First development of the 2 of this character’s different developments:

  • GHEISTZ3r0 D34dpicture
    5Ability unlocked at
    1Stop Opp. Ability
  • GHEISTZ3r0 D34dpicture
    7Damage +3
    1Stop Opp. Ability

Ability of Z3r0 D34d:

Damage +3

Z3r0 D34d’s Damage points are increased by 3 points. (Remember: Damage points are inflicted on your opponent if you win the round)



Stop Opp. Ability

The opponent’s Ability is cancelled if they have one.

44 comments about Z3r0 D34d

Friday 14/05/2010, 03:42

Z3r0 D34d is a Jejemon!

Monday 26/03/2012, 00:15

Wow. To the people who are saying idiotic things like, "Oh this card is so overpriced! You should lower it's price" or "(Insert character name here) is so much better than him!",

1. Z3r0 D34d IS pretty expensive, but MANY of Gheist's cards are expensive, ESPECIALLY the good cards.

2. Z3r0 D34d is NOT a terrible card. He has 7 power, which is great for a clan with low-powered cards. He's like a wall for the GHEIST.

3. He only has 2 stars, which make him very useful for ELO. There are very few, if any 2* cards in GHEIST that can match Z3r0 D34d's stats.

4. His bonus prevents other cards from stopping his ability, unless he is facing another GHEIST, Roots, or Stop All card.

5. He's expensive for a reason. It's not because the staff of UR said "hey let's screw everyone over by raising Z3r0 d34d's price". It's because he's an uncommon card, and because the players who own Z3r0 D34d sell him for this price.

6. Sure, a lot of cards are better than Z3r0 D34d, but they're probably not from GHEIST. GHEIST doesn't have many cards who can match Z3r0 d34d's amazing stats, so deal with it.

Also, complaining about his price won't do anything. I don't think the UR staff would appreciate your whining either. I wouldn't be surprised if he becomes the next CR and becomes 20x more expensive. lol. I'm sure if you actually OWNED Z3r0 D34d, you would think that he's a really awesome card.

Rate up if you agree. smiley

Friday 26/12/2008, 05:09

Zero dead is a reference to Zero Cool, the pseudonym of the main character in the movie 'Hackers'. Aside from being a fun B movie, it is noteworthy for the appearance of a young Angelina Jolie, as well as Johny Lee Miller and Matthew Lillard (played Shaggy in the scooby doo movie.)

Zero Cool is expensive because he's a great 2 star for GHEIST. He has SOA, which is invaluable. He has 7 power, which is great for a GHEIST. If the opponent is not GHEIST/Roots/stop all he will inflict 4 damage. Very useful in a great clan with few playable 2 stars.

Friday 03/12/2010, 08:50

Sigmund's GHEIST Log:

Subject #420

Z3r0 D34d

Even though we(the GHEIST) have survived ever since the late 70's, many people wonder how we're still around with the country's economy as bad as it is today.You think all this money that we gather just happens to come falling from the sky? No, of course not! There are plenty of things that we have to survey before we spend any of our accumulated wealth. There are plans to attack the various clans, and not to mention the amount of food we have to buy for Leviatonn.

It was also a problem when it was time 4 everyone to get paid. Fortunately, I managed to come up with a solution just in time, before things hit the roof. What is the solution, you may ask? It is Z3r0 D34d. Before he worked with GHEIST, he used to be a computer secruity engineer at Clintz Bank, where the rich people (a.k.a. the Uppers) put all their money. Unfortunately, when the president of the bank found out that some of the Uppers' money was mysteriously disappearing, he fired Z3r0 D34d, though he had no real proof it was him.

I hired him, and made him the head of GHEIST's new computer engineering squad. He now hacks the various computers in the city, and takes care of all the money that GHEIST brings in. In return, I paid off all his debts, and promised to keep those idiotic cops off of his back. I'm happy I found him when I did. Now, everyone can get their equal pay and leave me the heck alone.

Doctor Sigmund GHEIST,
Creator and Leader of GHEIST

Tuesday 22/05/2012, 23:38

i bought him with 450 clinz 5 years ago smiley
good days smiley

Friday 30/12/2011, 18:44

7K!!! WTF!!!!!!

Thursday 21/02/2008, 05:57

Z3r0 D34d
-a staple filler in any GHEIST deck
-a 2star card with a solid power of 7..he's a 7/4 card (6damage with fury, can reduce opp life to half) with he can stop those annoying abilities and can penetrate most defenses
-downside: GHEIST and Roots (SOA bonus) greatly weakens him
-his art at level2 reminds us all of Fraggle's avatar..peace..smiley

Monday 06/05/2013, 15:26

17k hahahahah I bought him for 5 smiley

Wednesday 08/07/2009, 01:09

whats not to love.. not as good as marlysa though, but worth the price..
shoot me if im wrong, its almost seen in all GHEIST deck, even if its half or mono!...

Friday 15/01/2010, 09:05

the price just keeps getting higher, once around 2k now around 4k smiley
maybe because he's the best 2 star GHEIST
price will drop fast if the next card for GHEIST is a great 2 star smiley