Noctezuma, das Kind der Sklaven der Goldminen! Noctezuma, der Mann, der die Erde erzittern lässt! Auf dem Thron des Pile Towers sitzt von nun an der Luchador, der das Schreckensregime von Los Santos mit bloßen Händen gestürzt und seinem Volk die Freiheit geschenkt hat. Die Vereinigung der Besten des Lucha Libre ist nur ein erster Schritt auf dem Weg, den Planeten von der Organisation zu befreien, die im Hintergrund die Fäden zieht, zu erlösen: Dem Polit.
  • Erschienen am freitag 06/09/13
  • Illustrator: Arcto Picto
  • Erhältlich im Laden
  • Dieser Charakter gehört Dir nicht.
  • EFC Tower icon Allowed in EFC up to EFC Tower
  • icon 1 Missionen
  • Die Angebote von 10 auf dem Market ansehen

Fähigkeit von Noctezuma Cr:

Gegenschlag: Kopie Bonus

Wenn Noctezuma Cr in der Runde als Zweite(r) gespielt wird, wenn Noctezuma Cr sich im Kampf mit einem anderen Charakter befindet, wird seine/ihre Fähigkeit „Kopie: Bonus“ durch den Bonus seines/ihres Gegners ersetzt. Wenn der Bonus des Gegners nicht aktiviert ist, hat diese Fähigkeit keine Wirkung.



+1 Angriff Pro Verbleibende Leben

Die Angriffspunkte von Huracan werden um 1 Punkte erhöht für jeden dem Spieler, der den Charakter kontrolliert, verbleibenden Lebenspunkt.

Erste von 5 Entwicklungen dieses Charakters:

  • HuracanNoctezuma Crpicture
    Power3FähigkeitFhgkt freigeg. mit
    Schäden4Bonus +1 Angriff Pro Verbleibende Leben
  • HuracanNoctezuma Crpicture
    Power5FähigkeitFhgkt freigeg. mit
    Schäden4Bonus +1 Angriff Pro Verbleibende Leben
  • HuracanNoctezuma Crpicture
    Power7FähigkeitGegenschlag: Kopie Bonus
    Schäden4Bonus +1 Angriff Pro Verbleibende Leben
  • HuracanNoctezuma Crpicture
    Power7FähigkeitGegenschlag: Kopie Bonus
    Schäden6Bonus +1 Angriff Pro Verbleibende Leben
  • HuracanNoctezuma Crpicture
    Power7FähigkeitGegenschlag: Kopie Bonus
    Schäden8Bonus +1 Angriff Pro Verbleibende Leben
47 charaktere
missions icon 24 Missionen
Bonus +1 Angriff Pro Verbleibende Leben
Die Catchwelt Clint Clintys änderte sich von Grund auf, als eine wahre Flutwelle maskierter Luchadores aus Los Santos sich auf der Spitze des Pile Tower breitmachte. Schluss mit dem langweiligen Theater der W.A.R, jetzt geht’s richtig zur Sache! Angeführt von Noctezuma, zählt für die Huracan nur eines: die Schwachen und Unterdrückten mit allen erdenklichen Mitteln zu beschützen.
  • In der Stufe 1: min 403 658 Clintz
  • In der Stufe 2: min 373 416 Clintz
  • In der Stufe 3: min 369 944 Clintz
  • In der Stufe 4: min 374 039 Clintz
  • In der Stufe 5: min 382 499 Clintz
Die Angebote von 10 auf dem Market ansehen

35 Kommentar zu Noctezuma Cr

Montag 25/11/2013, 15:37

Hmm Noctezuma, what a great card.
Let's review it.

But first...

Price manipulation began with Numar, i got fed up with Dregn, i spoke when Cortez price manipulation took place, because i had enough.
Now you people still do the same thing all over again.

So there it goes:

Technical lack of Noctezuma in the "free market".

25th of November 2013
280 market offers TOTAL.

