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  • NightmareTimmypicture
    2Ability unlocked at
    1Stop Opp. Bonus
  • NightmareTimmypicture
    4Ability unlocked at
    2Stop Opp. Bonus
  • NightmareTimmypicture
    7Poison 2, Min 4
    2Stop Opp. Bonus

Ability of Timmy:

Poison 2, Min 4

If Timmy wins the round, at the end of each of the following turns the opponent will lose 2 Life point(s) if he/she has more than 4 Life point(s). If the opponent has 4 or less Life point(s), the poison effect is not triggered.



Stop Opp. Bonus

The opponent’s clan Bonus, if activated, is cancelled. If the opponent's clan Bonus is not activated, then the ability has no effect.

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Saturday 10/07/2010, 21:28

Sooooo...little bit different approach on this one.

Lil' Timmy wanted to go out on Halloween night,
Put on a costume, take candy from neighborhood lights.
And his mom reminded him, stay within our borders,
He promised, but Tim, well he just ignored her.
He gotta lot of candy, but he wanted more,
So he headed over to Candy Jack's store.
Lil' Timmy never came home that Halloween,
Mother wishing she wasn't alone, but she only dreams.
Now Tim's breaking Havok with the Nightmare clan,
Beady white eyes, blood-thirsty and a knife in hand.
Eating people alive, as him mother shuts her eye lids,
Moral of the story, listen to your mother kids.

More of a story-based one then a review...
Like it better? worse?
Leave me a message!

Saturday 20/11/2010, 19:15


Sunday 01/11/2009, 19:28

Timmy - 7/2 with Poison 2, min 4 (ability) and SoB (bonus)

- A solid power of 7, which is great for a 3* Nightmare. Actually, as of this post, I believe Timmy has the highest base power out of all 3* Nightmare, beside Sargh.
- A damaging poison of 2, making him an intimidating bleeder or a great bluff.
-To save his poison, he has the lovely SoB. So makes his attacking skills better.
- Don't take candy for strangers smiley

- When hit by an SoA ability, Timmy is a simple 7/2. Quite low on the damage sid,e I'd say,
- his min is kinda high, but that isn't really a huge flaw. Only one higher than the Freaks, and you'll be pecking at them as they bleed anyways.

Overall: 7.5/10. Nightmare doesn't have that many solid powered 3*, as you can see. Even more, their amount of good "lead-ers" are pretty limited (cards like Kenny and Kolos much better used after seeing what your opponent is using). Because of this, Timmy is a very solid card. He is also quite cheap smiley

Friday 03/09/2010, 05:40

in the urban rivals comic Timmy is cured so since he is no longer under candy jack's control anymore Timmy
is free of the Nightmare clan so shouldn't he be a Cr??? smileysmileysmiley

Saturday 20/11/2010, 19:40

Deflating process, BEGIN. Bluuuuu...

Thursday 28/02/2008, 07:12

only level 1-3 Nightmare card with power higher than 6.
Decent ability, Poison, but with a slightly higher than average minimum.

Low damage makes Timmy more of a Wall/Opening card, for use in the late game weakens his results.
Combined with Sheitane, it becomes hard to avoid the strong Poison abilities.

Other cards with 7 power include,(but may not be limited to)
Ombre Cr, 7/5 4 stars
Kolos, 7/4 5 stars
there are also 2 Cards with 8 Power available, both at 5 stars.
Ielena 8/3 5 stars
Nistarok, 8/5 5 stars

Timmy remains a very good option for Nightmare.

Monday 24/03/2008, 19:20

Timmy is under used and under appreciated. He's got that high power that Nightmare desperately needs. He's also got a very threatening poison ability. The reasons that people don't use him are:

1) Sheitane is a two star with the same poison and a lower minimum.
2) It's hard to put a three star into a deck with a combo of Kolos/Kenny/Glorg in your deck.

That said, I think there are good decks to be made with Timmy, but you probably have to limit yourself to one of the high star cards.

Saturday 21/05/2011, 23:05

Candy Jack's Report

Victim 1 - Timmy

Well it has been a long time since Timmy joined The Nightmare and it all began when i first opened my candy store "by Ielena's orders of course" and the store was full of children all wanting candy but they soon learned why they should stay away from my store as one by one they began turning into Zombies and it would have gone well if that rotten Elvira and the Rescue clan hadn't returned them back to normal but it wasn't a total loss i managed to to keep one Zombie child by the name of Timmy which Ielena wasn't best pleased about so disapointed about only recruiting one Zombie she gave Timmy to me and he has been a great help to me and even Ielena has noticed him and thanks to Timmy we got a new member of the clan Dudley so i will be holding on to Timmy for the time being.

Candy Jack

Wednesday 24/08/2011, 22:42

I wonder if his mommy is proud of him for being in one of the most powerful clint city clans?

Friday 27/04/2012, 22:47

I swear. What's up with his price? smileysmiley