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  • La JuntaBurgerpicture
    2Ability unlocked at
    2Damage +2
  • La JuntaBurgerpicture
    4Ability unlocked at
    2Damage +2
  • La JuntaBurgerpicture
    6Ability unlocked at
    3Damage +2
  • La JuntaBurgerpicture
    6Courage: Power +3
    5Damage +2

Ability of Burger:

Courage: Power +3

When played first in the round, Burger's Power is increased by 3. If Burger is played second in the round, their Power is equal to the amount shown on the card.



Damage +2

La Junta’s Damage points are increased by 2 points. (Remember: Damage points are inflicted on your opponent if you win the round)

26 comments about Burger

Friday 22/02/2008, 17:30

Burger got his name because we were trying to think of what to call a guy that works with bombs. Inspired by films like Hamburger Hill we thought that's how he might end up if he was unlucky.

Thursday 13/01/2011, 11:27

Let's hope Ghoub never sees this guy's name.

Wednesday 15/09/2010, 20:07

Burger and Ambre sitting on a tree
C - O - U - R - A - G -ing

Saturday 10/04/2010, 17:33

Burger = 6/5 at last lvl, Ability = courage +3 power, Bonus = + 2 damage

has 6 power so thats pretty solid
>>can have 9 power because of courage so thats amazing since its over limits of 8
has 5 dmg so he can be close to 2 hit K.O if you also have som1 like Ed 12 of No Nam on your team
>>can have 7 dmg thanks to bonus or 9 thanks to fury
decent bluff

4 stars is kinda a lot so he would take some space in elo
sucks if somebody hit this card with SOA

a pretty good card, decent price for him because of his potential, for a little brother of Uxoh, he seems to be better smiley

Thursday 25/11/2010, 19:51

rate green if you think Burger is better then Uxoh smiley

Friday 06/03/2015, 03:42

Burger possible for Cr?
I mean, it's not that far fetched.

Friday 21/03/2008, 03:25

good card
6/7 (with bonus)
with courage: +3 power
Good thing is he doesn't need his ability to win because it's very predictable

PS - pumpkin that is really cool how you posted why you named him that hope to see it on more characters.

Tuesday 10/05/2011, 01:05

With the release of Isatis, Burger probably won't see much play anymore (except in half decks maybe), especially in the new elo.
Burger has a potential of 9/7 courage based or 6/7 without ability.
Isatis has a potential of 9/8 without courage and a 5/8 without ability.

Monday 20/06/2011, 18:02

this ccard reminds me of Gus

Monday 04/07/2011, 05:59

odd...i always thought that Burger got his name because if he failed, he'd wind up cooked/char-broiled...