Clover has decided to really go for it this Christmas as there seems to be no end to the number of men who dare cheating on their girlfriends at this time of year. So if you’re one of those double-dealing fellows, be on your guard when opening your festive gifts. A Pink Bomb might very well put an end to your infidelities!
  • Released on wednesday 25/12/13
  • Illustrator: Vanoxymore
  • Common Card Available at the Shop
  • Clover Noel is banned from Tourney
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  • EFC Tower icon Allowed in EFC up to EFC Tower
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Power of Clover Noel:

Defeat: + 2 Life

If Clover Noel loses the fight, the player controlling Clover Noel will win 2 Life points at the end of the round.


Bonus :

-2 Opp Damage, Min 1

If Pussycats loses their fight, the Damage inflicted on Pussycats’s owner will be reduced by 2 points or up to a minimum of 1.

First evolution of the 3 different evolutions of this character :

  • PussycatsClover Noelpicture
    Power4AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage1Bonus-2 Opp Damage, Min 1
  • PussycatsClover Noelpicture
    Power5AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage2Bonus-2 Opp Damage, Min 1
  • PussycatsClover Noelpicture
    Power6AbilityDefeat: + 2 Life
    Damage4Bonus-2 Opp Damage, Min 1
63 characters
missions icon 26 missions
Bonus -2 Opp Damage, Min 1
Feminists are a thing of the past. Make way for the reign of Double X, XX power! For these hot-blooded women, men are nothing more than a means to satisfy their desires. The Pussycat revolution is here and they’ve got their claws out! And to gain influence in government circles, the Pussycats are quite prepared to strike below the belt…in more ways than one!
  • At level 1: min 1 053 Clintz
  • At level 2: min 1 271 Clintz
  • At level 3: min 1 145 Clintz
Browse 572 Market offers

27 comments on Clover Noel

Wednesday 25/12/2013, 02:52

I personally love how the second artwork has a note on the present saying: "NOW I HAVE A MACHINEGUN HO HO HO!"

Anyway, Merry Christmas everyone.

Wednesday 25/12/2013, 12:34

Clover Noel has to be one of the best Noel cards to hit UR in a long time. Bravo UR you hit the G spot on this one.

Thursday 26/12/2013, 00:09

this is a very good card, its free, and wont cost much in the future as its common

lets compare the original in depth:

Base Stats: clover has +1 damage +1 reduction, the choice seems obvious
BUT clover noel has quite some advantages, assuming you will use her mostly on defense:

– cards up to 4 damage (like aleister, b ball, jose star, gaia): clover noel is better, she will always neutralize the damage or even gives you a positive life gap. clover always lets one damage through, cards with 5 damage: both cards reduce it by 4, cards with 6 damage or more: clover takes away one more damage
– damage protection (cards like jakson, carlito, carter, lena): clover noel is strictly better with +2 life gap
– -life cards (like berzerk, praxie, moses, Logan): clover noel is usually better with +2 life gap
– +life (cards like pan, jungo, Kinichaw) : clover noel is strictly better with +2 life gap
– +life per damage (cards like ofign, zhu tang, jautya): clover is strictly better with -2 life gap per damage blocked
– poison (cards like zapatino, freaks, sigma, Karrion): depending on the damage of the card and the minimum
– SOA: clover is somewhat better with +1 dmg potential
– SOB: depends on the damage of the other card (1, 2, 3 < clover noel; clover > 5, 6 or more)

so there are quite some occasions in which clover noel is better. and we all know that clover gets a lot of playtime. so use both

Sunday 27/07/2014, 05:34

Why is she elo banned !!!
Clover is already elo banned,,
And the 2nd version of clover also been elo banned !!!
Unbelievable !

Rate green to show UR that ' Noel ' card should not been elo banned !!!smiley

Wednesday 25/12/2013, 16:45

Best Noel in a very long time. Thanks Urban-Rivals for this amazing gift. Happy holidays to everyone. smiley

Wednesday 25/12/2013, 12:38

More effective against berzerk than the original smiley
thanks UR for a Noel version of my favorite pussy!

Wednesday 25/12/2013, 02:43

@Jelly: You obviously dont know what you are talking about. Her defensive ability is potentially much better than Clover at the expense of 1 damage. This is probably one of the better noels made by UR and given to everyone. Think of it as this way, cards like Pan and Oxen will deal lesser life gap to you.

Wednesday 25/12/2013, 02:29

She´s better then the normal Clover against all 4 Damage Cards smiley

Wednesday 25/12/2013, 07:02

As good at reducing as the original at 5 damage and technically better 4 and below damage. Original is banned atm and is quite a popular ban for the pussycats in general.

This card has its moments were it can shine better then the original and is able to replace the original when bans kick in.

I'd wish more noel/miss cards follow up with this kind of pattern.

Wednesday 25/12/2013, 05:09

Hey! At least we have another Clover that can be used as Charlie's sub. Yes, she's not that strong, but she's free and she's a good card to play too. So yeah~ Merry Christmas guys smiley

Wednesday 10/06/2015, 15:54

There needs to be a limit on how many cards can be ELO banned each week from 1 clan.

Wednesday 25/12/2013, 17:45

Clover Noel what do i say!

- Overall decent, not good but decent stats.
- Bonus and ability work together fantastically.
- Damage Reduction of, technically 4 with a minium of plus 1.
- 4 Damage on a pure defensive card is pretty good, and can be a unsuspecting game changer.
- defeat + life is a fantastic ability, especially on a low start card, alot of high powred low star cards are gonna hit Clover Noel and give you 1 life point.
- Artwork is fantastic yet again Vanoxymore kudos! Digging the Die Hard reference.

Cons :
- 6 power aint much. Lots of 2 stars pack more power, but then again some dont, *cough Ogun Kyu cough*
- No Power/Attack manipulation, like Clover, Clover Noel will struggle to win many rounds, but that may not be a bad thing!

Whilst not as powerful as Clover, Clover Noel is a darn good card, and will more than likely be underated and underpriced. Which im not complaining about. But use her against less than 3 damage cards!!

Wednesday 25/12/2013, 10:58

If she wold not be a noel her Prise wold be abaut 2,400 to 4000 .... She has awesome potential...and i love both The original and this one.. Se The same potential is clover noel as her original.. She is a Hood bluffer and wall 8/10 from My opinion

Sunday 29/12/2013, 23:11

No NB mission? Weird. Brampah Noel got one last year...

Monday 30/12/2013, 03:43

I just got 3 more Clover Noel s in a pack
I'm just looking through the market prices, the first sale is for 100'000'000...... -_-,

Clint City, day.