First development of the 3 of this character’s different developments:

  • RescueLobopicture
    2No ability
    3Support: Attack +3
  • RescueLobopicture
    4No ability
    4Support: Attack +3
  • RescueLobopicture
    5No ability
    6Support: Attack +3

Ability of Lobo:

No ability

No ability



Support: Attack +3

Rescue’s attack points are increased by 3 points for each character belonging to Rescue’s clan and who is part of their team. Remember that Rescue is also taken into account.

28 comments about Lobo

Saturday 15/05/2010, 10:00

God, after saving all of the animals in the zoo, the Jungo should make this guy their god.

Saturday 20/03/2010, 17:50

smiley Want the full artwork? smiley
smiley Please rate up so everybody can find this easily smiley (When copying the direct links, delete the (U) from the address bar if it shows up)

Direct Links:

Artist Tony Semedo's Site:

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Tuesday 09/03/2010, 02:49

Im guessing he wasn't around to help when the Jungo came into place.Rate green if you agree.smiley

Sunday 18/04/2010, 22:54

lets make it an CR.

Tuesday 28/09/2010, 17:21

guys, don't you realize that if Lobo became a Jungo card he'd be a 5/6 with no ability +2 life as bonus? you think he'd get picked over the other 3 star powerhouses in Jungo?

Thursday 21/02/2008, 08:18

-a decent 3star offensive card for Rescue
-5/6 and a +12 attack bonus is decent enough for a 3star attack card
-can reduce opp life in half and doesn't care to use much pillz against clans w/o the +/- bonus
-a staple in any offensive Rescue deck build

Sunday 04/07/2010, 05:32

Lobo... because Rescue needs some kind of furry mascot (other than Tanner).
Five power is low. No getting around that. The damage is great though and you have to factor in that if Lobo isn't hit with SOB he has an attack of 17 without a single pill. Eight powered cards need to spend 2 pills (minus any attack manipulation obviously) to overcome that. So... bad Rescue card can still win in a ton of situations.
Lobo isn't terribly good by Rescue standards but... do not underestimate.

Thursday 20/01/2011, 17:24

This card is for the 2hko(6 dmg smiley).
Anyway, with that low power he is quite shaky even with the bonus.
7/10 for the stats. 9,8/10 for the art, really cool art smiley.

Friday 19/08/2011, 15:37

Rescue version of Giovanni!smiley

Wednesday 13/06/2012, 23:39

Lobo - 5/6 No Ability Support: Attack +3


- His power is meh*
- Wonderful Bonus, possibly +12 atk
- 6 damage is very high for a 3 star
- He has no ability, so GHEIST or Roots won't kill him anyway smiley
- I just looooove his artwork! smiley


- As I said 5 power is meh. kinda low for a 3 star*
- No ability is always bad smiley
- SOB defeats him
- Better in Mono-deck
- Tula & All Stars

Artwork: 10/10 smiley
Stats: 5/10
Power & Damage: 6/10
Overall: 6+/10

He should really have a ability, like Support: +2 or something. That would be great smiley