First development of the 3 of this character’s different developments:

  • La JuntaTankpicture
    2Ability unlocked at
    1Damage +2
  • La JuntaTankpicture
    6Ability unlocked at
    1Damage +2
  • La JuntaTankpicture
    6Stop Opp. Ability
    3Damage +2

Ability of Tank:

Stop Opp. Ability

The opponent’s Ability is cancelled if they have one.



Damage +2

La Junta’s Damage points are increased by 2 points. (Remember: Damage points are inflicted on your opponent if you win the round)

35 comments about Tank

Friday 27/01/2012, 22:44

Goodbye Tank. Wyre sends his regardssmiley

Wednesday 09/07/2008, 23:17

Tank - 6/5 (with bonus) and SoA (ability)

- 6 power is decent
- SoA makes her a very good card to use~ Can kill cards like Masamu and John, or stop cards like Kolos and Kenny
- And since she is only 3-stars, she may be a near-staple.
- her damage isn't as high as most La Juntas, but use her and then follow up with a variety of good cards (almost every La Gunta can do at least 7 damage including fury. The only exeptions are Wardog, Dean, Uxoh, and Niki.)

Dare I say, this card is semi-staple material?
rating: 8/10 - SoA is always handy. 6 attack is decent, and decent amount of stars is nice~

Friday 09/04/2010, 23:48

Tank = 6/3 at last lvl , Ability = Stop Opp Ability, Bonus = + 2 damage

one of La Junta's only SOA so its a good placement in your elo deck if you dont have room for Bryan
>>she's only 3 stars
6 power is pretty good so this card can win most battles
3 damage not so good but with bonus its deadly and can be 1 hit K.O with cards like Ed 12 , Bryan , and Gatline
Love her last artwork smiley

SOB makes her damage weak so she would be suckish smiley
not big fan of first artwork smiley

Though her power isnt the best she is one of La Junta's only SOA so that makes this card really important and its a good card for new ppl since she's also cheap smiley

Saturday 02/07/2011, 03:39

Tank = The Ice Jim of La Junta

Monday 22/06/2009, 06:55


Power = 6
Damage = 3
Ability = Stop Opp. Ability
Bonus = +2 dmg

-An avarage power and low dmg point for a 3* card. With bonus she's just oK.
-Downgraded version of Bryan.
-She is a good choice for beginner players. (But little overpriced)
-If you don't use Bryan, she's playable near Emeth. I don't recommend use Tank and Bryan in same deck. Theres other options better than Tank. ( Jane Ramba , Bruce )


Saturday 19/03/2011, 23:33

Luis and Dieter smiley

Sunday 20/11/2011, 15:15

Hello!I am Aidanha999 and I will be doing a review on Tank

-SoA is always good to have for someone with 6 power.
-decent 3 damage(7 with fury and bonus)
-3 stars makes it have a chance to get into a deck
6 power is not that good for someone with a border-line base damage of 3
Tank is not really someone much to talk about(no wonder there are not much to talk about him)He is leaning more towards the losing side then he is to winnning.Most 6-powered chracters are better then him.Could name some cards better then him.

SoA=2 marks
Damage of 3=1 mark
Power of 6=1.5 marks
Low stars=(optional)1 mark

Friday 27/01/2012, 14:26

Only 8 market offers, huh? Looks like someone bought up all the Tanks when he/she saw that Wyre had come out

Monday 27/02/2012, 01:36

Why do all the worse cards cost more than their better replacements?
Tank + Wyre
Reef + Jeff

Saturday 03/03/2012, 08:13

1 600 clintz, really??
...why are people even buying this card?? smiley
Wyre has 1 more power, same number of stars, and is cheaper....