available spagr Colossus Army of Elite Mercenaries
Čtvrtek 16/06/2011, 22:57

Pro cechy - toto je finale jednoho z fakt hodne dobre oceneneho turnaje - Community Cup 2011 . Trvalo cca pul roku, nez se do nej ucastnici kvalifikovali. Bohuzel - kvalifikace jiz byla uzavrena, dalsi hraci se do nej kvalifikovat nemohou.
V tomto foru muzete sledovat debatu ucastniku o balicku - skce vychodni a stredni Evropa.


here is the forum, where we can discuss about the decks, that looks best for the final phase of the event - Community Cup 2011 . Here we go ! Lets win the DJ !!! smiley

available spagr Colossus Army of Elite Mercenaries
Pondělí 20/06/2011, 12:35

Lets check what could we play and what to ban. Here are the rules again -

- 25*
- 2 Rares, 4 Uncommons, 2 Commons (good common cards would be the biggest problem)
- 1 CR, 2 Staff banned cards
- no LD
- no 1 level card

So - What do we have ?

All Stars -
- Playable CR - Lamar CR, Robb CR
- Playable banned card - Striker
- Playable common - ? Karen ?
- Others - Randy, Jessie, Marina

Bangers -
- CR - none
- Ban - none (we dont like to play mono bangers)
- Comm - Locico, Chlora
- Oth - Graff, Blaaster, Vermin N

Berserk -
I dont think that Berserk is playable clan in this format. It is not strong in ELO, it would be weak in this format too.

Fang pi clang -
The same as Berserk

Freaks -
12 lives make poison weak

Gheist -
Majority of playable cards are Rares.

Jungo -
- CR - none
- Ban - Sylth
- Comm - Askai, Radek
- Oth - Pegh, Scopica
Is is good idea to play jungo as a type 1 deck ?

Junkz -
- CR - Dj Korr Cr
- Ban - Gil, Rowdy
- Comm - Veenyle, Gibson
- Oth - ??
The backbone is nice - Gil + DJ, but the remaining parts are not good ...

Junta -
Junta is not strong in ELO, it will not be strong in T1.

Leader -
- is it good to play Ambre, Morphun or Hugo ? I think it is good to use it only in monodeck...

Montana -
- CR - Vickie CR, Lyse Teria Cr
- Ban - none
- Comm - Spiaghi
- Oth - Mona
Spiaghi is nice splash. Othervise I would leave Montana.

Nightmare -
- CR - none
- Ban - Kolos, Oshitsune
- Comm - none
- Oth - Glorg, Edwin
Nightmare is nt strong clan in type 1

Piranas -
- CR - Smokey Cr (common)
- Ban - none
- Comm - Ector, Tyd
- Oth - Hawkins, Dalhia, Raeth
Piranas looks nice, but - don't we need more damage ?

Pussycats -
- CR - none
- Ban - Yayoi
- Comm - Cherry
- Oth - Brittany, Wanda
The problem is not enough 3* characters ...

Rescue -
- CR - Alec CR
- Ban - Marco, Kerry
- Com - Anita, Sledg, Krash
- Oth - Lea, Glosh, Elvira
Mono Rescue does not look so bad, but - it is not overpowered.

Roots -
- CR - Kiki cr, Noodile CR
- Ban - Ratanah
- Com - Yookie
- Oth - Rico, Arno, Jeena
Ratanah + Rico + Yookie + Arno looks nice, not ? Esspecialy against Uppers.

Sarkohm -
- CR - Guru Cr
- Ban - Graxxx, Uranus, Sigma
- Com - Murrai, Nimestiec
- Oth - Ngrath
Why do they ban Uranus ? It would be amazing second part for Roots !

Sentinel -
- CR - none
- Ban - Copper, Hawk
- Com - Tobbie
- Oth - Lehane, Melvin
Nice, bt something is missing...

Skeelz -
- CR - Caelus Cr
- Ban - none
- Com - Danae, Deebler 2*
- Oth - Chiara, Redra, Sasha
If Uppers are alowed, Skeelz looks pretty good.

Ulu watu -
- CR - Tanaereva Cr
- Ban - Wee Lee
- Com - Janice
- Oth - Numar, Nanook, Taigo

Uppers -
- CR - Jackie Cr
- Ban - Zatman
- Com - Burt 2*, Samantha
- Oth - Wendel, Oxen, Harold, Dorian
It looks like Uppers is "must play" clan ... I VOTE TO BAN IT ! Jackie Cr is reachable for everyone ... it s better to ban it and make much more harder to build the deck ...

