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  • RootsRatanahpicture
    1Ability unlocked at
    3Stop Opp. Ability
  • RootsRatanahpicture
    2Ability unlocked at
    3Stop Opp. Ability
  • RootsRatanahpicture
    2Ability unlocked at
    5Stop Opp. Ability
  • RootsRatanahpicture
    8-4 Opp Attack, Min 4
    5Stop Opp. Ability

Ability of Ratanah:

-4 Opp Attack, Min 4

The opponent’s Attack points are reduced by 4 points or up to a minimum of 4. If the opponent’s number of Attack points are lower or equal to 4, then the ability has no effect.



Stop Opp. Ability

The opponent’s Ability is cancelled if they have one.

42 comments about Ratanah

Sunday 01/02/2009, 18:55

Oh look, level two looks like her and octavia have been going to the same hairdresser.smiley

Monday 26/04/2010, 22:45

fatandgay - Veteran
Sunday 01/02, 09:55
Oh look, level two looks like her and octavia have been going to the same hairdresser.

They like to discuss the latest trends
Fun fact, Ottavia beats Ratanah pill for pill until 8 pillz in smiley
So some ppl are gonna say well then why is she banned N I'll say
What, you don't read?

"Admittedly Ratanah was banned less often than Shakra but we calculated that her ban would greatly help in reducing the Roots' dominance while still making them playable. Whereas Shakra’s ban would have left the Roots with very strong chances of building powerful half-decks for a reasonable amount of stars."

Friday 30/04/2010, 19:04

the only reason she is banned is so that Shakra stays playable!!!

Monday 05/10/2009, 17:19

X-Bapra-X ,
Most of the cards you mentioned have awesome POSSIBLE stats,
While Ratanah HAS awesome stats.
She was banned due to her "solidness".(opinion)
Come on with her SOA, she can block most DMG RDCRS.
8 Power is amazing while 5 Damage is good-decent.
In my opinion, she deserves to be banned.
Rate Green if you agree.

Sunday 08/02/2009, 15:40

Ratanah -- SHould it be elo banned or not?

Let's take a look at other cards similer to this (4 star cards) that are not elo banned

Striker - possible 8 , 6 with SOA
Blaaster - possible 10 , 6
Linda- Possible 8,8
Crassus- possible 7,7 and Poison
Toro- possible 9 , 5 with SOA
sylth- Possible 8,13
Gibson- 8,4 with SOB +8 attack
Bryan- Possible 7,7 with SOA
Edd- 7,5 with SOB and -12 attack
Kenny- possible 6 ,18 with SOB
Sting- possibe 10,4 with SOB
Yayoi- 7,6 with SOA
Kerry- 6 ,6 with SOB and +12 Attack
Petra- 7,5 with SOB and -8 opp. Attack
Coby- possible 8,7 with +8 attack
Buck- possible 9,7
Nellie- possible 8,6 with -10 opp. Attack

Ratanah- 8,5 with SOA -4 opp. attack

Should this card be elo banned?

In my opinion if you take a look at similar cards from other clan this is a normal card so my opinion is this should not be elo banned vote this comment if you think Ratanah shouldn't be elo banned..

Sunday 10/10/2010, 17:18

Ratanah should be unbanned from the perma banned list since Shakra is now perma banned....smiley
Roots need strong playable cards in ELO and Ratanah being unbanned from the perma banned would be a good start...
A new Roots being released would be a great idea too since Roots haven't gotten a new release for a really long time since Gertjan and he is out of new blood...

Friday 18/02/2011, 13:42

Your argument is poor. Like what Smeyli said, Those stats are possible, where as Ratanah's are straight-down solid. Soa? She is still an 8/5. Sob? They get to keep their ability. Wow. DR? Most of them are blocked, and most Pussycats don't beat her anyway. And if you haven't noticed;
Ratanah beats Striker pill for pill,
Ratanah beats Blaaster Pill for pill,
Ratanah beats Linda pill for pill (not to mention Linda becomes 4 damage),
Ratanah beats Crassus pill for pill, and for 1 more pill after 3 pills.
Ratanah beats Toro, AND she has 8 damage where as Toro has 6.
Ratanah beats Sylth pill for pill, and Sylth has no point in winning considering he would have no poison,
Ratanah has trouble with Gibson, admittedly.
Ratanah beats Bryan pill for pill
Ratanah has a lot of trouble with Edd, up until 8 pills she loses.
Ratanah beats Kenny pill for pill,
Ratanah might lose to Sting, but he is situational,
Ratanah beats Yayoi pill for pill,
Ratanah beats Kerry 4 pills and up,
Ratanah beats Petra 4 pills and up,
Ratanah may lose to Coby, but he becomes 8/3,
Ratanah beats Buck,
Ratanah beats Nellie after 2 pills.

So, in theory, Ratanah is better than all of them AND against other cards. And just to give you more shame;

Yeah. I guess you can't read yet.

Thursday 21/02/2008, 08:43

-a very good 4star card for Roots
-she is an 8/5 card with an ability of -4attack min.4 which is hard to shut down..and she also has SOA (stop opp ability)
-she can deal a max damage of 7 (with fury) cutting opp life in half
-high power and decent damage plus a great ability added with SOA makes her a great attacker and addition in any Roots deck..

Sunday 27/09/2009, 00:13

I'll say the same thing about Ratanah that I said about Hawk. Ratanah is an epic card totally deserving of it's ELO ban. The whole point of ELO is to remove the best, most game dominating cards in order to force players to use STRATEGY and DECK COMPOSITION, instead of CLINTZ and PLAY TIME to win. Ratanah dominates a game with her mighty stats and clan bonus, especially for 4 stars. She's quite possibly one of *the best* 4 star cards in the game, lagging somewhat behind GraksmxxT and Jackie.

Let's keep removing the best cards in UR to keep ELO both COMPETITIVE and FUN, and DON'T LET IT BECOME like Type 1, with older players armed with Lyse Teria Cr, Jackie Cr, Guru Cr, etc, dominating matches easily.

If Smokey or Striker were ever to be permabanned, it'd be outrageous. But Ratanah? She blows both of those cards away in terms of sheer danger to the opponent.

Thursday 22/01/2009, 18:31

Love this card but dont ya think her final stage looks a little too empty? I mean the picture looks wierd compared to all other cards. No offence smiley