Was hatte Kawamashi Cr in dieser verhängnisvollen Nacht eigentlich im Red One Motel zu suchen? Ist er wirklich der Erfinder des Gases Xantiax? War er das eigentliche Ziel des Angriffs, der Urheber oder doch nur ein Opfer? Und vor Allem: Gibt es ein Gegenmittel für den Zustand der Berzerk? Fragen über Fragen, auf die er derzeit stets die gleiche Antwort gibt: Schläge, die bei allen die Lichter ausgehen lassen...
  • Erschienen am freitag 06/05/11
  • Illustrator: John Sein
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Fähigkeit von Kawamashi Cr:

Angriff +9

Die Angriffspunkte von Kawamashi Cr werden um 9 Punkte erhöht. (Zur Erinnerung: Power * Pillz = Angriff)



-2 Leben Gegner, Min 2

Wenn Berzerk seinen/ihren Kampf gewinnt, wird die Anzahl der Lebenspunkte des Spielers, der den gegnerischen Charakter kontrolliert um 2 vermindert, bis hin zum Minimum von 2.

Erste von 3 Entwicklungen dieses Charakters:

  • BerzerkKawamashi Crpicture
    Power2FähigkeitFhgkt freigeg. mit
    Schäden1Bonus -2 Leben Gegner, Min 2
  • BerzerkKawamashi Crpicture
    Power5FähigkeitFhgkt freigeg. mit
    Schäden2Bonus -2 Leben Gegner, Min 2
  • BerzerkKawamashi Crpicture
    Power7FähigkeitAngriff +9
    Schäden3Bonus -2 Leben Gegner, Min 2
53 charaktere
missions icon 27 Missionen
Bonus -2 Leben Gegner, Min 2
Nachdem über die Belüftungssschächte des Red One Motels das Gas Xantiax ausgetreten war, verwandelten sich alle Mitarbeiter und Gäste des Hotels in gefährliche Wesen, die eine Wut in sich trugen, die nur durch eine richtige Keilerei abgebaut werden konnte. Sie hätten sich wohl bis an das Ende aller Tage gegenseitig die Köpfe eingeschlagen, wenn Cortez ihnen kein Ziel gegeben hätte: die Verantwortlichen für ihren Zustand aufspüren und sie dafür richtig bezahlen lassen!
  • In der Stufe 1: min 68 022 Clintz
  • In der Stufe 2: min 58 776 Clintz
  • In der Stufe 3: min 60 194 Clintz
Die Angebote von 26 auf dem Market ansehen

72 Kommentar zu Kawamashi Cr

Freitag 06/05/2011, 16:08

How do all of you posters not understand what this clan is going to be an do, first off, you cannot write a clan after their initial 4 cards, second do you not understand what these guys can and will do? Assuming they are going to get a lot more backlash cards, they are immune, to SoA, Soa clans which run rampant, will be making cards like Norman and Beef better. The -2 life min 2 is great, I mean what do you guys want -5 life min 0? Yes, SoB shut them done, blah, blah, blah, of course, that is what SoB clans do, however, SoB clans generally have lowered powered cards. The fact of the matter is, they guys negate some clans, minmize, others and are weak to still others. That's the point, this clan fixes two issues in Urban Rivals. Damage Reduction and Stop opponent ability. Assuming more backlash is coming our way, this guys will be smasing GHEIST and Roots, while at the same time getting around Damage Reduction. Ask your self how many times you are like, man if they didn't have SoA I would have smoked them, or man if only I could have done 2 more damage against Uranus, well now you can. You'll be saying bring it on when you have backlash to GHEIST and Roots and Qubik and Bogdan, etc, and you'll be saying, so sorry Uranus I just did 3 off your life total instead of 1. In addition, these guys seem to pair well with some clans, like Pussycats and Vortex, you charge in with Berzerk and sit back with your Vortex and Pussycats to recoup.

In short, don't trash the clan and the abilities and the bonus until you actually play with them, but at least until they have about 12 clan members. Also, think about their impact on the whole, ELO, Deathmatch, T2, Survivor, and not how they do against a few clans, but how they impact the game, example, GHEIST is running rampant, (more a reality than example) you use Berzerk to combat them because their bonus is not affected and Berzerk get better by having their abilties shut off. They are a high risk, high reward clan that you won't be saying suck when you are getting trounced by them. Great job UR keep them coming.

Montag 04/03/2013, 11:24

Welcome to retirement Kawamashi smiley

Donnerstag 28/07/2011, 12:55

Etymology- Kawamashi is named after Ryuta Kawashima, a professor who studies the mind. Dr Kawashima is well known for having released many brain-training games for DS consoles.
If you're interested in finding out more: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ryuta_Kawashima

Kawamashi is quite obviously a scientist or professor of some sort, and the "massive blows of fire extinguishers to the head" is a reference to Dr Kawashima studying the mind.

