Weder ihre Diploma noch ihre Talente als Kämpferin erklären die Stellung, die Vickie in der Montana Familie inne hat. Wenn man aber weiß, dass sie das Patenkind der angeheirateten Cousine der Nichte der Mama des Dons ist, erklärt das einiges. Voller Ehrgeiz will die junge Vickie beweisen, dass eine junge Frau auch das Zeug zu einem Gangsterboss haben kann.
  • Erschienen am montag 13/02/06
  • Illustrator: Team Chman
  • Erhältlich im Laden
  • Vickie Cr ist vom Täglichen Turnier ausgeschlossen
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  • Dark corners icon Allowed in EFC up to Dark corners
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Fähigkeit von Vickie Cr:

Stopp Gegner Bonus

Der Clan-Bonus des gegnerischen Charakters wird unwirksam, falls er aktiviert ist.



-12 Angriff Geg., Min 8

Die Angriffspunkte des gegnerischen Charakters werden um 12 Punkte oder bis zum Minimum von 8 Punkten verringert.

Erste von 4 Entwicklungen dieses Charakters:

  • MontanaVickie Crpicture
    Power2FähigkeitFhgkt freigeg. mit
    Schäden4Bonus -12 Angriff Geg., Min 8
  • MontanaVickie Crpicture
    Power7FähigkeitStopp Gegner Bonus
    Schäden4Bonus -12 Angriff Geg., Min 8
  • MontanaVickie Crpicture
    Power7FähigkeitStopp Gegner Bonus
    Schäden6Bonus -12 Angriff Geg., Min 8
  • MontanaVickie Crpicture
    Power7FähigkeitStopp Gegner Bonus
    Schäden8Bonus -12 Angriff Geg., Min 8
62 charaktere
missions icon 25 Missionen
Bonus -12 Angriff Geg., Min 8
Familie, Ehre, Geld und dubiose Geschäfte. Die Devise der Montana hängt wie eine dunkle Wolke über dem Land. Untugend und Laster waren schon immer das Geschäft der Montana und jetzt haben ihre Paten auch noch Geschmack an der Macht gefunden. Auf Befehl des zwielichtigen Don werden die perversen und brutalen Handlanger der Montana den Terror sowohl in den Straßen der Stadt, als auch in den Reihen des Polit regieren lassen.
  • In der Stufe 2: min 3 621 166 Clintz
  • In der Stufe 3: min 3 789 974 Clintz
  • In der Stufe 4: min 3 594 138 Clintz
  • In der Stufe 5: min 3 642 462 Clintz
Die Angebote von 7 auf dem Market ansehen

35 Kommentar zu Vickie Cr

Mittwoch 19/05/2010, 22:39

Vickie Cr - 7/8 with SoB (ability) and -12 opp attack, min 8 (bonus)

- A very solid 7 power, which Vickie Cr gets as early as lvl3.
- To aid in that vicious power, she has the Montana bonus, ensuring that you're going to have to use 2 pills more (normally) just to beat her.
- Clans like Nightmare, Piranas, and Rescue can't neutralize this either, due to her very lovely stop Opp Bonus ability.
- At lvl5, she has the magical 8 damage, which is amazing and allows you to 2HKO with popular cards like Mona, Edd, or Sharon. At lvl4, her damage is very decent as well, enabling 2HKOs with Fabio or furious Mona.
- Her greatest attribute is her ability to be used at many levels. Sh is a beast at lvl4 and lvl5, but she is very solid at lvl3. She has a decent 4 damage. she still has her 7 power, and she gets her Sob still. At only 3 stars, she can rake up quite a few points.

- She is ELO-banned, which means less points in tournies (and the fact that she can't be used in ELO)

Overall: 10/10. Vickie Cr is amazing. She has solid power. She can do great damage. She can be used at many levels. She has a great bonus and she can even be played without it (if you get that unlucky 3-1 draw). While her DT performance has been weakened with the DT ELO-banned cards get you less points rule, she is still a force to be reckoned with in the game.

Samstag 08/12/2012, 22:29

So, for those of you who didn't figure it out. Vickie is actually closer in relation to Don than the long list would assume.
Don's Mother's Niece's Second Cousin by Marriage's God-Daughter

So Don's Mother's Niece would be Don's Cousin
So Don's Cousin's Second Cousin would either be Don's kid, or Don's cousin's kid (if there was a third sibling of his mother) (The by marriage is a trick because the one they married is still blood)
And because they are the Mafia, The Godfather or Godmother would probably be family, usually a favored Cousin or Uncle.
So we have either Don's Son's Goddaughter (thus making her Don's Grand Goddaughter which is really close even without actual family ties) Or she's Don's cousin's Goddaughter and by the logic of Mafia godparents, could be Don's actual Daughter.

