First development of the 4 of this character’s different developments:

  • PussycatsLeelapicture
    3Ability unlocked at
    2-2 Opp Damage, Min 1
  • PussycatsLeelapicture
    4Ability unlocked at
    3-2 Opp Damage, Min 1
  • PussycatsLeelapicture
    5Ability unlocked at
    5-2 Opp Damage, Min 1
  • PussycatsLeelapicture
    7Defeat: -3 Opp. Life, Min 1
    7-2 Opp Damage, Min 1

Ability of Leela:

Defeat: -3 Opp. Life, Min 1

If Leela loses the fight, the number of Life points of the player controlling the opposing character will be reduced by 3, or up to a minimum of 1. If the number of Life points of the player controlling the opposing character is lower than or equal to 1, the ability will have no effect.



-2 Opp Damage, Min 1

If Pussycats loses their fight, the Damage inflicted on Pussycats’s owner will be reduced by 2 points or up to a minimum of 1. If the winning character’s Damage points are lower than or equal to 1, then the Ability has no effect.

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Friday 02/11/2012, 11:41

No reference for Bender huh!? Well I'll make my own character, with blackjack, and hookers! In fact, forget the character!

Friday 02/11/2012, 12:15

YES! Thank you devs! I knew you would do it one day!

Everyone, not only does the Pink Commandos now have a Point Woman, we now have a Defeat: Effect card in the Pussycats! It is the beginning of an Epoch!

As I've advised in all my other Pussycats posts, the kitties are a Clan that is designed to win through losing. While there are clans that win through Attack manipulation to win the rounds, requiring three or more victories in a match (unless the player has the Clintz to spend on the best cards available), the Pussycats are about soaking damage, counterattacking, and outlasting the enemy. That is the reason why Diana was ELO banned for a while, since gaining life for a damage soak clan is so dangerous.

But for the longest time the Pussycats Abilities have been about aiding the Counterattack, not coming into play unless they win the round. This is why Stop Opposite Bonus has been so deadly against the Pussycats, because if a Pussycat loses a round against one of those, they lose everything, including their Ability.

Selina was the first card to give the Pussycats player something back should they fail to win a round, letting the kitties actually gain something in defeat. But now there is Leela, a card who's ability is centered around being defeated. Time for the breakdown.

7 Power / 7 Damage
Defeat: -3 Life Min 1

The solid power is of prime importance to a clan who's bonus has nothing to do with affecting their Attack value, directly or indirectly. This give her claws for attacking, opening up the staple Pussycat 2 Hit KO. (Any Pussycat player will know that the completely defensive nature of their bonus requires that all their cards have a higher natural Damage rating.) You can pair Leela up with nearly any other card in a Pussycat deck and get that two round finisher, but any solid Pussycats player also knows something like that is not enough. It doesn't matter how hard you swing if you can't land a punch. But the Defeat: Ability this dame has changes the playing field, more so than with any other Clan out there.

It's my catch phrase, but it is more true here than ever before. The Pussycats win by losing.

If Leela's attack hits the enemy, the result is a difference of 7 life points in your favor (assuming no damage alterations). If Leela losses, the result is a difference of 5 life points in your favor. Leela takes away 3 Life from the enemy, and preserves 2 Life for you.

Ignoring normal combat tactics and focusing on the Pussycats style of play, you WILL lose rounds of combat. But by carefully planning WHEN you lose them you can snatch a victory. By using your head and solid mathematics skills you can force your opponent into a situation where no matter how much damage they can sneak through the Pussycat's natural Damage Reduction, those 3 Life Points the Defeat: Ability will cause will keep their score low enough that they will lose the match anyway. And this is in addition to the classic Defeat:Ability's means of messing with people heads, making them wonder if the opponent is trying a fake out round.

While Lady, who has been released in the same update as Leela, is a powerful card, she is not a card that creates new tactical avenues like Leela does. And with her stats and ability, I'd say Leela is as powerful as a Rare Gold card. She's an excellent addition to Type 2 decks, but, as always, I have to say Charlie is the best 5 Star in the Clan and the solid recommendation for a Type 1, IF you can afford her. Even after Charlie strips off her yellow track suit to fight all bloody in the buff, she's still, and most likely will always remain, the Pussycat's golden girl.

