First development of the 3 of this character’s different developments:

  • SentinelMelissa Crpicture
    1No ability
    1Attack +8
  • SentinelMelissa Crpicture
    2No ability
    3Attack +8
  • SentinelMelissa Crpicture
    3No ability
    4Attack +8

Ability of Melissa Cr:

No ability

No ability



Attack +8

Sentinel's Attack points are increased by 8 points. (Remember: Power * Pillz = Attack)

11 comments about Melissa Cr

Sunday 31/08/2008, 10:40

@ all:

Cr cards are expensive not because all of them are powerful but because not everyone has them. Crs can be considered "rarer than rare" cards. since only a few people have them (low supply), but a lot of people want them to complete their collections (high demand), then it is understandable why their prices are very very very high.

this makes these cards into good currency when trading for other Crs, because their prices stay at a high value (much like diamonds). true, they are useless in battles but atleast u can use them to trade for cards like Lyse Teria and Guru. smiley

Wednesday 02/12/2009, 02:56

Wonder if shes into Cesare.

Tuesday 31/05/2011, 20:48

She left clint city because Sigmund Cr left and copper told her to keep an eye on him smiley

Friday 03/05/2013, 07:56

great card

when the opponent has her

Tuesday 03/02/2015, 21:09

super duper rare card. thank you silver token!

Saturday 19/03/2011, 01:02

whoa It took hours for me to get through all these comments

Sunday 24/03/2013, 16:30

This card maybe poor but her art is good

Wednesday 04/07/2012, 23:40

You can destroy cards, when sold to kate they are gone forever.

Friday 25/01/2013, 22:38

Didnt even know this card existed until now..

Monday 20/10/2014, 01:47

and the Worst Sentinel Cr Award goes to.....