Jim is a secret agent who joined the Uppers to learn more about the strange disease that is turning Clint City citizens into zombies. Jenna, his cousin, also joined the Clan, to help him, but strangely, no one ever sees them together... (Jim is a character from the graphic novel Les Arcanes du Midi Minuit, Soleil publishing. (C) MC Production, Gaudin, Trichet)
  • Released on monday 23/10/06
  • Illustrator: soleil
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Power of Jim Cr:

Copy: Opp. Power

Jim Cr has equal Power to their opponent. This number only takes into account the figure shown on the opponent’s card and does not include changes connected to an Ability or a Bonus.


Bonus :

-10 Opp Attack, Min 3

The opponent’s Attack points are reduced by 10 points or up to a minimum of 3.

First evolution of the 4 different evolutions of this character :

  • UppersJim Crpicture
    Power2AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage2Bonus-10 Opp Attack, Min 3
  • UppersJim Crpicture
    Power2AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage3Bonus-10 Opp Attack, Min 3
  • UppersJim Crpicture
    Power3AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage5Bonus-10 Opp Attack, Min 3
  • UppersJim Crpicture
    Power4AbilityCopy: Opp. Power
    Damage6Bonus-10 Opp Attack, Min 3
61 characters
missions icon 29 missions
Bonus -10 Opp Attack, Min 3
As the crème-de-la-crème of the jet-set, the Uppers rule the night. They’ve got it all, and money, champagne and titles are certainly not in short supply. They generally dislike everyone but they particularly despise “the poor who just aren’t the teeniest bit funky”. The Uppers hope that the government will finally take steps to banish ugly people once and for all.
  • At level 1: min 1 865 081 Clintz
  • At level 2: min 1 683 032 Clintz
  • At level 3: min 1 666 555 Clintz
  • At level 4: min 1 743 621 Clintz
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11 comments on Jim Cr

Tuesday 01/06/2010, 14:26

He is not a her.

Taken from the 'The Secrets of Midi-Minuit' wiki page (translated using google translator)


Jim Mc Kalan is a kind of James Bond in a steampunk universe where human beings intersect or not human. He's handsome, he's fearless, and the Secretary is in love with him. Specializing in complex cases, it does not act alone. Indeed, he is assisted by her cousin Jenna and her help Beltran. But Jim and Jenna are linked by a strange phenomenon: they are interchangeable and can not coexist. When one has reached its time limit in the world, he places his hands on a reflective surface and move on with the other.
The original concept of the two heroes in one body allows the writer to create situations of mistaken identity comedy which emerged from the action. It also helps to vary the points of view, Jim and Jenna did not have the same methods are complementary.



Friday 16/07/2010, 16:26

Jim Cr - 4/6 with Power = opp power (ability) and -10 opp attack, min 3.

- A great 6 damage (8 with fury) that 2HKOs with a great number of Uppers cards like Beetenka or Nellie.
- Power = opp ability isn't horrible for Jim Cr, boosting his pathetic 4 power to the enemy's level. Unlike other power = opp cards, Jim Cr's upper bonus can give him an edge against clans like Sakrohm or Junkz.

- 4 stars is 4 stars.
- SoA crushes this card. 4 power can't fight back against much. SoB hurts as well. Just not as much.
- Jim Cr has a very hard time against heavy power manipulation, like Copper.

Overall: 7/10. Jim Cr is not made for ELO or T1 decks, as mentioned. He isn't very stable, needs his ability, he is a hefty 4*. However T2 Uppers is where he shines. When paired with Ambre, Jim Cr is a force to be reckoned with. Opening Turn Oxen, Beetenka, Rubie, Dorian, Furious Zatman, Jody, Nellie, Jackie. All these cards (and more) can 2HKO with Jim Cr and each other, so the possibilities are endless. While the ELO door closes, the T2 door opens wide.

Sunday 06/02/2011, 22:53

Miss clint city 2011 come guys lets do this! Rate green if u agree!!!

Sunday 24/04/2011, 14:57

Case Log: Jim

Jenna and I have been told that there is a significant chance of this bizarre disease that is changing people into zombies originating from Clint City...never heard of it. We were told that the best way to be able to move around would be to familiarize ourselves with the jet-set of the city; boy, was our intel wrong! Everyone who isn't in the same 'Clan,' as they call them, is out to, in some cases, kill each other!

Nevertheless, we have operatives in other clans as well, so this shortcoming shouldn't be too much of a problem. And it's good to be able to move around some of the most financially powerful members of the city, although there are a few who disturb both me and my cousin *coughHermancough* but I suppose that's nothing we can help. We'll just have to mingle and smooth-talk to get to the bottom of this... no matter how unpleasant and outright foul these people are.

(If you wish for me to continue writing Case Logs for each of the Uppers, rate green.)

Saturday 27/11/2010, 19:57

Lets not confuse Jim with saho now.
Jim chages between dimensions while saho changes between genders.
Just read what Fearless fox posted.

Monday 01/09/2008, 05:34

People who claim that this card sucks has obviously never used her.

Power = Power Opp. cards rely on one thing, and that's damage, and that is this cards strongest area. You hit them with Jim cr the opponent is down to half life. Just like that. That alone is spectacular. It makes way for so many other uppers two hit KO's like Ruby, Jackie, Beetenka, and Nellie.
However, that isn't even the kicker. This card's bonus (-10 opp. attack min 3) works so extremely well with her ability all you have to do is match your opponent with pillz, or get close enough to it, and the Bonus will take care of the rest.
This card triumphs in non-random rooms.

The only reason you should use Stanford over Jim Cr (beside money) is that Jim Cr, while incredibly good, Jim Cr has 4 stars, where Stanford only has 3. And no matter how good Jim Cr is, she just doesn't replace Beetenka or Jackie (unless if you're playing in Elo). So Jim Cr just isn't too great for type 1 decks when Stanford is right there with one star less, making room for more powerful cards.

Sunday 18/03/2012, 13:39

He's better then Jackie Cr vs stop cards with 8 power that isn't in a SOA Clan. smiley

Saturday 02/04/2011, 12:51

I got beat by this card... It makes me sad that my chances of ever having it are slim. smiley

Tuesday 07/04/2015, 01:08

Uh @Toxica I think its a "Him", not a "Her". Jim Cr is the official card name, not Jenna Cr.

Monday 01/08/2011, 05:02

i bet this card was probably cheeper than stanford because it had 1 more star........smileythat is before it became a cr and the price wentsmiley smileysmileysmiley. Now that i think about it dont most. (___is a character based on blahblah)become a CR.

Sunday 13/04/2014, 07:48

buying jim cr 180->190k fast buy until I have money.

Clint City, day.