy to join
Saturday 28/12/13

4 messages
English RblFroslass - subject is closed
Hello everyone. We have created a new guild where our founder and co founder have been leaders of other great guilds. In this new project, we are going to offer compensation for participation and loyalty. As of right now, if someone joins, the moment they reach level three rank, they will be given a 'Cutey' card in appreciation (well sold to for 50 clintz), not much (value about 2000) clintz, but as the guild grows, our co-foiunders and myself will try to obtain better prizes for our members. This will start immediately and everyone is welcome. (Supplies may vary)
Friday 27/12/13

2 messages
English OG_Haze - subject is closed
Hey urban !(: wanna join a new and active guild ? Want to rise above and mature your skills ? THEN JOIN ORIGINAL GANGSTERS! Requirements are: be at least level 30/active/American , simple right ? Join now (:
Tuesday 24/12/13

2 messages
English sheena2012 - subject is closed
Welcome anyone and everyone who wants to join us! We are a friendly group of "Bears" who love to play, have fun and help each other throughout the game! Anyone, at anytime can ask for help and we'll be there for you the best we can! We will always listen and try to help out the best way possible! Join the Brilliant Bears and you'll see what we're all about!

edited by Artemis-BZ Sunday 22/12/2013, 02:59
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Русский MrDrumLord88 - subject is closed
Hi! We're a hot new guild that is all Russian at the moment, and we're looking for new members! We'll take anybody who's interested and active.

Привет! Мы горячие новые гильдии это все России на данный момент, и мы ищем новых членов! Мы возьмем любой, кто заинтересован и активно.

Russian Elites

edited by -Wicer- Monday 23/12/2013, 22:48
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English _Azriel_ - subject is closed
Looking for a guild that is growing and fun? Check us out!

God's Hand

edited by Artemis-BZ Friday 15/11/2013, 10:08
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English IM_DocMadz - subject is closed
If you are looking for a guild where you can count on members to help you out, be it battling tips, questions about game-play, card buying trading and selling, and everything in between, then come and join Immortality where players of all levels and experience come together as one massive force.
We have players who are among the top competitors in each of the game modes and can help you achieve success in which ever mode you have chosen as your favorite. We also have players newer to the game learning and experiencing the game through our guild preparing to become tomorrow’s champions.
We hold regular giveaways, have current guild events running and have a bunch of planned events just waiting to be started when the time is right.

If you are level 35 or higher and have been active in the game and are willing to remain active and mingle with a group of great players, mentors and equals then apply to any of our admin with a small description of your Urban Rivals achievements and a small personal statement for our evaluation.

We at Immortality hope to see you soon!

edited by -Wicer- Thursday 18/07/2013, 15:35
Monday 23/12/13

1 message
English UM_Payne - subject is closed
The Onyx Empire is a brand new guild.

Looking for friendly, experienced and active players.

Requirements to join are:

Be active!
Level 20+ (Will be raised as we gain more members)
Must reach maximum guild points 2/4 weeks each month.

Message me if you have any further questions and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

The Onyx Empire

edited by Artemis-BZ Monday 23/12/2013, 05:05
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English _Azriel_ - subject is closed
Hi everyone,

God's Hand is looking to recruit some capable and resourceful members! We're still in the growing stages, so the requirements aren't that high to join. I only ask one thing:

- must be active (not saying you have to play everyday, but a month hiatus is questionable)

Additionally, we're trying to get our guild forum live and interesting!!! So bring your fun, exciting, and weird personalities! Message me with any questions.

- Azriel

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