offline zoey02_TpU Colossus The High & Mighty
Sonntag 01/09/2013, 19:06

Please just contact me in english.

I would like to trade my Vickie Cr for playable non Cr`s such as Copper, Yahoi, Charlie, Bogdan, Graks, Lin Xia, Draheera, Toro, Spyke, Cortez, Wee Lee, Coby, Tsubame, KarrionMelvin or Hammer.

You should offer a variety of these cards like this, not just like 12 Graks or something like that.

All cards you offer should be worth about 465.000 Clinz, so its less than the market price.

write me a privat messgae, if you are Interested

Sincerely Zoey

offline zoey02_TpU Colossus The High & Mighty
Freitag 13/09/2013, 15:38


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