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Qualification event for Rest of Europe ----> Community Cup 2011 - Qualifier RE - official language English
Final event for the winners ----> Community Cup 2011

Have you ever wanted to team up with your friends and compete against the best players of the other communities? First you have to prove your valor in a free for all qualifying event where you will have to play with increasingly difficult formats. If you are good enough to qualify, you will form a team with the other 5 champions of your community and play in the Community Cup 2011 for honor and fabulous prizes.

Created by ChaosDragon88, {RW}DanDoDan and Lord Cristian with the help of DA anne, ON_QUISTIS, HD_BossKilla7, lucero1 and powderfingers. Sponsored by the Urban Rivals staff.

Complete Rules:

Rules to enter in the event:
- You can only join one of the 8 qualifier events. Joining more will result in elimination from both.
- Level 25+
- Understand English language

Community Cup Champion Team - 6x DJ Korr Cr (1 for player)
Community Cup Runner Up Team - 6x Guru Cr
Community Cup Semi-Finalist Teams - 6x Lao Cr for each team
Community Cup Quarter-Finalist Teams - 6x Rass Cr for each team

The event will be opened this Thursday and this Saturday, at around 12:00 (GMT +2). Each opening for 32 players.
Only 64 players can enter in the qualification event, so... be fast!
(if there will be enough applicants there is the possibility to extend the number of participants to 128.)

Good Luck everyone! smiley

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