• Karta byla vydana v Pátek 16/03/07
  • Ilustrátor: Madchewi
  • Vzácná karta K dostání v Obchodě
  • Tahle postava Vám nepatří.
  • Chocomuscle ring icon Allowed in EFC up to Chocomuscle ring
  • icon 1 mise
  • Viz 52 nabídek v Bazaru

Schopnosti postavy Marina:

-3 Ztráty Prot., Min. 1

Pokud Marina prohraje zápas, Ztráty utrpěné majitelem karty Marina budou sníženy o 3 bodů, nanejvýš však na počet 1.



-2 Síla Prot., Min. 1

Síla postavy protihráče bude snížena o 2 bodů nebo na minimální počet 1.

První vývoj ze 4 možných fází vývoje této postavy:

  • All StarsMarinapicture
    Síla3SchopnostiNová schopnost při
    Ztráty2Bonus-2 Síla Prot., Min. 1
    Allowed in EFC up to Chocomuscle ring
  • All StarsMarinapicture
    Síla4SchopnostiNová schopnost při
    Ztráty2Bonus-2 Síla Prot., Min. 1
    Allowed in EFC up to Chocomuscle ring
  • All StarsMarinapicture
    Síla5SchopnostiNová schopnost při
    Ztráty4Bonus-2 Síla Prot., Min. 1
    Allowed in EFC up to Chocomuscle ring
  • All StarsMarinapicture
    Síla7Schopnosti-3 Ztráty Prot., Min. 1
    Ztráty5Bonus-2 Síla Prot., Min. 1
    Allowed in EFC up to Chocomuscle ring
60 postavy
missions icon 24 mise
Bonus -2 Síla Prot., Min. 1
Do Clint City dorazil nový hit - čokoládové tyčinky „ChocoMuscle“, po kterých se hubne a zvětšují svaly. Obyvatelé města je teď nakupují ve velkém a hromadně zanechávají sportu. Sportoviště leží ladem a běžecké dráhy se mění na taneční parket Junkz... Nejlepší sportovci Clint City, shromážděni Eyrtonem, chtějí město před touto zkázou zachránit a znovu zavést všeobecně platné pravidlo: kdo chce svaly, musí pilně sportovat!!!
  • Na úrovni 1: min 156 205 Clintz
  • Na úrovni 2: min 109 633 Clintz
  • Na úrovni 3: min 103 499 Clintz
  • Na úrovni 4: min 143 724 Clintz
Viz 52 nabídek v Bazaru

30 komentáře k Marina

Sobota 20/03/2010, 17:05

smiley Want the full artwork? smiley
smiley Please rate up so everybody can find this easily smiley (When copying the direct links, delete the (R) from the address bar if it shows up)

Direct Links:

Artist Tony Semedo's Site:

Thanks to Slify for finding the Tony Semedo Site

Středa 16/02/2011, 08:07

I think we should have Marina Noel for 2011, simply because Marina is probably going to get perma-banned soon anyway.
Maybe a 6/5 with -2 Opp Damage min 1

Who's up for this? Rate Up to support the Marina Noel fund 2011!

Pondělí 09/11/2009, 01:45

marina, one of the many solid 4* for all stars
-ok, i'll just go ahead and say it- marina is a wicked beast.
-a solid 7/5 (-2 opp power, min 1 bonus) with damage -3, min 1 ability
-that said, she is a great offensive weapon. if unapposed, 8 power cards are brought below her. manage to beast her? bam. you just did 3 less damage. you lose? bam. 5 damage on you
-shes a gymnaist. what's not to love?

-unfortunately, she is a bit obvious, since all stars only have one other good DR
-some people like to only have one 4* in their deck......marina competes with striker, and like robb and randy for the 3* spot, it comes down to choice
-like i said, shes 4*, which makes it a bit hard to squeeze her in your deck
-elo banned from time to time smiley

overall:10/10. she is my faveorite all stars card, and i would use her over striker any day. she is nearly perfect.

Úterý 01/08/2017, 21:45

We all need a girl with an ass like Marina's smiley

Sobota 30/08/2014, 18:40

This clan is so effing overpowered.

