First development of the 4 of this character’s different developments:

  • BangersB Bazookapicture
    3Ability unlocked at
    1Power +2
  • BangersB Bazookapicture
    5Ability unlocked at
    2Power +2
  • BangersB Bazookapicture
    6Ability unlocked at
    4Power +2
  • BangersB Bazookapicture
    6-5 Opp Damage, Min 3
    8Power +2

Ability of B Bazooka:

-5 Opp Damage, Min 3

If B Bazooka loses their fight, the Damage inflicted on B Bazooka’s owner will be reduced by 5 points or up to a minimum of 3. If the winning character’s Damage points are lower than or equal to 3, then the Ability has no effect.



Power +2

Bangers’s Power is increased by 2 points. (Remember: Power * Pillz = Attack)

19 comments about B Bazooka

Friday 13/12/2013, 11:18


Sunday 18/05/2014, 01:09

"Walk into the club like what up I got a big..." smiley

Thursday 19/12/2013, 19:08

ofc eminem is better then macklemore

Sunday 22/12/2013, 09:07

Ugh my review on B Bazooka got deleted dunno why....
B Bazooka - Beat Boxing Bazooka
6/8 5* Ability - -5 Opp. Damage min. 3

- 5 opp. damage min. 3... This 5 damage is crazy op. also some noobs see a min. 3 or min.4 and they say "This card sucks it only has damage min. 3" Sure 3 min. isn't the best but its good enough. Also you can't complain cause the -5 damage is already so good so yeah....
- 8 power (If you have the Bangers bonus) is very solid and 8 damage is also extremely solid
- He can be used to bluff and reduce the damage of a high damage cards or to dish out an incredible amount of damage to the enemy.

- 5* Sure you could fuss about this card being 5* but this is not a big con
- Lots of competition, Bee Boy, Bodenpower, Willy are all extremely powerful cards in the Bangers, but B Bazooka would be in one of my top 5 cards in the Bangers clan

Wow. Just WOW. This card is beast. Nothing to laugh at. All solid stats and that fairly rare damage reducer in the Bangers clan. Also he is a very good bluffer. Play him with low pillz, but you take away 5 damage or play him with many pillz and dish out very big fat 8 damage.
9.5/10 This card is an extremely good addition to the Bangers. I mean another OP addition to the Bangers. smiley GET THIS CARDDD

Wednesday 23/04/2014, 05:52

only 2 market offers left how could this be?smiley

Wednesday 21/05/2014, 00:56

I'm gonna pop some taaaaaags, only got 20 dollas in my pockettttt

Wednesday 21/05/2014, 01:02

He walks up in the match like "Wattup I got a big

Friday 27/12/2013, 14:04

Look, a Bangers card that doesn't have a base power of 8.
Better complain about it.

Monday 30/12/2013, 21:31

Yes, this IS Macklemore, not only does his bio mention thrift shops, the topic of one of his most popular songs, but, Macklemore's real name is Ben, and his bio calls him Ben.

Friday 10/01/2014, 17:10

Sum Sum CR + DR = Heck Yea