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Čtvrtek 16/06/2011, 22:57

Pro cechy - toto je finale jednoho z fakt hodne dobre oceneneho turnaje - Community Cup 2011 . Trvalo cca pul roku, nez se do nej ucastnici kvalifikovali. Bohuzel - kvalifikace jiz byla uzavrena, dalsi hraci se do nej kvalifikovat nemohou.
V tomto foru muzete sledovat debatu ucastniku o balicku - skce vychodni a stredni Evropa.


here is the forum, where we can discuss about the decks, that looks best for the final phase of the event - Community Cup 2011 . Here we go ! Lets win the DJ !!! smiley

offline 0 Uintrou Senior Воины Света
Úterý 21/06/2011, 08:46

If all will be ok i will get dj corr my deck will be like this Dj corr cr Jiro Dreen Onik Uranus or sigma Petra Murray nimiestic something like this - but that i would get corr is not 100% - it can be a Kiki Cr - if this would be so i would take Roots

offline Gipsy Joe Titan TrAitorzZz
Úterý 21/06/2011, 12:55

LOL did you see the bans?
GHEIST, La Junta, Berzerk
They should not be underestimated smiley

offline 0 Uintrou Senior Воины Света
Úterý 21/06/2011, 14:25

I thought the bans - gipsy and i finally crashed because dj is not available for me now - =( only Kiki -
so i have no idea what choose to play - Uppers? Montana? smiley

available spagr Colossus Army of Elite Mercenaries
Úterý 21/06/2011, 15:55

So Roots are out of game ...

I recommend you NOT to play General Cr or DJ Korr Cr just because of the reason, that you can use it ... Jackie is the best of CRs, trust me. 8 power, 6 damage, SOA, four stars and amazing bonus ...
(BTW - I have all of big5 and I will not play them too ...)

One clan that is it necessary to play is Uppers . Must play cards - Jackie, Oxen . Voluntary - Dorian, Harold, Zatman, Wendel, Samantha

What to play as a second clan ? Skeelz to get rid of Jackie Cr ? Or Sarkohm to have the best bonus total ? Or Sentinels to have Lehane & Hawk ? Or GHEIST to block Jackie and have Rolph ?

Here are my proposals -

Uppers + Skeelz -
R - Jackie Cr, Sasha
U - Oxen, Zatman, Dorian, Chiara
C - Deebler 2*, Cley


R - Jackie Cr, Harold
U - Oxen, Zatman, Redra, Chiara
C - Deebler 2*, Cley


Uppers + Sarkohm -
R - Jackie Cr, Wendel
U - Oxen, Ngrath, Dorian, Zatman
C - Murrai, Nimestiec


R - Jackie Cr, Stela (Skrumxxx)
U - Oxen, Ngrath, Uranus, Harold
C - Murrai, Samantha

(there is not place for Graxxx, you need it for 2* card)

Uppers + Sentinels -
R - Jackie Cr, Hawk
U - Oxen, Harold, Lehane, Frankie Hi
C - Tobbie, Dayton


Uppers + GHEIST
R - Jackie Cr, Rolph
U - Oxen, Harold, Bristone, Z3r0 D34d
C - Dolly, Burt 2*


In my oppinion the strongest decks are Uppers + Skeels or Uppers + Sakrohm ... WHAT DO YOU THINK ???

offline 0 Uintrou Senior Воины Света
Úterý 21/06/2011, 17:46

As for me i don't like Skeelz variety but variety Uppers sakhrom - is very nice - and sentinels too.
When will start the first matches?

offline Gipsy Joe Titan TrAitorzZz
Úterý 21/06/2011, 22:28

I don't recommend this anyone because this deck is hard to use, but it goes well with my playing style:
R - Jackie Cr, Ulrich
U - Dalhia, Zatman, Harold, Hawkins or Spycee
C - Ector, Burt 2*

available spagr Colossus Army of Elite Mercenaries
Středa 22/06/2011, 01:58

I played with All-Meepo today. He played 6 Junta + Spiaghi + Ambre. I think his deck is not unbeatable. I lost, but take look at screenshots .

fight 1 - draw - http://img715.imageshack.us/img715/6623/allmee1.jpg

fight 2 - draw - http://img543.imageshack.us/img543/6946/allmee2.jpg

fight 3 - lost - http://img96.imageshack.us/img96/4892/allmee3.jpg

fight 4 - won - http://img202.imageshack.us/img202/3892/allmee4.jpg

fight 5 - lost - General Cr, Trish, Laura, Spiaghi ... me - Uranus, Dorian, Jackie Cr, Wendel ... my 1st - Dorian 0, his General Cr + Furry all

fight 6 - lost - http://img593.imageshack.us/img593/8241/allmee5.jpg

offline Gipsy Joe Titan TrAitorzZz
Středa 22/06/2011, 10:20

Thanks for the infos Spagr. Now I'll definately stick with my Piranas half and going to change Burt 2* to Samantha.

available spagr Colossus Army of Elite Mercenaries
Středa 22/06/2011, 11:23

Yes, Piranas looks like the key to kill General Cr ...

What do you think about this deck ?
Tula with bonus is beter than Samantha ... and if you get 5* card, I think it must be killer. You need to attack with Dalhia. BUT Dorian should wait for the best oportnity.

R - Jackie Cr, Ulrich
U - Dorian, Zatman, Oxen, Hawkins
C - Ector, Tula

offline Gipsy Joe Titan TrAitorzZz
Středa 22/06/2011, 13:05

I played vs Baia 99: 3 victories and 1 defeat. He uses a GHEIST-Uppers deck with:
Toro, Rolph,????, Zero Dead, Jackie, Oxen, Bianca, Burt 2*

Some advices against him:
In 50-50 cases he tends to play safely so his last card wins but may pill 1 or 2 on the previous card. And in general he rarely spends much pill in the 1st round.
When you have Samantha and he plays Bianca, put 1 on Samantha smiley
With these in mind DON'T underestimate him. We don't want to give him free points.

And screenshots:


And good luck for your fights. We may have less points now, but in the end we will win smiley

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