Please don't forget to rate up so his etymology can be known smiley

Montag 04/03/2013, 14:50

Well Berzerker clans first Cr is KAWAMASHI smiley. Did anyone really think Cortez was going to become Cr? I remember when Cortez first came out everyone kept saying he is going Cr soon LoL. Well don't hold your breath because he still has a lot of years left before he gets to retire.
Good bye KAWAMASHI Cr I hardly knew you.

Montag 04/03/2013, 19:00


Dienstag 02/04/2013, 04:28

Kawamashi Cr
7/3 | Ability: +9 attack | Bonus: -2 opp. life, min. 2

He has the always useful attack manipulation at an amount of 9. Wait...what the heck! 9!?!?!? Get this awkward number out of my face!!!! Ahhh, but now I have come to realize that I quite like it. Not only does this make him unique (well now he's a cr), but it is ever useful in battle. What makes a card like tuck so much better than a rico? It certainly isn't the +1 damage that makes tuck cost an extra star, and a but load of clintz. It's the fact that rico manipulates 6 and tuck manipulates 8. Hold on there buddy? You're telling me that it's all about 2 measly points? Yes, sir that is what I'm saying... and the reason is simple: it doesn't matter by how many points you win, as long as you have more than your opposing card. Against any equally powered card, (and 7 is a very common, if not the most common, power to have) opponents will need 2 more pills to beat you while against rico they will need only 1 more (which if they are higher starred, won't even matter because you'll win a tie anyway). Ultimately, it's about 1upping the opponent.

And that ladies and gents is where mr. kawamashi comes in. So take that tuck vs. rico and 1up it again. Kawamashi Cr in fact does this to a plethora of cards: raeth, all junkz, all sakrohm, all sentinel (essentially it's better than having SoB). The ability to guarantee that you will be up in pills if you do not win the battle is incredibly useful. 1 attack point is all the difference...if you're on the right side of it that is. Just ask stompah, 11 instead of kawamashi's 9 basically doesn't matter much. He still loses to montana, rescue, and cards like dagg.

So should Kawamashi cr make your deck over the likes of roger, kostner, or lola? Meh, it's really up to you, but I value attack manipulation a lot and (like i just took 2 paragraphs to explain) that number 9 is magical. When deciding between roger and kamawashi, think of it this way: most clans are 8 so he'll beat while roger matches anything. For roger, he relies heavily on being a low star count to win those ties. Basically, you trade that risk for 1 damage, so it's a toss up. Kostner I'm quite fond of, but he has no help at getting his great life gap through. And then lola is great for mind games, so again it's up to your preference. I just think that kamawashi cr is, was, and has been always kind of an overlooked and underrated card. People forgot about him...and then he went cr..lol.

Sonntag 18/03/2012, 23:29

Good: ☑
Bad: ☐

Samstag 10/09/2011, 07:58

Want to see Kawamashi 's full Artwork?
smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley

smileyPlease rate up so everybody can find this easilysmiley

lvl 1: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-t8Hsmiley-NIEVM/TdJHD9yiezI/AAAAAAAABXo/NClxFAAjsYA/s1600/Berseker_Apokalips_03.jpg
lvl 2: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-UFGDXDPyOeU/TdJHEJPYVOI/AAAAAAAABXw/K00EsqjZAKg/s1600/Berseker_Apokalips_02.jpg
lvl 3: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-PtwM2cOQF_A/TdJHES3XzZI/AAAAAAAABX4/nY256xikZMw/s1600/Berseker_Apokalips_01.jpg

John Sein Arts Site:

you can also see John Sein's Creations here from old to new(John Sein)

Mittwoch 06/03/2013, 02:24

The news that announced his Cr status said he left behind an empty flask.

... I bet he finally managed to cure himself.

Montag 11/03/2013, 03:58

It's pointless for anymore cards to come out and become cr. So what? I have 13 off rip and as you can see on the market people have 1234 total and there are surely collectors out there HOARDING way more than that. Everyone has gotten into the habit of hoarding cards in hopes that they will become cr and sure enough they do. Kawamashi may go up a few thousand clintz but that will be it. You can thank the 1234 idiots who flooded the market with him.

Donnerstag 18/08/2011, 23:04

This card is alot more useful then most people are giving him credit for.

He even forces your opponent to pill at least 1 if not 2 pills just to beat his ability! smiley

Montag 04/03/2013, 16:11

I wouldn't mind him going cr.

Lola,roger,kostner will leave him no place in my deck. So better sell him when his price is highest.

Sonntag 11/11/2012, 19:26

Berzerk Reviews #11


+ Atk+9 is very nice. Also one of the few Atk+ abilities that you cant divide by 2(just a curiousity).
+ Standard stats for a 3 star

- Without his ability he becomes just another 3 star Berzerk, since many of them have 7/3

Kawamashi is good at low pill battles and countering attack manipulation. It depends on your playstyle if Kawamashi sucks or is staple in your deck.

Usefulness: 80%
Price/quality: 75%

Montag 04/03/2013, 11:09

Kawamashi cr smiley

Mittwoch 20/03/2013, 00:33


Clint City, night.