First development of the 2 of this character’s different developments:

  • RootsPage Crpicture
    2No ability
    2Stop Opp. Ability
  • RootsPage Crpicture
    3No ability
    5Stop Opp. Ability

Ability of Page Cr:

No ability

No ability



Stop Opp. Ability

The opponent’s Ability is cancelled if they have one.

24 comments about Page Cr

Sunday 26/07/2009, 01:08

Page Cr

Level 1 - 2/2
Level 2 - 3/5

Ability - No Ability
Bonus - SOA

Pretty usless but so are a lot of Cr's, Cheap Collector

All those saying she is Hot... Get a life, it is a drawing!
smiley Vote Green if you Agree smiley

Thursday 21/02/2008, 08:56

Page Cr
-not worth using other than an addition to your collection
-her art makes her a good collection specially for those guys who like nudity

Thursday 29/07/2010, 10:42

What I find real funny about this, is the fact that the people who are "adults" and telling the "11 year olds" to grow up it's quite funny, because your comments are the only ones I see on here xD Also I reckon that the people who are putting she's hot and such other comments are trying to wind you up lol

In my opinion I don't find drawings attractive or a turn on, but for certain people they are lol so let them people have there enjoyment smiley

Wednesday 25/01/2012, 00:42

Her level one art just leads me to believe she's going to have an uncomfortable sun burn...smiley

Sunday 20/02/2011, 09:33

It's ok to look at if it's not your grandma.

Thursday 20/09/2012, 02:30

You guys! collectors are supposed to be like this! you only need them to get 100% of the total collection!!
They are supposed to suck!!
Rate green if you think so too! and if u are on my side! smiley

Sunday 05/02/2012, 06:24

She loks like"I want you to draw me like one of your french girls!"smileysmiley

Thursday 02/07/2009, 03:13

all those guys wondering what her lvl 2 looks like... its not that great

Wednesday 20/04/2011, 04:46

Lots of you are confused when presented with erotic drawings.We have a whole net full of The artist is only translating the female form.Its fantasy,and exaggerated.Please remember this is a French game for the most part.The French are way more relaxed about nudity.

Wednesday 29/10/2008, 13:23

this is a great shot of Page