Freitag 13/05/2011, 08:27

Good Vs Evil!Black Vs Blue !Jing Vs Jang!Thieves/Robbers Vs Police!Which side you will choose?Which side will choose you? Random.Org will decide for you! THIS IS NOT a Lottery!

*NOTE* Read carefully the rules before joining!!!!!

Here is the link ☯ Police Troubles ☯

Thanks mods! smiley

Samstag 14/05/2011, 11:55

Join Up!There will be more prizes added.......but i want more players to do that smiley


Samstag 14/05/2011, 11:57

I mean to join up smiley

Samstag 14/05/2011, 23:38

Prize pot updated with some delicious prizes.So what are you waiting join up. smiley

Sonntag 15/05/2011, 21:33

WHOA Tojorisen-OC told me that if if each player donated a card(500 Clintz or more).He will donate a Cr and a rare one smileysmileysmiley .

So??What are you waiting for join up as soon you can! smiley


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