That said, Leela is amazing in that she opens avenues for the Pussycats they have never known before, and created a tactic that has not existed in this game until her release. So if you are a real Pussycats player, I recommend getting her if only to see how squeamish you can make your opponent. Leela is a Pussycats deck only card though, since without the Damage Reduction she loses her brilliant lustre and her tactical range dwindles, so using her in a deck without other Pussycats present is mostly pointless.

(If you find this review helpful and a worthwhile read, please rate it green so others can read it too.)

Thursday 16/05/2013, 15:52

Why??? Why no one see the "real" Pros of Leela???

Players always compare Leela to Charlie, and easily to say that Charlie is better than Leela, simply because of higher base stats 7/8 and bias in clan Leader... But the fact is, Leela has only 1 less damage, but more useful in many situations:

- 1HKO by losing, especially in T2, can pair up with cards have 7+ damage

- Can earn life gap by losing if your opponent play cards with 1 - 4 damage. It's useful in ELO, even Leela is a 5-star. Charlie can only block damage and no matter how you would get 1 damage.

- Avoiding cards with protection damage. Leela can still take defeat -life ability. In this case, Charlie's ability and bonus both inactive.

- The min. of -life is very very low, only 1. You may decide to lose in any turns you like, even the last turn. Similar card like Eloxia, has to lose at very beginning in order to maximize the poison ability.

As you can see the points above, I think that Leela is really a great card and better than Charlie. I highly recommend Leela to all players.

Friday 02/11/2012, 12:48

Need inspiration for new card? Why not Zoidberg?

Saturday 10/11/2012, 05:23

~Eloxia Reviews~
Leela 5* 7/7 Ability: Defeat: -3 opp life min 1.

♥-Awesome synergy with her clan smiley
♥-Beautiful artwork.
♥-Refrence to futurama.
♥-7/7 Solid stats smiley
♥-Low min for ability, puts Tino to shame.

♥-SOA reduces her to a 7/7 with DR.. and that's soo bad you know >3>.. (sarcasm)
♥-Ability requires you to lose.
♥-Why not Zoidberg?
♥-Charlie / Louise / Lena / Zoidberg / Selina / Ditha / Emma are her competition.

Overall I give her a 9/10. Honestly I don't think she's so amazing to hit the 10/10 but she is extremely good card and I would highly suggest using Leela.

Tuesday 13/11/2012, 08:34

-5 stars
-7/7 power and damage
-ability defeat: -3 opp life
-bonus -2 opp damage

-7/7 solid stats
-goes great with her clan
-she can lose or win
-i think the lowest min i have seem on a Defeat: - life

-SOA hurts more if u like to lose with her
-Her ability only works if u lose
-5-stars takes up a lot of space
-Has a lot of competition

Leela is a good card and goes well with her clan but there r so many good 5 stars and i mean A LOT -Charlie / Louise / Lena / Zoidberg / Selina / Ditha / Emma. This card does alright in elo but she is great in survivor, 9/10 in survivor.

Monday 17/12/2012, 10:31

Solid stats ☑
Good Ability ☑
Usable in all formats ☑
Ability and bonus work well together ☑
Cheap ☑
Better then many cards higher priced then it ☑

Time for me to buy a few. Last time this happened it was with Spyke and he is worth about 3 times more then when I bought it. There is no way this card is staying this low. If you want one get it now.

Thursday 02/01/2014, 15:23

she's holding a cigarette at the 2nd lvl,she is holding a lipstick at the 3rd lvl, she is holding a gun at the 4th lvl,
And finally she is holding a bazooka at the last lvl...
♣♣♣ smiley

Thursday 29/11/2012, 21:32

shut up and take my clintzs

Wednesday 20/03/2013, 21:40

The Charlie Files
Name: Leela
Member #43
Occupation: Second in command of the Pink Commandos (formerly a hardcore raver)
Leela was known as the cutest Goth Lolita in the Junkz, but several girls in the clan (one of them looked like Lady) made her lose her left eye caused by a fall. When she was treated at the Rescue's hospital Alice (who's happends to take care of the Pussycats whenever we're injured) talked her into joining the clan, it was a good move. So Leela ditched the Junkz and her Goth Lolita style, for our clan and becoming a Pink Commando, alongside Clover and Leader Lucy. Her weapons are two guns (titled the perfect couple) and a bazooka, she's one hell of a loyal member of the clan.