First development of the 2 of this character’s different developments:

  • SentinelAureliapicture
    3No ability
    2Attack +8
  • SentinelAureliapicture
    7No ability
    2Attack +8

Ability of Aurelia:

No ability

No ability



Attack +8

Sentinel's Attack points are increased by 8 points. (Remember: Power * Pillz = Attack)

24 comments about Aurelia

Friday 05/11/2010, 22:24

this card is now worthless with the release of Kyle

Wednesday 15/07/2009, 01:50

Aureila, The 4th Staple card for Sentinel.
With 7 power and 2 damage along with that bonus she is a good wall and fills in almost every half deck for Sentinel.
Combine her with Hawk/Copper, Lehane and Melvin and you have a very solid Half Sentinel deck for ELO at 12 stars.
Rate up for Aureila. She is a beastsmiley

Thursday 21/02/2008, 09:36

-a good 2star filler / staple in any Sentinel deck
-7/2 with a +8 attack bonus is decent enough for a 2star card
-even without her bonus, she's still a decent 2star card with her power

Friday 16/04/2010, 18:47

Aurelia is an extremely good card to start off your new Sentinel ELO deck with. With her price currently under 350 clintz, she is a must have. Depending on the meta-game being played in ELO, she could be a more solid 2 star start than Tobbie when it's a heavy Roots/GHEIST week.

However, if you need just a single 2 star in your deck and cannot afford Lehane, you will be better off with Tobbie. In higher levels of ELO play (Perhaps up to level 20-25), Aurelia is a solid back up to either Lehane or Tobbie from here out.

Thursday 02/02/2012, 01:21

But...! Rebecca looks waaay cooler!! smiley

Monday 09/08/2010, 11:16


-Solid 7 power.
-If that isn't enough, +8 attack helps it even more
-2 stars and cheap

-2 damage? What's that gonna do?
-The ability ran away

Overall: 8/10
Solid power and low stars. Waaaay better than Carlos

Monday 29/08/2011, 03:10

Her art is Hot
Rate smiley if you agree

Thursday 06/10/2011, 17:32

Aurelia used to be usable before Kyle and Lehane came to town!

Monday 17/12/2012, 09:46

Alright I can't believe someone else hasn't said it so here goes.

Have you seen Kyle. He's about this tall.

Monday 03/08/2009, 13:02

good for elo.only takes up 2* smiley