Tunned liebt alles was mit Auto-Tuning zu tun hat, aber er hat nur wenig Kohle, um das Familienauto aufzumotzen. Nach Jahren mühevoller Arbeit, entspricht das Ergebnis leider weder seinen Erwartungen noch dem Geschmack seiner Mutter. Von ihr zum Teufel gejagt, schließt er sich der Gang an, die die megastarke Anlage in seiner Kiste zu schätzen weiß, um coole Parkplatz-Feten zu schmeißen.
  • Erschienen am montag 13/02/06
  • Illustrator: Tregis
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  • Dark corners icon Allowed in EFC up to Dark corners
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Fähigkeit von Tunned:

Keine Fähigkeit

Keine Fähigkeit



Power +2

Die Power von Bangers wird um 2 Punkte erhöht. (Zur Erinnerung: Power * Pillz = Angriff)

Erste von 3 Entwicklungen dieses Charakters:

  • BangersTunnedpicture
    Power1FähigkeitKeine Fähigkeit
    Schäden2Bonus Power +2
  • BangersTunnedpicture
    Power2FähigkeitKeine Fähigkeit
    Schäden3Bonus Power +2
  • BangersTunnedpicture
    Power3FähigkeitKeine Fähigkeit
    Schäden4Bonus Power +2
64 charaktere
missions icon 25 Missionen
Bonus Power +2
Vom ehrwürdigen Bodenpower gegründet, besteht die Gang der Bangers aus lebensfrohen, jungen Menschen, die ab und zu ein wenig durchdrehen. Wegen diesem schlechten Ruf, den der Polit mit Hilfe der Medien noch verstärkt, wechseln die Leute die Straßenseite, wenn ihnen die Bangers über den Weg laufen. Das darf natürlich nicht so bleiben. Die Bangers werden es den Leuten schon beibringen, wenn nötig auch mit Fußtritten!
  • In der Stufe 1: min 982 Clintz
  • In der Stufe 2: min 1 134 Clintz
  • In der Stufe 3: min 828 Clintz
Die Angebote von 96 auf dem Market ansehen

34 Kommentar zu Tunned

Mittwoch 11/08/2010, 05:05

Of course he's bad but there's no need to complain about it. Not every card has to have 8pwr and 8dmg with a SoA or SoB abiltity. They make some cards crappy for a reason.

Samstag 25/12/2010, 18:28

i bought him for only one reason he is gonna be a cr and i bet it most of the waste cards become cr like chikko cr rass cr
vote green if u agree

Samstag 06/04/2013, 05:06

For Sup Kid-
Of course Tunned isn't a nice card, but you don't have to be such a hater. I'll give him a better review if you'd like.

Max Level: 3/4, No Ability, Bonus Power +2. Possible 5/4 stats. You know what fury does.

Pros: Can be used as a bluff for his decent damage.
Good damage quality. 6 with fury.

Cons: Low Power. Even when your bonus is activated, there are lots of high power 3 stars out there.
No Ability. Any type of ability is crucial to a card's reputation(except for backlash).

Rating:3.5/10 . As you can see, Tunned is a bad card. There lots of two-star cards that are in a WAY higher league than Tunned. No ability totally lowers his reputation. But you don't have to be such a hater. Sup Kid, you said that he shouldn't even deserve to be in the Bangers clan. what about the other clans? There are bad cards in every clan. There are bad cards, and there are good cards. Just don't hate.smiley

Mittwoch 28/12/2011, 12:42

Cards like Tunned with low stats are for beginners of course. Cards with stats similar to this character are great for starting off and getting a feel for the game. Of course not every card on this game has to be, or is going to be perfect... People all need to start somewhere...

Montag 08/09/2014, 03:28

"There are bad cards in every clan"
this one hasn't met the riots clan

Dienstag 27/12/2016, 21:19

Wow, Tregis made him totally hot now.

Freitag 09/08/2013, 06:16

Stay tunned for tunned cr

Sonntag 18/10/2009, 20:58

Tunned is a pretty bad card for any clan.
I think Tunned is never useful in any battle except for losing.
His power at lvl 3 [Maximum lvl] [Plus Bonus] =5 Power which is useless.
Power 1 Damage 2 lvl 1 / No Ability / Bonus: Power +2
Power 2 Damage 3 lvl 2/ No Ability / Bonus: Power + 2
Power 3 Damage 4 lvl 3 [Maximum lvl] / No Ability / Bonus +2
Tunned is a low powered and low damage card. I don't think he should be in the Banger Clan.

Montag 27/12/2010, 04:39

me collect
collect good

Mittwoch 20/03/2013, 13:04

i bought him for only one reason he is gonna be a cr and i bet it most of the waste cards become cr like Chikko Cr Rass cr
vote green if u agree

Of all my comment this is toppest i cant believe it this is probably the lamest comment i wrote but look at it standing second in the rankings this makes me laugh seriously(i wrote this wen i was a newbie and only 13 year old i dont even hav tunned now)

Dienstag 11/01/2011, 04:27

I think he himself needs to get Tunned. His stats are terrible!

Donnerstag 21/07/2011, 13:10

No wonder Fixit surpassed him smiley

Mittwoch 14/12/2011, 21:12

i miss good old fashion art for cards like these smiley

Dienstag 17/01/2012, 04:24

Turnned Cr doesnt that sound good

Mittwoch 14/03/2012, 18:09

LVL 1; So you want the capacitors to be replaced and the pistons must pump 3x the original capacity?....... LVL 2; Well, then, let's get this show on the road! LVL 3; Phew! That was hard work, now, then how much shall I charge this sucker for this job? This guy is truly awful! Unless ur a noob (no shame in being one, we all were once) this guy is only good for losing or selling. The only thing good about him is making fun of him. I feel mean nowsmiley

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