Vortex -
Not strong even in ELO...

My oppinion - if is Uppers alowed, lets play Ratanah, Rico, Yookie, Jeena, Jackie Cr, Oxen, Harold, Samantha
If Uppers are baned, lets play - Caelus CR, Chiara, Redra, .3*. , Rattanah, Yookie, Rico, Arno

I WANT TO KNOW YOUR OPPINION ! Not just YES & NO answer, but your ideas !!! THX

offline Klaymore RA Colossus Mystical Shadow Team
Pondělí 20/06/2011, 16:55

Kolos and 12 life points.... BAN nightmare!

available spagr Colossus Army of Elite Mercenaries
Pondělí 20/06/2011, 16:59

Come on - are you affraid of Kolos ? If you play 1x SOA and 2 damage reducers ?

offline Klaymore RA Colossus Mystical Shadow Team
Pondělí 20/06/2011, 17:17

Maybe you right

offline Klaymore RA Colossus Mystical Shadow Team
Pondělí 20/06/2011, 17:20

Then ban uppers - or they will be must have

offline 0MystiQ QJON Titan El ojo de Michael
Pondělí 20/06/2011, 19:31

We`ve got portugal team to beat and I think we have really good chance to do it.

offline Gipsy Joe Titan TrAitorzZz
Pondělí 20/06/2011, 19:34

Yeah Kolos isn't threatening vs a well constructed deck.
On the clans mostly I agree with Spagr. Vortex can be great in finishing KOs, but they won't work here because mostly they have rares. And Nightmare could be a good counter for Roots and Skeelz.
Also Piranas may have low dmg but they can DR Roots and with Ector they dodge opposing DRs. + Pill manipulation can still be annyoing vs DRs.
I share the same wievs on the other clans.

Btw Spagr your 2nd deck has 5 uncommons. Didn't you mean Jeena 2* instead of Arno? And what would be the last Skeelz 3*? Praxie is uncommon too and the rest is meh.

Now about the bans: Spagr sees it very well that Uppers is a "must play" clan. But banning it doesn't make deck building significantly more challenging. Roots is the 1st clan everyone will think about to replace Uppers. Then to complete the deck some Skeelz in addition. Or maybe a SOB Clan.
And imagine the possible hands when Uppers are banned and Skeelz/Roots are everywhere. Is it fun to play Jeena, Yookie, Redra, Deebler?
If Uppers stay half of the deck will be the same everywhere but other half can be anything. Also it's more fun to play than going totally defensive.

Because we have to ban a clan each round how about this?
1st Round: Sakrohm (byebye Guru and Graks, Uppers stay)
2nd Round: whatever you pick
3rs Round: Uppers (more strategy)

These are only my ideas, I'd like to see yours too. No probs if you totally disagree with me.

offline 0 Uintrou Novice Воины Света
Pondělí 20/06/2011, 20:10

As for me i want to play with duo junkz sakrohm with dj corr as cr card - i have few ideas about the deck - also i think that i can play with uppers and montana - but i have only vickie -
as for ban i think we must ban or junkz - dj corr against + pill manipulation from gil and tremorth -
and how do you think - can our opponents take piranas?

available spagr Colossus Army of Elite Mercenaries
Pondělí 20/06/2011, 22:03

@ Uintrou - please write the example of a deck. BTW - Junkz Sakrohm would be pretty voulnerable by Roots ...

@ gipsy joe - I preffer to play Sakrohm (we have at least 3x Guru Cr) ... but - I was not able to build a part of a deck including Guru. Anyway - you dont like to play Guru & Graxxx in one deck ... you need to have 4* card as a damager, not as a reducer ...

offline Gipsy Joe Titan TrAitorzZz
Pondělí 20/06/2011, 22:50

Yeah wasting a 4* for reducing dmg is not the best thing, but GraksmxxT has 8 power 5 dmg and -8att so it easily qualifies as an attacker too. Take this scenerio: win the 1st round with Guru then use Graks with random amount of pillz. Whatever happens in the 2nd round you most likely win. (of course it's an ideal case without DRs and SOA, but it shows how valuable Graks is)

So far the bans:
1st round: Uppers 2 - Sakrohm 1
2nd ?
3rd ?

Please vote everyone.

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