offline Kate Urban Rivals Staff  
Donnerstag 18/01/2007, 15:13

I sale collector
DJ Korr Cr---->2000000 Clintz
Kiki Cr------->2500000 Clintz
Armanda Cr---->1000000 Clintz
Lyse Teria Cr-->1000000 Clintz
Rass Cr------->1500000 Clintz
Manon Cr------>850000 Clintz
Guru Cr------->1000000 Clintz
Sum Sam Cr---->650000 Clintz
Shawoman Cr--->400000 Clintz
NDololo Cr---->300000 Clintz
Flavio Cr----->200000 Clintz
Lao Cr-------->200000 Clintz
Aldebaran Cr-->100000 Clintz
mp me

offline berkut2 Master GermanRUSSIAN
Montag 29/01/2007, 13:21

How does the so much money go gotten can you me par tips give????

offline StarScream79 Imperator  
Dienstag 27/02/2007, 12:45

I really would like to buy some of those cr cards but i don'T have that much clintz

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