First development of the 3 of this character’s different developments:

  • BangersLennoxpicture
    5Ability unlocked at
    3Power +2
  • BangersLennoxpicture
    6Ability unlocked at
    5Power +2
  • BangersLennoxpicture
    6Damage +3
    6Power +2

Ability of Lennox:

Damage +3

Lennox’s Damage points are increased by 3 points. (Remember: Damage points are inflicted on your opponent if you win the round)



Power +2

Bangers’s Power is increased by 2 points. (Remember: Power * Pillz = Attack)

69 comments about Lennox

Tuesday 09/09/2008, 20:57

Lennox (U)

people knock him down saying Bodenpower (U) is better but think of this.

Lennox (U) 1100 clintz
Bodenpower (U) 3000 clintz

Lennox (U) 8/9 with ability and bonus
Bodenpower (U) 9/7 ability bonus

Lennox (U) is cheaper! Lennox (U) does better damage! the best thing about him, is the element of surprise!

also what happens if your opponent has no sob soa cards in their hand. who thinks Lennox (U) is gonna win??? nearly no-one he rules
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Father Gun - Hero
Saturday 09/08, 18:55
this is great card for Bangers. why ? because with 3* used against Roots, GHEIST, Nightmare, Piranas, All Stars and Pussycats still does his job.

SOA cuts his dmg only (still leaves 6 of 9) (against GHEIST and Roots clans excluding Leviatonn (R) and Shakra (U) who cut his bonus too)
SOB cuts his power (still leaves 6 of (against Nightmare and Piranas clans excluding Glorg (U) who cuts his abillity too)
bonus of All Stars clan deny his bonus (leaves 6 power) (excluding some card like Alexei (U) and Striker (U))
bonus of Pussycats clan cuts his damage by 2 (still leaves 7) (excluding some of cards like Charlie (U) and Baby Q (R))

to sum up :
Lennox (U) without ability and bonus = 6/6
Lennox (U) against GHEIST = 6/6 (8/6 with bonus without abillity)
Lennox (U) against Nightmare = 6/9 ( 6/6 without bonus and ability)
Lennox (U) against Roots = 6/6 (8/6 with bonus without abillity)
Lennox (U) against Piranas = 6/9 (6/6 without bonus and ability)
Lennox (U) against All Stars = 6/9 ( 6/6 without bonus and ability)
Lennox (U) against Pussycats = 6/7 (8/7 with lowered dmg with active ability and bonus)

exclude some cards that stops both abillity and bonus and pwr/dmg lowering (vide Leviatonn (R), Shakra (U), Rolph (R), Charlie (U) etc).

Tuesday 22/05/2012, 17:11

Sakrohm BEWARE....smiley

Saturday 13/11/2010, 09:01

is it possible that Kolos is what 'alien' Lennox saw?

Read Kolos's information thing and you will see what i mean....

Friday 11/04/2008, 11:41

-Probably, won't replace Bodenpower
-Virtually 8/9 card.
-1Hit Knock Out Card. what you need - Timber in your deck
-Good for those who dont like play long battles
-Ability: Damage +3
Good Luck smiley

Saturday 22/12/2012, 14:24


Tuesday 28/08/2012, 17:47

Cards that can OHKO opponent is: Kinjo Lao Cr lost hog Yu Mei Laura General Cr Dacote Flavio Cr Kolos.
Cards that can OHKO opponent with Timber is: Hammer Beeboy Lennox Tsubame Ryuichi Sai San Sung Tsu Zinfrid Adler Python Ed 12 Dugan No Nam Avola Jay.

rate green if you OHKO an opponent with one of these cards.

Saturday 24/09/2011, 05:55

Supermarket parking lot....wasn't that near where Kolos' egg was found...?
Coincidence or not?

Rate Green if you think so too. smiley

Sunday 24/04, 23:32

A good card for beginners, but easily overshadowed by his competition. Bangers really don't need all that damage, since they can 2HKO rather well with most 5*. Compare to Angie, who holds up better to SoA and has an easier time beating 7-8 power cards, while only having one less damage (which can't be stopped by SoA).

Tuesday 06/03/2012, 12:21

Me gusta mucho esta carta, creo que tenian que hacerla Cr !! smileysmileysmiley

Wednesday 14/03/2012, 04:55

Kolos was found at a supermarket building site
Lennox saw aliens land on the supermarket parking
so nope Kolos isnt the alien Lennox was talking about, maybe scouts from Vortex