• Released on monday 09/10/06
  • Illustrator: phalloide
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  • Chocomuscle ring icon Allowed in EFC up to Chocomuscle ring
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Power of Kimberley:

No ability

No ability


Bonus :

-2 Opp Power, Min 1

The Power of the opposing character is reduced by 2 points or up to a minimum of 1. If the opposing character’s Power is lower than or equal to 1, then the Ability has no effect.

First evolution of the 3 different evolutions of this character :

  • All StarsKimberleypicture
    Power3AbilityNo ability
    Damage1Bonus-2 Opp Power, Min 1
    Allowed in EFC up to Chocomuscle ring
  • All StarsKimberleypicture
    Power3AbilityNo ability
    Damage2Bonus-2 Opp Power, Min 1
    Allowed in EFC up to Chocomuscle ring
  • All StarsKimberleypicture
    Power3AbilityNo ability
    Damage5Bonus-2 Opp Power, Min 1
    Allowed in EFC up to Chocomuscle ring
57 characters
missions icon 23 missions
Bonus -2 Opp Power, Min 1
The new generation snack "ChocoMuscles", that claims to make you lose weight while pumping up your muscles, has just hit the stores and more and more Clintizens are giving up exercise to idle away their days munching on them. The stadiums are no longer being tended to and the race courses have turned into dance floors for the Junkz… United by Eyrton, Clint City's top athletes want to save the city and restore the truth: to gain muscle, you need to get punching!!!
  • At level 1: min 173 Clintz
  • At level 2: min 232 Clintz
  • At level 3: min 140 Clintz
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44 comments on Kimberley

Monday 05/07/2010, 06:52

at 1st i was likesmiley then when this card leveled up i was likesmiley then when it reached the level limet i was likesmiley rate green if u felt like this too

Sunday 21/03/2010, 13:39

milton's future wife! smiley
rate green if you agree! smiley

Thursday 18/11/2010, 02:03

This was the first card I ever disliked LOTS.
Her revege is kind of hilarious. She does bodybuild to smash Chad Bread Cr (who is 5/5 Ulu Watu) next time she sees him, but since he became a collector, that'll probably never gonna happen. Add the fact that, even though Kimberley is 3/5 All-star and would decrease Chad's power to her own level, but since he's an Ulu Watu, he'll still get the +2 power bonus, making Kimberley's training USELESS, just as she is in play.
Rate green if you actually read all this.

Thursday 06/01/2011, 03:34

Her 1st and 2nd levels smiley but 3rd...... o.O anyway Chad Bread Cr is now a Cr so Kimberly can die for overuse of steroids and become Kimberley Cr smiley

~Agree? smiley

Saturday 24/07/2010, 20:28

LVL 1:Go Team GO!
LVL 2:How could he dump me. I need to find a way to kick his butt.
LVL 3: Having gone through the change, He'll never know it's me and I can beat him to a pulp.

Monday 23/05/2011, 00:56

The level 3 artwork totally ruined Kimberly.smiley

Rate ghreen if you agree.smiley

Wednesday 29/08/2012, 23:48

Shheeshh , talk about not being open minded. Most of these coments are negitive comments and even thought her attacks are a little weak I actualy kinda like the 3rd card. smiley

I know some people mite think I'm crazy but yeah just becuase men get big dousen't mean women can't and even they have their own fantazies. smiley

Sunday 03/06/2012, 17:16

Have people look at any part of Ashley that isn't her ass?
He face is ghastly. I want nothing more than to stay far FAR away from her.

Saturday 10/11/2012, 22:04

lvl. 3 is unatural smiley

Saturday 10/08/2013, 20:27

Lol Olga is still stronger

Sunday 18/08/2013, 00:14

~~Card review~~
~~Profile and stats~~
Name: Kimberley
Clan: All Stars
Power: 3
Damage: 5
Ability: None
Bonus: -2 Opp. Power, Min 1

Positives: Great damage
Extremely cheap card
3 stars

Negatives: Awful power
No ability…what?
SoB completely kills her
Obvious competition with other 3 stars

Kimberley is an awful, old card that doesn’t deserve the attention to anyone. Her 5 damage is great, but about ability and power…where are them? She’s more hardworking than Flavio Cr, but if she ever wants to be in a deck or maybe ever b@tch slap Chad Bread Cr, she must be way better than it is nowadays. Overall, just a collection card. Not even good for beginners.

~~Final score~~
3 out of 10

Tuesday 12/08/2014, 16:48

Odify Reviews ~

Kimberely the flippin Bodybuilder!

5 damage is solid for a 3 star card.
She has a nice bonus!
She is cheap!

Her artwork scares me smiley
Her 3 power is pretty bad for a three star.
Her bonus has little use because she only "technically" have 5 power.
Has no use in a good mono deck.

Overall I give Kimberley a 4/10. Weak card, but its the kind of card that UR has to make so not ever card is 8/8, -5 opp. damage min 1, and -2 opp power min 1. If you're a starter, I would buy this card.

Wednesday 27/05/2015, 02:49

things we have learned from these cards of all-stars. STAY AWAY FROM THE ALL-STARS CHEERLEADERS FOR GOODNESS SAKES!!!

Friday 06/05/2011, 21:32

If i had to date one of the All Stars cheedrleaders, like a life or death sort of thing, I'd pick Ashley over Kimberley in a heartbeat. No Homo.

Sunday 18/03/2012, 22:57

Bad: ☑
Good: ☐