Úterý 18/06/2013, 09:57

She loves doggy style. smiley

Neděle 03/07/2011, 16:12

Marina: The Pro Gymnast
Well, this time I'll write a quickie: no extrapolations about Marina, blah blah blah.
She fits perfectly in an All Stars deck: What's the All Stars magic number? 5, or 7
Perfect set-up for sneak 2HKO with furious Essie (you can't go wrong with a 7/5 -2 opp power min 1 DR)
KO's with almost every 5 star card in All Stars: Hammer, El Gringo, Oyoh, Furious Essie, Lamar Cr, Furious Eyrton and so on
Why isn't she a 10/10, then?
Marina, like all the All Stars, is really really weak to attack manipulation in fights that have less than 5 pillz (if you go higher, pill for pill, the All star bonus takes the lead). The problem is, when you throw her out as a DR or a bluff, your opponent can play 0 or 1 pillz (1 pillz for Montana, for the rest 0) and get a nearly free hit.
That said, if she goes head to head with, say.... Mona, one of the most loved and expensive power manipulators, with 13 pillz on each (starting pillz count, remember!), this is what happens:
Marina: 5x13-12? 53
Mona: 4x13? 52

The problem is, Marina will very rarely go head to head and pill for pill against higher level opponents: She's more easily played against weaker cards, as her star count suggests (remember that she's a 4! not a 5 star, a 4 star!).
The Clincher: Strategy, Pillz, Player
If you don't have the right strategy, such as playing Marina with 12 pillz while leaving Essie with 1, you will LOSE
If you don't know your pillz and possible bluff tracks at all times, you will LOSE
If you don't know how to read your opponent and yourself in their place, you will LOSE
This is a strategy game, people!

Oh well, after saying that this would be a short review I broke the 1500 character limit.
In short, get her if you can, and if you can't, save up and get her smiley

Sobota 31/03/2012, 09:07

If you ban Marina, it is like you banned All Stars.

Pátek 11/01/2013, 21:35

Marina...One of my most used and prized cards

- 7 power, average for a 4 star, considering the All Stars Bonus
- Blocks 3 damage, so can be used as a defensive or offensive card
- 5 damage isn't bad at all smiley
- Sexy Artwork smiley
- If you have this card in your hand, and the first play is yours, play and give a few pillz to Marina and your Opponent will go crazy, trust me smiley

-SoA and SoB clans such as GHEIST and Nightmare will block one of your abilities, making it obvious whether you will use Marina as a defensive or offensive card, and give them an advantage
-High attack manipulation such as Montana and Uppers force her to pill to win
-4 stars smiley not easy to fit in an ELO deck
-ELO banned from time to time

Overall: 9/10 a very good 4 star for the Allstars and a vital addition to those who like using mono and dual all star decks. Her price WILL increase and she might become a Cr one day, who knows?

Pátek 29/03/2013, 21:51

All Stars card review!

Marina: 7,5. -3 opp damage min 1. -2 opponent power min 1.

Pros: Great ability that makes the opponent not want to pill
7 power and 5 damage.
Good art!
Versatility. Wall, DR, Bomb, etc.

Cons: Sometimes Elo banned.
Nathan (Although I'd take Marina over Nathan even for the extra star, Nathan can play the role of a DR.
Also, Nathan can't wall and it is very hard to get his damage in.
Expensive? (not really)

Overall: A

A very solid versatile card for the All stars. All my All Stars elo half decks have her in it. Whatever you need, (DR, WALL, DMG), you should get her. SOA and SOB doesn't hurt much. As a staple, her price will go up dramatically over a few years.

Středa 15/05/2013, 08:46

; D some rumours, some cr's ....are comming before june

Pondělí 24/12/2012, 16:04

in her last artwork looks like shes ready to get it from someone

Úterý 21/05/2013, 15:31

the new Allstars cr. 2nd advice.
you are wellcome

Středa 29/05/2013, 10:15

Urban rivals
4* tournament

Remember: This is not about who is better by other characters, this is about characters facing their opponents. If you do not not agree with the characters facing each other then just remember that I made the characters face each other by the clans alphabetic order. Characters with their full potential is shown. If you think that the best characters that you think are not there the feel free post who you think its. Battles will be in a 6 pill round.

Marina (All Stars)
Blaaster Cr (Bangers)

Spyke (Berzerk)
Heitatchi (Fang pi clang)

Bogdan (Freaks)
Stompah (Fronz)

Toro (G.H.E.I.S.T)
El Matador (Huracan)

Slyth (Jungo)
Gibson (Junkz)

Bryan (La Junta)
Edd Cr ( Montana)

Kenny Cr (Nightmare)
Kirsten (Piranahs)

Yayoi (Pussycats)
Alec Cr (Rescue)

Ratanah (Roots)
Graksmxxt (Sakrohm)

Coby (Sentinel)
Belgosi (Skeelz)

Clint City, night.