First development of the 3 of this character’s different developments:

  • GHEISTVladimirpicture
    3Ability unlocked at
    6Stop Opp. Ability
  • GHEISTVladimirpicture
    5Ability unlocked at
    7Stop Opp. Ability
  • GHEISTVladimirpicture
    6-5 Opp Attack, Min 1
    7Stop Opp. Ability

Ability of Vladimir:

-5 Opp Attack, Min 1

The opponent’s Attack points are reduced by 5 points or up to a minimum of 1. If the opponent’s number of Attack points are lower or equal to 1, then the ability has no effect.



Stop Opp. Ability

The opponent’s Ability is cancelled if they have one.

37 comments about Vladimir

Friday 29/01/2010, 23:49


Seriously. Check the level 5 art. When the older cards were re-sized, Vlad got weird. He's a floating albino torso ... thing. He may need a rollback.

Wednesday 13/04/2011, 18:58

i think he's Russian. rate green if you agree.

Wednesday 23/02/2011, 00:43

- damage of 7
- ability for attack lowering
- not elo banned
- bonus to stop ability
- can use his ability at level 2
- cheap price for a level 5
- good card for people starting a GHIEST deck
- good bluffer

- for a level 5, a power of 6 is a bit low
- Too much competition of level 5 from XU52, Rolph, and some others
- not really helpful in elo
- not really helpful against Roots or other GHIEST if you rely on his ability

Overall: He's a good level 5 beginner card that should be taking advantage of for beginners. XU52 is a better upgraded version but isn't exactly cheap. If competition wasn't there I think he would be a better card.

Rating: 7/10
*Again competition but its a very nice decent card to use.

Sunday 10/10/2010, 08:48

It is quite obvious that he is Vladimir Ilyich Lenin the soviet communist politician....Juz look at his name and lv3 art.....smiley
(rate green if u agree...)

Wednesday 24/11/2010, 10:28

MG WHY DID HE GET BANNED, he's so useless now with XU52, the only thing Vladimir was better than XU52, was because XU52 was ELO banned, rate green if you agree, I've been playing GHEIST and they banned every single useful card I've got

Saturday 10/01/2015, 16:31

It isn't lenin in anyway. Lenin was completely bald and had a mustache. kek

Tuesday 26/08/2008, 15:30

lvl 1: n/a
lvl 2: n/a
lvl 3: 3/6
lvl 4: 5/7
lvl 5: 6/7

ability(avaliable at lvl 4): -5 opp. att min 1
bonus: stop opp. ability

-a decent 5* card for the ghiests
-he is a downgrade version of xu52
-vldimir is a very effective card for the ghiest when u use him at 4*'s
-this is a great card to buy if you dont have enough clintz for xu52
-overall this card is a great card to use in a type 2 ghiets deck

Saturday 08/08/2015, 19:24

oh look a shittier version, affordable and non elo banned version of XU52

Saturday 24/07/2010, 17:25

great in low pill fights and opponent bluffs, cos unless they have 11 power(no pills, they are using a bluff) you have won.

Thursday 09/09/2010, 00:44

after reading through all the descriptions from GHEIST I have decided that i want to be Dr. Sigmund and am extremely jealous of him smiley