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Released on Monday 24/04/06

Within the first few days of joining the Polit army, Vansaar realized that his entire life would be devoted to serving this prestigious institution, and that he would sacrifice everything to it, wife, children, friends, and even his health. From the trenches on the front lines to meetings with the chiefs of staff, he has experienced it all, and today, no one in Clint City is better at the delicate art of combat.

First development of the 5 of this character’s different developments:

  • LeaderVansaarpicture
    5Ability unlocked at
    1Cancel Leader
  • LeaderVansaarpicture
    5Ability unlocked at
    2Cancel Leader
  • LeaderVansaarpicture
    5Ability unlocked at
    3Cancel Leader
  • LeaderVansaarpicture
    5Ability unlocked at
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  • LeaderVansaarpicture
    6Team: Xp +90%
    5Cancel Leader

Ability of Vansaar:

Team: Xp +90%

The Experience points won during the fight by each character in Vansaar’s team are increased by 90%.



Cancel Leader

Your Leader Bonuses are deactivated if you have more than one Leader in your team.

201 comments about Vansaar

Tuesday 14/04/2009, 15:13

HE CAN HELP TRAIN OTHER LEADERS (when used in the training room) !!!


Monday 13/04/2009, 14:13

Those who are for the cration of new Leader put I a green head

Thursday 26/06/2008, 16:02

Level 1: DIE Enemy!
Level 2: Uh-oh he's mad I'd better run away!
Level 3: Vansaar reporting for duty, sir!
Level 4: Now listen up, I want you to go bluff the enemy, so don't use any Pillz.

Friday 12/12/2008, 23:01

new Vansaar stats:

level 1: 5/1
level 2: 5/2
level 3: 5/3
level 4: 5/4
level 5: 6/5 team: +90% exp

Sunday 04/04/2010, 19:04

Ambre best works with - Ulu Watu or Bangers the most but still can work good for any clan.
Hugo best works with Junkz or Sentinel mostly but can be used with any clan. Good with Montana Uppers and Sak Rohm as well
Vholt best works with Pussy Cats definatly or 1 ht KO's.. Might be good with other clans
Eyrik works best with Allstars or can be used on higher power cards. OK with other clans
Morphun is good for any clan. Especially with damage reducers that have been played as no pill sacrifices
Eklore is good with any clan that wants to make the opponent fustrated
Timber works good with La Junta or Fang Pi Clang or cards that miss out on 1 hit KO's by one damage like Lennox and No Nam (with fury)
Ashigaru for ! 1 hit KO'ers because than you can see what card the opp is playing before the final attack from Kolos, Lost Hog or Kinjo .

rate green so newbis understand this

Saturday 21/06/2008, 03:26

Vansaar one of the best Leaders imho but there are some that say hes not that great.

His Stats:

lvl1 1/1
lvl2 2/1
lvl3 3/2
lvl4 4/3
lvl4 6/5

Ability, Team exp +90%

With this dude i trained 60-64 cards.

Friday 22/05/2009, 03:45

This card is not a sucky card.


Because, He done with battling he did he's fair share in the Polit Army
now he the person who train the new recruits

That's why he is good to level up cards faster in the lost warehouse.

Saturday 06/08/2011, 15:53

Will someone please explain to me why there's even a market for this card?! I mean, newbies can't go into the training room until level 10, anyway. So buying him before then is useless (unless your looking for a cheap 6/5, but still). Then the newb gets him for free at lvl 10! And of course, everyone over level 10 should not be buying this card. So who is buying this card, and why????smiley

Saturday 10/05/2008, 23:33

Man now that they tweeked with the training system in lost werhouse you can use Vansaar to train other leadres how cool is that now he's even more useful smileysmileysmiley

Wednesday 18/04/2012, 20:39

Lvl 1 charge!!!!!
Lvl 2 ok ill put away the sword
lvl 3 I got this scar from wolverine
lvl4 so whats your story
lvl 5 you got it from wolverine too argh