DarkDevilDiva sells 11 copies for 200000 Clintz each
Infiniti sells 26 copies for 100069 Clintz each
LEITM0TIV sells 116 copies for 77777 Clintz each
(F) Darf sells 22 copies for 62891 clintz each
PAD_Pedro sells 14 copies for 54995 clintz each
IceBerzerk sells 7 copies for 58750 clintz each

So... 11+26+116+22+14+7= 196
70% of the available Noctesuma copies is possessed by 6 people.
41% of the available Noctesuma copies is possessed by only one person LEITM0TIV.

And they DARE to put them in market. For what? To brag?
Here comes some feedback.
YOU people ruin the game for the rest 80% of users.
And if this thing will go on NO PARETTO analysis will save the game.
Do you listen UR staff?

So, where was i?

Oh yeah, about the card.
Isn't that great?
Huracan, a new clan that is strong enough to force you put money on the game to get the cards and play.
The bonus is ridiculously strong.
It forces you to pill on first rounds but there are cards that can help you up on the late rounds.
Plus this clan can play solo and co-op no problem.
Meanwhile Rescue perma bans are still on...

So this guy is the Leader of that clan.
That means he must be the strongest 5 star (since he is 5 stars)
When he came out, Copy Opp power and damage was a joke.
They fixed that of course, to earn money.

Now Noctezuma 9s a:

5 star
Power 7
Damage 8
Ability: Reprisal: Copy Bonus Opp.
Bonus: +1 Attack Per Life Left

First things first, damage is great, expected for a leader.
Secondly Power is really high for a Juracan card.

Having him and a DR or SOA on hand you fear almost NOTHING.
VS Power manipulation clans. It works as a nullifier to their bonus, while HIS bonus will kick butt
VS Damage manipulation he can add +2 damage or become a DR...
VS Attack manipulation, he Nullifies all bonuses and retains his own.
VS SOA clans it doesn't hurt and keeps the very helpful bonus.
VS SOB well, NO SOB!
VS Skeelz it doesn't hurt and keeps the very helpful bonus.
VS Jungo - Berzerk he becomes even more devastating as in damage manipulation clans

The ONLY thing that might hurt is SOA on ability (and it isn't too important) and FULL STOP.

On Full Stop he is a 7/8 ... wow...

Only drawbacks:
He is 5 stars. Of course he is!!! This means he takes space.
But Huracan have lots of good 2 stars, so no problem.

He became uber expensive, thanks to some guys like those above who are greedy and arrogant enough to do such a thing.

Final rating: 10/10

I have no words.
This clan was broken, and will still be until other clans will get balanced.

So go on UR staff... Erase this comment, as you did ereased TWO of my previous comments on his release.
GO ON! Show us how democratic you are once again!

Freitag 06/09/2013, 17:42

Skirsdag - Guru - Guild of Gregarious Gentlemen
Today at 06:30
"A terrible mistake UR. Why do you feel the need to make the new clan as overpowered as possible?"

There's this thing called profits
UR wants to make said profits
UR wants to make a lot of profit
UR knows they'll get more by making an OP clan which players will spend tons of money for credits on
UR also knows they'll make more by making the most OP cards rare, thus forcing players to buy a ton of credits to even get their hands on one
UR also knows the best way to maximize profits is making the new releases even more OP than the last, thus making players think to themselves "hmm, this card is much better than the card I spent so much credits on trying to buy last release. I think I'll sink more money on buying this one instead; it's clearly the better choice".
All they're missing is to promise to make 1500 elo doable, and not just promise but actually make it so that 1500 elo is a joke to get now, and like Pedro from Napolean Dynamite said, their wildest dreams will come true.

Freitag 06/09/2013, 15:15

And so, Noctezuma declared that his original ability was unfit for a king. Through pure will, channeled through the rage of his subjects, he became a bonus-stealing bad*ss. Cower in fear, Clint City, for the king stands tall.

Samstag 07/09/2013, 00:09

It's official....The hurrcan is just here to beat the ass of everything in UR. Honestly El Divino was a sick ass card and he wasn't even the damn leader...Now Noctuzema comes thru and makes El divino look like Elmo. UR....We all wanted a badass clan and you delivered the apocalyspe clan.

