First development of the 4 of this character’s different developments:

  • SakrohmVenuspicture
    3No ability
    1-8 Opp Attack, Min 3
  • SakrohmVenuspicture
    3No ability
    3-8 Opp Attack, Min 3
  • SakrohmVenuspicture
    3No ability
    6-8 Opp Attack, Min 3
  • SakrohmVenuspicture
    6No ability
    6-8 Opp Attack, Min 3

Ability of Venus:

No ability

No ability



-8 Opp Attack, Min 3

The opponent’s Attack points are reduced by 8 points or up to a minimum of 3. If the opponent’s number of Attack points are lower or equal to 3, then the ability has no effect.

41 comments about Venus

Saturday 26/07/2008, 09:26

Lvl 1-please dont look at me

Lvl 2- You looked now im gonna slap you

Lvl 3- Changed my mind im gonna stab you

Lvl 4- Uhh the blood from your body has wrecked my dress the one which im gonna wear to the Miss Planet Exhibition

Sunday 23/03/2008, 17:56

Venus is a quite decent card that is often disregarded because of it's cheap price. For beginners this is one of the best cards that you can buy on a low budget and I personally like 6/6 cards. However the fact it has no ability hinders it great. If it had a good ability this card would be very usable, but as Sakrohm have so many great 4*s this card is ultimatley overlooked.

Wednesday 30/04/2008, 22:43

Venus is a really solid starter card. She's got no ability, but 6/6 gives her enough power to hit and enough damage to matter. Sakrohm is a really good clan to start with.

Monday 28/06/2010, 12:58

this cards art and Aldebaran Cr art look really much the same..

Monday 19/01/2009, 01:06

This card along with Murray are the reason why Sakrohm is great for beginners.

I started with them and did great. But of course there was no Murray during that time. smiley

Saturday 05/06/2010, 20:29

Venus vs. corraile:
*'s: both 4*'s
power: Venus has 6 power and corraile has 5, 7 with bonus
damage: both 6
ability: both none
bonus: corraile has power +2 but if added on to her power nothing, Venus has -8 opp attack min 3

Overall: with her bonus, corraile has more power but Venus has attack manipulation


...and corraile wins from then on.
its a matter of preference, but when i looked at the chart, 10 pillz is a Hefty amount to use for corraile to win pill-for-pill. so, i conclude that 1 power isn't as good as a good atk manip although both these cards r only recommended 4 beginners...rate green smiley

Wednesday 12/03/2008, 19:49

great when fully evoled and good in battles.smiley smiley

Sunday 16/06/2013, 17:59

A country that has often been mentioned in the card bios and is sort of what you could call a sister-country to Clint City. Both places have had a lot of contact for good and for ill with each other. In fact, a number of characters have immigrated from there.

Little is known about Poldachie-Golgovine other than it is a monarchy and has some eastern European aspects to it. It seems to be home to some unique and rare families.

Characters who have immigrated from Poldachie-Golgovine...
DJ Korr Cr (Junkz)
Emeth (La Junta)
Gastroboy (Sakrohm)
Gertrud (La Junta)
Glorg (Nightmare)
Ielena (Nightmare)
Kharl (Freaks)
Leo (La Junta)
Lydia (Uppers)
Maciej (Freaks)
Nellie (Uppers)
Tomas (Skeelz)
Trey (Piranas)
Venus (Sakrohm)
Zlatar (Uppers)

Sunday 24/02/2008, 01:10

fantastic card, a realy good card at level 4
i have 4 of them and occasionly i play all of them at once.
this card does take a bit long to level however.
it doesnt make into my top 14 eny more but it was my best card by a long shot
when played with other Sakrohm card she realy does kick ass

Tuesday 01/07/2008, 00:11

smileyShe starts to look like a mansmiley