Čtvrtek 16/06/2011, 22:57

Pro cechy - toto je finale jednoho z fakt hodne dobre oceneneho turnaje - Community Cup 2011 . Trvalo cca pul roku, nez se do nej ucastnici kvalifikovali. Bohuzel - kvalifikace jiz byla uzavrena, dalsi hraci se do nej kvalifikovat nemohou.
V tomto foru muzete sledovat debatu ucastniku o balicku - skce vychodni a stredni Evropa.


here is the forum, where we can discuss about the decks, that looks best for the final phase of the event - Community Cup 2011 . Here we go ! Lets win the DJ !!! smiley

Čtvrtek 16/06/2011, 23:17

1x CR
2x Satff banned card (we need to find out, if Sigma is banned too)

Anyway - what CR do you recommend ?
In my eyes, the top is -
Jackie Cr
Tanaereva Cr
Guru Cr
Kiki Cr
DJ Korr Cr
Caelus Cr
Alec Cr
The problem is, that you can play just one ...

So - what half deck do you recommend ?
Keep in mind that it is alowed to play just -
2 commons
4 uncommons
2 rares
no level 1 card

Pátek 17/06/2011, 04:20

Hi to all!
I think Jackie Cr is the best (stars/price/quality)

Pátek 17/06/2011, 09:36

My question to Lord Cristian & his answer -

Hi Pavel,
No the rules are not final yet. Each round there will be at least 1 clan banned according to the team votes.
I am waiting for all the teams to join before announcing all the rules.

> Community Cup 2011
> Hello Cristi,
> is the deck rules in the event final ? So - could we prepare our decks ?

upraveno hráčem spagr Pátek 17/06/2011, 09:36

Pátek 17/06/2011, 09:47

Hi to all i agree with claymore it is Jackie Cr .
So our vote to ban clannes will be accepted only once?
And our opponents can not play with this clan and we can not play with clan banned from our opponents -?
If i have a mistake in understooding of this rules please give me the rigt answer smiley

Pátek 17/06/2011, 13:12

It looks like the ban of clans would be applied only in finals ....

Anyway - who should be our "Leader" ? I am for QJON ...

Sobota 18/06/2011, 13:59

Im too.

Neděle 19/06/2011, 05:47

And I

Neděle 19/06/2011, 19:19

My vote for Qjon too

Pondělí 20/06/2011, 10:53

I asked Lord Cristian today about the bans too.

"The representative of each team should now send me the clan ban list. Remember you have to ban one clan for each round. You can vote for the same clan in each round. You have 24 hours to do this."

So we have to send bans for each round, not only for the last round. And because the highest voted clan get's banned each round I think we should work together with ND team to have stronger banning power. My idea is to ban Sakrohm (Graks and Guru) or Roots (Kiki Cr, Ratanah) what do you think?

I also vote for QJON. Btw did anyone tell him so far that we are electing him for leadership?


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