Mittwoch 11/09/2013, 04:14

Congratulations UR, fasted card Perma-banned lol

Released: 05/09/13

Perma-Banned: 10/09/13

Sonntag 08/09/2013, 17:12

For the record:
All Stars - 9/45 rare (20.0%)
Bangers- 10/46 rare (21.7%)
Berserk- 7/32 rare (21.8%)
Fang Pi - 15/46 rare (32.6%)
Freaks - 12/48 rare (25.0%)
Frozn - 8/23 rare (37.8%) !
GHEIST - 13/46 rare (28.7%)
Jungo - 11/41 rare (26.8%)
Junks - 12/48 rare (25.0%)
La Junta - 12/48 rare (25.0%)
Montana - 9/47 rare (19.1%) !!
Nightmare-13/47 rare (27.7%)
Piranas - 11/43 rare (25.6%)
Pussycats- 11/45 rare (24.4%)
Rescue - 9/42 rare (21.4%)
Roots - 7/44 rare (15.9%) !!!
Sakhrom - 14/47 rare (29.8%)
Senitnel - 9/45 rare (20.0%)
Skeelz - 11/43 rare (25.6%)
Ulu Watu - 12/48 rare (25.0%)
Uppers - 9/43 rare (20.9%)
Vortex - 12/33 rare (36.4%)

HURACAN- 9/22 rare (40.9%)
And keep in mind that many Rare cards from the old days are average (Rozen,Saddy,Leila,Perle, Dash,Berserkgirl,Python and more)

Meanwhile in Huracan all the rare cards range from OP to at least usefull, and all the 6 5* are Rare.

I know things have changed but the old clans cannot keep up with the new. Make more average and bad cards for balance

Montag 16/09/2013, 02:52

Fun tip: This card's ability used to be Reprisal: Copy Opponent's Power and Damage smiley
*Inserts the more you know sign* smiley

Mittwoch 18/09/2013, 12:07

Named after Moctezuma,not "Montezuma".
In fact, there were 2 emperors (tlatoani) that had this name: M. Ilhuicamina and M. Xocoyotzin (or Moctezuma II).
The second is most known for been in contact with spanish colonizers.
He was not an idiot that sent his troops to the death against a more numerous enemy: chronicles by Bernardo Díaz del Castillo reveal that after days of intense fight in Tenochtitlan, he intended to negotiate with spanish troops their retreat.

Because of this he was removed for the charge and his brother Cuitláhuac was named new emperor. By the way, the last aztec emperor was Cuauhtémoc.

Mittwoch 29/01/2014, 18:54

"And they DARE to put them in market. For what? To brag?
Here comes some feedback.
YOU people ruin the game for the rest 80% of users."


The reason players with numerous amount of cards put the cards into the market ISN'T TO BRAG, obviously that's what you would think. It's so others know they have them therefore they will receive offers for them.

If I can't find someone on the sales forum to trade my numerous copies then another way of "advertising" to every other player who maybe doesn't even check the forum, then this is the most logical thing to do.

That's something 80% of players probably don't even know.

Samstag 28/09/2013, 16:04

Just gotta do a review on the legendary Noctezuma! What I can't get is why there are no other reviews atm

Huracan 5* and chieftain
7 Power
8 Damage
Ability: Reprisal (allegedly) : Copy Bonus Opp.
Historic Note: Originally the ability was Reprisal: Copy Opp Pow. and Dam but the staff changed it after about 2/3 days and Noctezuma changed from being average to being OP

Pros smiley
+ 8 Damage!
+ Copy Opp Bonus is my one of my favourite abilities in the game along with Stop Opp Bonus. On Noctezuma it combines with his stats and bonus to make him absolutely incredible! It protects him from the SOB of Piranas and Nightmares, effectively cancels the effects of the attack manip. of the Sentinel , Junkz , Rescue , Uppers , Sakrohm and Montana as well as his fellow Huracan. These are all very popular clans. The only time this ability isn't so useful is vs Skeels and 3/1 splits
+ Bonus of the Huracan is undoubtedly one of the best in the game, AND it's protected in part by his ability!
+ 7 Power is excellent here, any more would be insane!
+ Against La Junta and Fang Pi Clang and against Frozn in the right conditions he is a OH/KO card! Fully pilled with fury thats between 71 and 82 attack in 12 life modes! (Depending on whether any lifes have been lost previously)
+ Artwork is absolutely badass! smiley Great job Arto Picto who I think is a new artist?!
+ Bio is also awesome.

