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  • RootsShakrapicture
    5Ability unlocked at
    2Stop Opp. Ability
  • RootsShakrapicture
    6Ability unlocked at
    4Stop Opp. Ability
  • RootsShakrapicture
    7Ability unlocked at
    4Stop Opp. Ability
  • RootsShakrapicture
    8Courage: Stop Bonus
    6Stop Opp. Ability

Ability of Shakra:

Courage: Stop Bonus

When Shakra is played first in the round, the opposing character's Clan Bonus - if activated - will be cancelled. When Shakra is played second in the round, the Ability has no effect.



Stop Opp. Ability

The opponent’s Ability is cancelled if they have one.

54 comments about Shakra

Saturday 01/05/2010, 19:59

Roots are my favorite clan but they are banned too much rate green if you agree

Saturday 19/03/2011, 06:20

Hi...blah blah blah

Yo, cut the crap it's bout to get trippy
Once was a Freak, and now is a hippie
Shakra's his name and he's livin' on edge
Swallowin' them swords and spittin' knowledge
8 power and 6 damage, at his max
ELO banned, what up with that?!
Just SOA, SOB, and it seems to me
Only thing he's gettin' banned fors' public indecency

- Big Noh

just a quick 1, hope u like it. k bye

Monday 17/08/2009, 21:58


2* 5/2
3* 6/4
4* 7/4
5* 8/6

Shakra is the highest powered Full stop in the game. On a courage turn he can get past any reducers and cut an opponent's life in half. His 8/6 stats make him even a menace on non courage turns. Since there is no way to reduce him you just have to pill up against hm or let him through. His only weakness would be cards with a base power of 8 and stop cards and even then he still can win the round. using him with a powerhouse like Ratanah leaves an opponent gasping for air. This card is the god of UR and I can even see people using Shakra over the legendary Kiki Cr due to is ability to power past Pussycats and his ability to slice right through attack manipulating clans like butter. He can also be used on a non courage turn for a surprise KO. though I wish his ability worked every turn... I must admit he would be insanely overpowered if his ability was not courage based. He is possibly the best card in the Roots clan and one of the best in UR. His artwork is also priceless. especially at 4* Oh and did I mention he is pretty much unbeatable with a Leader? Shakra + Ambre is Lethal

- Great stats
- Ability to get past anything
- Solid stats mean he is even great on a non courage turn
- Only set back is 5*, but he is more then worth it as he is one of the best cards in the game.
- With a Leader like Amber or even Eyrik he is unbeatable.

Overall 5/5 Artwork 5/5

Sunday 02/05/2010, 00:37

all you Roots fans vote to unban the Roots from elo Shakra and the other Roots including noodile Rico and Yookie are currently banned from elo rate green if you want to save the Roots in elo

Thursday 16/09/2010, 03:12

The King of All STOPS
Lets list the Kings/Queens
Tan man-KING of t2
Ongh-King of the jungle (good in t2 also)
Shakra-King of All stops
Guru-King of SOB
Jackie-Queen of SOA
Lehane-Queen of SOB

Now back to this card.
-Lovely 8 power
-Lovely 6 power
-Bonus is SOA, one of the most feared powers in the game
-Ability is SOB, with bonus he becomes an all stop
-He works with himself, if ANY card he faces has lower power (assuming he attacks first) then Shakra can automatically beat them. That means he beats 95% of the cards in the game. WOW.
-Cheap for his value so he is BUYABLE

-Courage based ability
-Banned (Well deserved tho)

I am really torn here. Part of me wants to give him a 9.5/10. He is solid but courage hurts and is he a game changer? However, I want to also give him a 10/10 cuz he is the best all stop and can be unbeatable also he can beat the gods (Kiki, tan, guru, dj korr, etc)

I am going with my gut and giving him a 10/10. No card in the game matches his bonus/ability/power. Most all stops have 6 power, the other is the confidence based Kristen with 7 power. He really is the king of all stops.

Tuesday 05/04/2011, 04:50

8/6 all stops.

This card should be a Cr

Monday 25/07/2011, 01:37

@diginator.. I think the king of T2 is DJ Korr Cr !

Friday 20/04/2012, 18:13


excluding leaders Shakra beatsevery 5* in the game when played first if he has his bonus. that is why it should be 10/10

What about Sung Tsu?

Sunday 05/05/2013, 15:07

lvl3 art - that's not sword swallowing, that's stabbing yourself in the stomach

Friday 15/07/2011, 12:46

Hey man, society is just so uncool! It's Babylon here.
So, UR, did you feel like every clan had to match their bio?
Society is so uncool... that part's right.
You've banned Shakra, Lou, and Ratanah.
Can I make a decent deck using Armand as my 5 star?
Can I make a decent deck Rosen as my 5 star?
Face it UR.
Roots are unplayable. They have semi-decent 5 stars (because their outstanding ones are banned)
They have decent 4 stars (Lilly is good, but what about the other? Burdock? I'd prefer Ratanah)
They have great 3 stars (Jeena, Noodile Cr, Nahi Cr... notice two of them are Cr)
They have good 2 stars (Arno is amazing, but who's his backup? Beltran Cr?)

I'm posting this on Shakra because I think this is where it'll be noticed the most.

Now... on to the review.
First off, I WILL try this card out. Guaranteed. I want to see why he's so OP that UR banned him after saying they won't.
On to the rest.
8 power? Magic number.
6 damage? 8 with fury, 2HKO magic number
Bonus? SoA
Ability? Courage: SoB
Synergy? 10/10, you just can't beat an All-Stop synergy.
What's not to love?
This is a shutdown-lockdown card.
Yeah... I kinda invented the phrase.
Shutdown means that no matter which card your opponent uses, it'll be useless, right?
But what about lockdown?
Lockdown is the phrase I use for getting the opponent in a simply unescapable situation.
For example, Pussycats matches are won by lockdown: you play in such a way that your opponent loses no matter what.
Shakra locks down the game by shutting down your opponent and simply put, hitting them.
10/10 as a card.
Simply amazing.

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