First development of the 3 of this character’s different developments:

  • Ulu WatuEugenepicture
    2Ability unlocked at
    3Power +2
  • Ulu WatuEugenepicture
    4Ability unlocked at
    3Power +2
  • Ulu WatuEugenepicture
    7Defeat: + 2 Life
    4Power +2

Ability of Eugene:

Defeat: + 2 Life

If Eugene loses the fight, the player controlling Eugene will win 2 Life points at the end of the round.



Power +2

Ulu Watu’s Power is increased by 2 points. (Remember: Power * Pillz = Attack)

20 comments about Eugene

Friday 19/10/2012, 12:38

I guess Mr. Eugene Krabs doesn't want to spend a single pill if he fights.
But at least if he lose/s he'll give you two lives. smiley

Saturday 20/10/2012, 06:22

His ability should be more like Defeat: - Money

Sunday 28/10/2012, 10:32

Nobody has said it yet? Nobody? *sighs* guess i have to.....


Saturday 07/09/2013, 16:51

"Hello, is this the Krusty Krab?"
- no this is Patrick
"Is this the Krusty Krab?
- no this is Patrick!
"Is this the Krusty Krab?
*slams the phone down* - I am not a Krusty Krab
*Spongebob walks up* "Uh Patrick that's the name of the restaurant."

Saturday 18/01/2014, 13:24

for me this card is a staple.
I'll pick him over Nanook any day!

Tuesday 12/03/2013, 23:20

"Hello, is this the Krusty Krab?"
- no this is Patrick

Friday 22/03/2013, 15:48

This card rocks your socks, and this is why: You want to win a round? With 9 power if unopposed and 4 damage you can give your opponent a hard time.
You lose a round? Auch. But at least you get back 2 lives. That is, if you're not dead.
But it's the combination of those 2 that make this card good. Play him with 3 pillz, now that's bluffing.
SOA takes away the bluffing capacities of this card, but it's still 9/4
SOB makes him 7/4 with defeat: +2 lives, still not too bad
SOB/SOA makes him a normal 7/4, which is again not too bad considering most SOB/SOA's are not very powered themselfs. And all that for a tiny 200 clintz. Cool.

This is what I roll around him. Cheap but quite effective.

Friday 21/06/2013, 07:42

level 1: hey there lads
level 2:this isn't me money
level 3: this is better then money

Saturday 04/10/2014, 13:18

Winning rounds are great! But what happens if you cannot win every single rounds?
Well, this is where Eugene steps in.
Eugene has the capability to attack and to defend whenever the situation requires him to do so.
While he is not the most fantastic wall in this clan, your opponent in his reprisal state will definitely think twice when playing against Eugene.
Situations like these are where Eugene will shine!

Thursday 16/10/2014, 22:55

anyone else laugh at his outie belly button?smileysmileysmiley