Neutral smiley
* Reprisal based COB obviously isn't as good as straight COB but it is far easier to use than any other conditions.
* Historic Note: The Reprisal condition of the ability has not worked ever since the staff changed it to Reprisal COB at the time of writing. This is great if you use him, but it is also kinda unfair to those who lose due to not acknowledging this fact smiley There will undoubtedly be some battles where this has caused someone who should have won to lose
* 5* is very big, and makes him hard to fit into a low * deck. But then what did you expect from a card as powerful as this?! He is elo banned atm, so that shouldn't matter so much. And the Huracan 2*s are so strong ( Derby Queen and Zapatino ) that it matters even less

Cons smiley
No cons as anything that could be seen as a con is as much of a pro as a con, OR the certain cards which bother Noctezuma only do so because they bother almost everybody else by virtue of their own quality

Power: 9/10 (more is OP but I see Noctezuma primarily as a T2 card) Damage: 10/10 Ability: 9/10 (COB is that good and reprisal easy to use) Bonus: 9/10 Ability/Bonus Synergy: 10/10
Overall: 47/50
Out of 10: 9.4/10 smiley smiley smiley

Conclusion: God of a card with artwork and bio to match! Better than Vickie Cr and Kalindra Cr and Kiki Cr. Is surpassed surely only by Jackie Cr?!
smiley Rate green to read a review of the card

Freitag 27/02/2015, 00:10

No one posted a reference comment? Ok, i'll give it a shot.

This card is named after the ninth Aztec emperor, Moctezuma II.
He ruled Tenochtitlan, the Aztec empire's capital city, from 1502 to 1520.

He was killed during the initial stages of the Spanish conquest of Mexico, when Conquistador Hernán Cortés and his men fought to escape from the Aztec capital Tenochtitlan, as scarcely implied in this card's bio.

Rate up. smiley

Donnerstag 24/07/2014, 12:58

The Top 10 Most Expensive Non-CR Cards As Of Now!(24th July 2014)
1. Noctezuma
2. Charlie
3. Dregn
4. Lizbeth
5. Tsubame
6. Mona
7. Mechakolos
8. GraksmxxT
9. Kolos
10. Cortez

Rate me green and i will update this list more often than not

Freitag 19/09/2014, 15:58

All Hail King Noctezuma Cr smiley

Mittwoch 18/12/2013, 09:18

This card gets 7 Power, 8 Damage, bonus like +12 attack in 12 life mode (at least, for the first turn or for the first and the second turns), and Copy Bonus ability, though Reprisal based (remember, it's easier than a Courage based ability). Aren't we being reminded of some good ol' card?

Ladies and gentlemen, I proudly present you new face of Vickie Cr, altered a little by the Central America fat food and ancient Aztec gold! smiley

And by the way, I do not consider Noctezuma being worse than Vickie Cr. Montana bonus is stable, Huracan bonus can rise you up, especially in T2 when you can afford some fatty guys with + Life abilities. Moreover, it forces Sakrohm and Uppers to fight fairly, and Montana themselves are forced to put at least 1 pill to win an empty Noctezuma. Vickie Cr simply closes opponents' bonus, that makes her a defensive unit (what the f*** am I writing? Vickie Cr for a defense ...) for a fighting with the Damage based clans, bringing a revenged Frozn to a calm state of mind; also leaving Freaks useless and Pussycats being Pussykittens not Pussypowas. Noctezuma can become stronger thanks to his ability (even knock out with a single hit!), but Pussycats weaken him, if you (manage to) lose with him, all the bonus effects of you opponent's card will release. For me it's kinda equal. Noctezuma have more potential, while Vickie Cr is sturdy and solid.

Samstag 22/02/2014, 07:01


Clint City, day.