Rubie left the family home when she was just 15 to join her elder sister, Rosa, in the city. Fascinated by fashion and particularly diamonds, she decided to join the Uppers when she was 16 to giver her career a boost. Ten years on, she doesn't regret a thing.
  • Released on friday 19/01/07
  • Illustrator: phalloide
  • Rare Card Available at the Shop
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  • Chocomuscle ring icon Allowed in EFC up to Chocomuscle ring
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Power of Rubie:

Stop Opp. Ability

The opponent’s Ability is cancelled if they have one.


Bonus :

-10 Opp Attack, Min 3

The opponent’s Attack points are reduced by 10 points or up to a minimum of 3.

First evolution of the 3 different evolutions of this character :

  • UppersRubiepicture
    Power2AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage1Bonus-10 Opp Attack, Min 3
  • UppersRubiepicture
    Power5AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage1Bonus-10 Opp Attack, Min 3
  • UppersRubiepicture
    Power5AbilityStop Opp. Ability
    Damage6Bonus-10 Opp Attack, Min 3
61 characters
missions icon 29 missions
Bonus -10 Opp Attack, Min 3
As the crème-de-la-crème of the jet-set, the Uppers rule the night. They’ve got it all, and money, champagne and titles are certainly not in short supply. They generally dislike everyone but they particularly despise “the poor who just aren’t the teeniest bit funky”. The Uppers hope that the government will finally take steps to banish ugly people once and for all.
  • At level 1: min 44 531 Clintz
  • At level 2: min 43 263 Clintz
  • At level 3: min 38 915 Clintz
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34 comments on Rubie

Tuesday 11/01/2011, 08:23

Isn´t ruby like a red diamond? Then y tha hell does she have green clothes?smiley

Friday 11/02/2011, 14:39

Ehm, she is 26? Much happened in those yearssmiley...

Monday 20/08/2012, 08:37

In my opinion this card is awesome! She can always sneak in a surprise 2HKO with her SOA ability as most opponents tend to underestimate her due to her low power smiley

Friday 21/09/2012, 17:01

amazing shes the younger one but shes better than rosa in almost every way

Wednesday 19/12/2012, 07:17

I think this card is a bit overpriced because she has a pretty low power which make her hard to inflict a good amount of damage with her. Her ability and bonus makes her stronger but srsly... her power is pretty low.

Sunday 13/03/2011, 04:58

Rubie + Ambre = Cheap Jackie Cr
Just a tip for those that can't afford Jackie Cr smiley

Wednesday 23/11/2011, 19:24

Rubie Noel!!!!

Friday 27/01/2012, 16:00

I think we need her long lost twin sister (another sister =3) and she should be called Jade or something...LOL

Sunday 25/03/2012, 01:57

Why does no one buy her smiley

Sunday 10/06/2012, 16:11



Sunday 24/06/2012, 09:19

~28k+~5k=Jackie Cr

Monday 17/09/2012, 22:32

i love those (.Y.)

Sunday 11/11/2012, 05:33

shes hot in comics

Saturday 20/04/2013, 19:21

Most overrated and overpriced card, if this was in any other clan it would be 800 Clintz......

Monday 23/09/2013, 17:07

Sorta Maeva, except stronger....... and more expensive.

Clint City, night.