• Released on monday 13/02/06
  • Illustrator: Team Chman
  • Collector (no more distributed)
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  • Chocomuscle ring icon Allowed in EFC up to Chocomuscle ring
  • icon 1 missions
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Power of Yayoi Cr:

Stop Opp. Ability

The opponent’s Ability is cancelled if they have one.


Bonus :

-2 Opp Damage, Min 1

If Pussycats loses their fight, the Damage inflicted on Pussycats’s owner will be reduced by 2 points or up to a minimum of 1. If the winning character’s Damage points are lower than or equal to 1, then the Ability has no effect.

First evolution of the 4 different evolutions of this character :

  • PussycatsYayoi Crpicture
    Power3AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage1Bonus-2 Opp Damage, Min 1
    Allowed in EFC up to Chocomuscle ring
  • PussycatsYayoi Crpicture
    Power3AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage3Bonus-2 Opp Damage, Min 1
    Allowed in EFC up to Chocomuscle ring
  • PussycatsYayoi Crpicture
    Power7AbilityStop Opp. Ability
    Damage4Bonus-2 Opp Damage, Min 1
    Allowed in EFC up to Chocomuscle ring
  • PussycatsYayoi Crpicture
    Power7AbilityStop Opp. Ability
    Damage6Bonus-2 Opp Damage, Min 1
    Allowed in EFC up to Chocomuscle ring
59 characters
missions icon 26 missions
Bonus -2 Opp Damage, Min 1
Feminists are a thing of the past. Make way for the reign of Double X, XX power! For these hot-blooded women, men are nothing more than a means to satisfy their desires. The Pussycat revolution is here and they’ve got their claws out! And to gain influence in government circles, the Pussycats are quite prepared to strike below the belt…in more ways than one!
  • At level 1: min 59 666 Clintz
  • At level 2: min 80 266 Clintz
  • At level 3: min 73 383 Clintz
  • At level 4: min 57 971 Clintz
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55 comments on Yayoi Cr

Saturday 15/03/2008, 19:45

Dangerous women are awesome!!! smiley

Yayoi, Lets see... A 4 star card, 7/6 Japanese school girl with S&M... I mean SOA, and with her clan bonus that means...


well it means she strips you away of anything you can do and even if you try to fight back she'll still reduce you and make you feel less of a person.

What's not to love?

Thursday 21/02/2008, 04:50

-a great, decent, staple card in the Pussycats Clan
-can be used as a 3star card or a 4star card
-almost the same stats (3 star and 4 star) with just the difference of 2 damage
-a 7/4 card at lvl3, 7/6 at level4..with SOA and damage reduction..she is a must have in any Pussycats deck

Monday 17/09/2012, 21:35

Rate up if u thaught her bow was a chair at first cuz i did lolz smiley

Saturday 25/06/2011, 01:14

Make a New 4* PC , an LD , a new release , I don't care smiley , I miss Yayoi smileysmiley

Saturday 14/09/2013, 20:33

Yayoi Cr

Saturday 23/06/2012, 20:22

I love yayoi and since there is no review here I am going to give it a go with my multi-step review!
Step one pros and cons:
++ 7 power is awesome on any card
+ 6 damage means she can KO with most of here clan
++ Of course her best feature is that beautiful SoA!
+ Her bonus means she can play defensively with her SoA
+ Even against a few Stop cards she is still good!
+ Can fight just as well against SoA and SoB
+ Usable at level 3 7/4 SoA!!
+ Only SoA for t2/extended, and she is better than Jayzel for the extra star
- I guess 8 powered cards do hurt
- Stop cards like Greow, and Ashiko are painful
- Power, and attack manipulation can be tricky, but thanks to her bonus even if she loses they lose two damage
- Elo banned, and 4* (Although anyone should make the room for her in there T1 deck!!)
Part two in clan competition (This part is almost useless):
Baby Q- I would say SoA is about equal to SoB, but 7 power beats 6 one to yayoi
Diana- The only card I would say could match up to yayoi, Now I know people would disagree but .5 to each because Diana is elo permitted
Elly Mae- She can achieve 6 damage and has 8 power, but yayoi has 6 damage natural and SoA for one less power one to yayoi
Holly- Holly is a good card, just to weak to match up to yayoi (5 damage is hard to KO with and courage bursts the bubble) one to yayoi
Jeyn- Jeyn has the capability to create quite the life gap, but since Diana barely made it Jeyn is going to have to lose this one
Ninja Nyne- No just no one to yayoi
Veronica- Veronica is a great card, but she can't compete with yayoi
so that is 6.5 to yayoi and .5 to the others!!! Honestly Yayoi is amazing and I know I said Diana is about equal, but use both outside of elo for a killer combo!
So the next part of the review is when I compare the character to like characters of other clans. Most clans have a four star SoA and they are all nifty but here is the way I see it:
The other guys> Yayoi > Jackie Cr
So all in all what would I give Yayoi? An undoubtable 10.5/10 She is an amazing card and addition to any Pussycats deck and sits up there with the greats among Jackie Cr.

Tuesday 03/02/2015, 00:02

Finally made Cr. Hilarious it took a little more than 8 years for her to become a collector, however she is well deserved (why is graksmxxt not a cr?)
What is wrong with her? maybe the fact that her art is sorta older and maybe she can be a rebirth, but other than that, she' a rare card that I'm suprised isn't a penalty card yet
not many cards will come this awesome
Yayoi Cr, so far the best 4 star card, and definitely matches up with most of the 5 star pussycat cards !!!

Tuesday 07/02/2012, 09:50

The hottest Pussycats ever. Yayoi you can tie me up and strike me below the belt anytime.smiley
I know you remember the times we had back in 2008. It was fun.smiley
So many wins me, you and the other girls had back then.smiley
Clintz City is so different now and I can't use you ELO either.smiley
It just breaks my heart that we have this problem.smiley
I miss you Yayoismiley

Saturday 12/05/2012, 00:26


I love Yayoi, but I have to respectfully disargee with you. Think about the impossibly overpowered card Kolos. You can beat. You can counter him. He can be taken down by ALOT of cards; but think also of how destructive he can be when unfaced. He is in fact a 1 hit card. All I am trying to illustrate is that despite being beatable, he is still overpowered. Same goes for Yayoi. This about the countless 3 damage +1 life per damage cards. There is almost 1 in every deck. This card DESTROYS them. How about all the cards that rely on damage + abilities, DESTROYED. Not to mention she has 7 power, and very high 2-hit-KO chance. She may not be unbeatable, but she's "Hella Strong" and well worth the price and Ban. Maybe if she was made CR, the ban life would be justified since elo wouldn't be flooded with her, but until then, please leave her banned.

Friday 03/08/2012, 16:48

the best feature about this card is that it kick Kolos in the balls smiley

Wednesday 19/06/2013, 08:37

Imagine taking out the 2nd Y in her name. smiley

Monday 14/04/2014, 03:34

I have really missed playing Yayoi, and she is one of the best parts about bringing back the T1 format.

Sunday 27/06/2010, 00:04

1. Hi! Im new here... Can you show me around?
2. You know what? I always liked you...
3. Wanna play my little pet?
4. You will do as i say... Its impossible to resist...!

Saturday 09/07/2011, 02:48

you do realise it says she is skilled in bondage, and then they mention shes just a tipical japanese student.

isnt any japanese offended?

Monday 15/08/2011, 15:50

The only SoA in PussyCatz.
Perma Banned..
Uggh smiley