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New: DUEL Mode!

New: DUEL Mode!
Středa 27/02/2013, 15:28
elocau - Legend English

Urban Rivals - sběratelská karetní hra s obrovským počtem hráčů
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New: DUEL Mode!
elocau - Legend English - Středa 27/02/2013, 15:45

Come and fight Kate in the new DUEL game mode and win cards and battle points! Every day, Kate will set 3 challenges: fight her and win common cards. Then, if you're feeling on form, you can carry on fighting her after having won the 3 daily cards and go on to win battle points.Every 24 hours, 3 new challenges will be available as well as new common cards to be won.
Click here to take up the challenge!

For the time being, the duel mode is available in Beta. We are planning to keep a close eye on what happens in terms of results (number of players, number of games, impact on the market, etc.) and will then make a decision about whether to keep it, amend it or simply get rid of it.

upraveno hráčem elocau Středa 27/02/2013, 15:45

Va_609 - Titan - Army of Elite Mercenaries Česky
Čtvrtek 28/02/2013, 09:25

Zajímalo by mě zda máme všichni stejné karty na výhru nebo je odměna náhodně

Lol, this forum not have message

Urban Rivals - sběratelská karetní hra s obrovským počtem hráčů

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