So Vickie is closely related to Don after all
Rate Green so that other people can see that Urban Rivals comes up with twisted family trees (and worse, that I have enough free time to figure them out)

Mittwoch 29/06/2011, 19:23

Rate green if you like Vickie more than you like horses.smiley

Donnerstag 20/10/2011, 22:09

Aaah my most treasured card. Time for a autumn 2011 review of this card, ok lets go.

Vickie Cr: 7/8
Ability: SOB

-Fear. forget stats, forget abilities, when players see this card it attracts their focus immediately and strategies form in their head about how they can beat this card. its only natural for a card that is an UR legend. from my experience it makes the opposition do crazy moves and my other cards tend to do my winning for me.
-against the more recent clans of vortex and berserk, this card (in the majority of cases) will still own them; especially vortex as i have found in my experience as SOB is a major killer.
-8 damage is still the upper-limit of base damage for any card in UR and so will take a major chunk if 100% hits and backed up with a 7 power with attack manip bonus ur looking at one major nuke.
-the fact she is holding a horses' head is still awesome.

-sadly a host of "super" card releases from UR have made this card less of a power-house than it has been in the past. prime examples are Caelus, Serena, Emeth, Tomas.
-Still ELO banned, with good reason though.
-There are more Damage Reducer's, so naturally they will be more common too meaning that the chunky 8 damage you were relying on will be reduced even further and more often! On top of that the first -6 opp damage (okay min is 4 but watever) of Travis Ld soon to be released how will our girl fair in the next couple of years against even more DRs.
-price; it will never go down.

Summary: this is still my favourite card in UR. The haters will argue that there are at least 10 cards better than this card and the mega rich may even overlook this card as a gem as they hold even more legendary cards; but for me as an average gamer hu plays more for fun than the hardcore challenge, this card was the card i sold half of my collection for a year and a half ago, the card that i slaved in several dts to get into the top 250 to get that extra clintz, the card i thought of when i struggled to the 1200 barrier in elo and the card that brought me the most happiness when i finally bought it of psy_man of the market for 92k and most importantly the main reason why i still play this game.

Rate up if u r a Vickie Cr fan like me!

Donnerstag 30/12/2010, 16:32

Vickie Cr the dominant side of the Crs and most importantly for the Cunning Clan The Montana`s. 7/8 ability: Sob Bonus: -12 Opp Attack.
This delusional don can be used in various forms, at the 3rd stage with 7/4 and the ability taking place she can be used in Type 1 and Type 1 Death Match as with the following forms. A Robust character with 7 power throughout her 3 to 5th forms and with a damage of 8 in the 5th form she is nearly indestructible and unbeatable. And if you think that world mass destruction had shown up she has aid by fellow clan members adding -12 opponents attack minimum 8 which is clearly unique and decientigrating. She will really manipulate the clans with puny bonuses compared to her awesomeness like Jungo, freaks, fang pi clan, vortex etc and suffers to a minimum number of clans.

Obviously the Urban Rivals Staff members have clearly seen the outburst of superbness and utter dominance of this card they have made her ELO Banned which is a crack in the floor for ELO lovers like myself.

Conclusion: A stunning creation of a Cr card especially with the outburst of the bonus. She has robust power and penetrating damage and a benificial bonus/ability. A class act and one to defiantly either invest in or purchase. 100% Spectacular card and I`m Ecstatic to obtain her. Urban Legend Vickie Cr!

Montag 18/07/2011, 07:34

Does the horse head remind anyone else of the Godfather? smiley

Samstag 28/05/2016, 20:50

Her new artwork is terrible i prefer older artwork...

Donnerstag 22/05/2014, 20:56

Her lvl 2 artwork is gruesome ! No other card has such graphic art
Not to mention she is arguably the best 5*, sorry tanaereva cr

Freitag 29/04/2011, 01:00

thumbs up if u kept reading the bio to find out what she was by that i mean the dons mothers neice part

Sonntag 03/07/2011, 20:09

at her full level i thought she had a cigarette in her mouth but when you zoom in its a knife.

Samstag 03/09/2011, 17:24

Edd and Vickie Cr are the only SoB cards in Montana!
Rate up if we need some more...

Samstag 12/05/2012, 10:24

rate green if your glad Vickie killed the creepy horse with no pupils.

Samstag 15/06/2013, 21:35

She is a UR Legend.

Montag 29/07/2013, 15:30

can't wait for the day that this card hits the millions....smiley

Montag 03/02/2014, 00:49

Wednesday 05/03/08:
• Vickie Cr Level 5 - bought from fast and furi - 17 650 Clintz.

Clint City, day.