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  • PiranasMorganepicture
    3Ability unlocked at
    1Stop Opp. Bonus
  • PiranasMorganepicture
    4Ability unlocked at
    3Stop Opp. Bonus
  • PiranasMorganepicture
    6Defeat: Recover 1 Pillz Out Of 2
    5Stop Opp. Bonus

Ability of Morgane:

Defeat: Recover 1 Pillz Out Of 2

If Morgane loses the fight, at the start of the next round the player controlling Morgane will receive 1/2 of the Pillz placed on Morgane, rounded down to the nearest unit, with a minimum of 1.



Stop Opp. Bonus

The opponent’s clan Bonus, if activated, is cancelled. If the opponent's clan Bonus is not activated, then the ability has no effect.

16 comments about Morgane

Saturday 23/02/2013, 14:11

How can players constantly complain about cards? UR staff have a R&D team (research and development) that work for hours looking at statistics in battles, power balance between clans and cards and so on. They know the metagame better than you. These cards are not released on a whim. Stop asking them to do this or that, its useless and selfish. Let them develop the game they created and we love. Ive been around for 5 years soon, and the game only keeps getting better. It wouldnt go that way if every clan had every advantage.

"We are not being heard" makes me laugh. If everyone was "heard" (and trust me, they hear you) we would all have full 8/8 SOA decks. Get over it and play around the cards that get released. If you are not satisfied, go find another TCG to play, the rest of us can keep enjoying the hard work of the UR staff,

Thanks for a great game UR smiley

Monday 26/08/2013, 15:49

Am i the only one noticing that at level 2 her boob is hanging out? smileysmiley

Friday 22/02/2013, 14:52

All of this complaining over power is silly, Piranas is about pill manipulation. If you can't use this card in mono because of 1 power you need to find another clan to run.

Friday 22/02/2013, 19:02

Der UR-Staff
I'm writing you in this comment section, because there are so many writing in the German one for months, without being heard. So please, if you have a heart, give us Piranas players a Lowstar-Reducer for this wonderful clan! Since Ulrich was banned permanently, there is hardly a chance to get a good Piranas-Elo-deck. A playable reducer would solve that problem so please, do us that favor!
Sincerely, Rania.

Tuesday 26/02/2013, 19:08

Why do people see fault in this card? A 6/5 Defeat: Recover 1 pillz out of 2.

Now, she is good, especially in ELO. 6 power is average enough, people use Lady as a nuker and she has a power of 6. 5 damage is very high for a 3 star, most playable 3 star cards have 4 damage or less.

If you have already inflicted 9 damage on your opponent in ELO, maybe Miss Lizbeth, or two other cards, she will be good to finish them off, or even to bluff.
You can risk putting all pillz on her, as this will/should be expensive for your opponent, as without SOA, you will regain pillz, and your opponent will be KO'd.

With the bluff, you can regain a pill to use on another good Pirana, Tyd, for example.

She is a great addition to the UR collection, thanks staff! smiley

Friday 22/03/2013, 18:04

@ghelas and who said every release has to be a powerful elo card? In any case, this card is not a star, but it isnt half as bad as you portray it. In a clan like Piranhas defeat-pill recovery can be very useful.
"no problem beating her" etc etc... Really? Surely your experience would have taught you that UR is a situational game and a card that doesnt shine on paper can be useful.

Thursday 11/04/2013, 03:44

Basically Bubbles with 1 less star and 1 less damage, also it's common and you guys are complaining?
The way i see it you pill to win or to bluff it's all about strategy as long as your not playing half decks you have SOB so opponents bonuses aren't too much of a problem. (Once again whats with all the complaints? Yes you guys need a new DR and Bonnie is banned but she was a bit OP, once the other clans get a bit more balanced she will most likely me unbanned, maybe)

Saturday 23/02/2013, 03:05

Another pill manipulator on board!!!

6 power
5 damage
Ability - Recover 1 pillz out of 2
Bonus - Stop opp. bonus

Pros - 5 damage for a 3*,which is good to the clan since you can K.O your opp. with Selma or furious Dalhia Cr.

Cons - 6 power is quite low and usually without atk or power manipulation,that 6 power will be bothersome.

Overall - 6.5

This card is good,but that 6 power is smiley Anyway,this card has insurance!You lost,you got pillz,you win,either you get through that 5damage or your opp. throw their DR,thats it.Nothing special,but still a great addition to Piranas since this clan is a great pillz manipulator.I recommend this card as a defend card.

Saturday 23/02/2013, 20:48

Now she has 4 useful holes smiley
If you know what I mean smiley

Thursday 28/02/2013, 17:11

I wonder what happen if the cannon ball hit her head smiley