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Freitag 06/09/2013, 16:14

I wanna show you a serie of events which are called Quick Fight.
Quick Fight is a serie of events created by me. This event will take only 2 hours and take place every Friday at the same time. Play fast and win! I hope you enjoy it and have fun.

complete rules :

The entrance is free and will open before the event start ( friday at 5.30 Pm (gmt+1) )
Start will be 6 Pm
The first 16 players will be accept.
After the 16 players are accepted they need to battle each opponent 2 straightbattles in a secret format.
After 2 hours this event will end the 3 best players with the most amount of points will win prizes.
I don´t accept screenshots.
If more than 1 participant have the same ammount of points I will check the direct comparison and decide who was better. ONLY one winner of each card!
Deck change against the same opponent is not allowed!
Cheaters will be punished with a personal Blacklist.
Be nice and fair to everybody!
Activity is needed! So make sure you have enough time and are available for the next 2 hours in the room to play.
Be fast! Only the quickiest most skilled player will win this event.

Check the past event : Quick Fight #1

actual event: Quick Fight #2

If you want to be informed with future events join my newsletter smiley ... it´s free : Hi, do you know me?


greetz yubei aka. daoc smiley

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Freitag 06/09/2013, 16:15

Fail ... passiert mir immer ....

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