• Released on friday 20/06/08
  • Illustrator: kahouet
  • Collector (no more distributed)
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  • Chocomuscle ring icon Allowed in EFC up to Chocomuscle ring
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Power of Dalhia Cr:

-3 Opp Pillz. Min 4

If Dalhia Cr wins the fight, the number of Pillz of the player controlling the opposing character will be reduced by 3 Pillz, or up to a minimum of 4. If the number of Pillz of the player controlling the opposing character is lower than or equal to 4, then the ability will have no effect.


Bonus :

Stop Opp. Bonus

The opponent’s clan Bonus, if activated, is cancelled. If the opponent's clan Bonus is not activated, then the ability has no effect.

First evolution of the 4 different evolutions of this character :

  • PiranasDalhia Crpicture
    Power2AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage3BonusStop Opp. Bonus
    Allowed in EFC up to Chocomuscle ring
  • PiranasDalhia Crpicture
    Power4AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage3BonusStop Opp. Bonus
    Allowed in EFC up to Chocomuscle ring
  • PiranasDalhia Crpicture
    Power6AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage5BonusStop Opp. Bonus
    Allowed in EFC up to Chocomuscle ring
  • PiranasDalhia Crpicture
    Power8Ability-3 Opp Pillz. Min 4
    Damage5BonusStop Opp. Bonus
    Allowed in EFC up to Chocomuscle ring
57 characters
missions icon 27 missions
Bonus Stop Opp. Bonus
After scouring the oceans of the globe for many a long year, Captain Bloodh's Piranas have finally cast anchor in town – time to stretch their legs out a bit and let their hair down! Noisy, aggressive and thieving (well, they are pirates after all), they’ve been quick to make enemies, and the odd friend. But all in all, they’re having such a good time, they’re in no hurry to head back to sea.
  • At level 2: min 233 066 Clintz
  • At level 3: min 269 633 Clintz
  • At level 4: min 250 000 Clintz
  • At level 5: min 229 975 Clintz
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43 comments on Dalhia Cr

Monday 03/12/2012, 19:25

A well deserved CR. She has served us well for 4 years! Good luck on your travels! Undoubtedly destined for great treasures and jewels. smiley

Monday 28/11/2011, 11:30

they should make davy Johns for Pirahna
rate green face smileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

Tuesday 31/03/2015, 19:02

Let's review this card
Dalhia Cr

-Great 8 power for a Piranas + SoB very nice.
-Great ability, either bluff and they will overpill and you get the pill advantage, either overpill yourself (just be sure the opponent is not bluffing) and STILL get the advantage. She must be used first or seonc round, as the minimum is not that low (4) and she may become useless.
-SoA? 8/5 coming at you.
-DR? this still hurts but 8/1 or 8/2 - 3 pillz opp. minimum 4 isn't that bad.

-Very expensive (well, it's a collector...)
-Except the nice 8 power, there's nothing helping her win vs an say dagg or Fei etc. This is not so big of a down because she has the SoB, but still, you loose, he wins and has the pillz advantage and life advantage.

Because Piranas has REALLY good cards I will have a hard time to do this but here it is.
Bloodh vs Dalhia Cr - They both aren;t really bad when hit by SoA, I would still choose Dalhia. you can have 9 gap, if the opponent can win it's useless, you can have more pillz => you can win. +1 Dalhia Cr.
Ahkab vs Dalhia Cr. Now, they are pretty similar with the pillz advantage, but Ahkab is more...flexible...you don't really need to win, if you win you have the life advantage, if you loose you have pillz advantage and if you use them good...you win but that 6 power...eh..+0,5 Dalhia +0,5 others.
Lizbeth vs Dalhia Cr. Lizbeth is just...Lizbeth. hit by SoA, she is terrible. Not it by SoA, chances are you will kick his ass.+0,5 Dalhia Cr +0,5 others.
Dalhia Cr vs Fischer. Fischer is also flexible, you loose? not much damage. you win? much damage XD.I would still use her over Fischer in an ELO deck. +0,5 others + 0,5 Dalhia.
(I told you it will be a hard time deciding, the reason many obtain those 0,5...)
Dalhia Cr vs Pesth. Naah, +1 Dalhia Cr.
Dalhia vs Rakhan. Still Dalhia...+1 Dalhia Cr. (Do I need to explain? same thing as Bloodh)
Dalhia vs Rekved. Now, this is a nice card, Rekved.Hit by SoA still inferior to Dalhia Cr but that ability is really giving the advantage in a round and may also obtain a 1 pill advantage (but you need luck smiley) +0,5 others +0,5 Dalhia Cr.
Dalhia Cr vs Selma. Now I am really confused...Dalhia still has that power, Selma still has that damage. Dalhia still has that ability and Selma?... now, you can;t really compare these 2 abilities as + X Pillz doesn't have a max so...I don't why, I am saying there that I would use Selma over Dalhia Cr but in my ELO deck, my 5 stars is Dalhia Cr. +0,5 Dalhia Cr +0,5 others.
NOW, Others=2,5 points. Dalhia Cr=5,5

I give her 9,5/10 She is worth every clintz

Thursday 16/10/2008, 16:46

Level 2: 2/3
Level 3: 4/3
Level 4: 6/5
Level 5: 8/5, -3 pillz, min. 4

* solid card but not staple for Piranas deck, she takes 5* and Piranas have some truly solid 3* and 4* cards
* hard to judge if she is better than Bloodh, surely wins fights easier but she leaves the gap of 5 life, not 9 life like Bloodh
* she is very good opener, can be also used in 2nd round to let her ability be useful
* when her ability is useless she is still decent 8/5 card
* either defensive or offensive card, works very well in both roles
* she is very expensive and I doubt if worth her price (few k Clintz less would make her much more reasonable, imo)
* SOA makes her less effective but not devastates her anyhow
* so-so graphics smiley
* she is the only 8 power Piranas except Tyd

because she makes it! smiley

Wednesday 26/06/2013, 07:04

I just love using her in first round. Put 1pill on her and somebody loses their pills.

Yep indeed somebody will really loses their pills on her.
Put 1 pill on her in first round that means 16attack. People will either pill alot or will just ignore it and hoped that you pill more than what your opponent will lose but either way by the 2nd round somebody has the pill advantage already.

Saturday 21/07/2012, 14:33

I guess Dalhia is going to be the next cr!

Saturday 09/03/2013, 23:28

Dalhia Cr is to amazing it should be 100k+. I shall explain myself, why she is so good. Bam. bam bam. dead. Win. +7 Clintz and 15+ points. Again bam ba~ Get the point.

Monday 02/08/2010, 11:18

Dalhia, what a wonderful card. Gives Selma a run for her money on the best 5 star in Piranas. And with so many great 2 and 3 star cards, 5 star Piranas are easy to fit in a deck. Dalhia also has 8 power, which is better than even in most clans. Think about it: In Piranas, a big factor is pillz manipulation, so the more power you have, the more deadly the pillz manipulation is.

But Dalhia doesn't have to worry about her companions for pillz control, she does it wonderfully herself. Even if you play 7 pillz and your opponent plays none, your opponent will be taking a nice blow to their health and pillz. That is why Dalhia is deadly. She's useful for many things, but she'll almost ALWAYS be an opener. And she does it incredibly well.

To me, it seems Dalhia is obviously better than Bloodh and Pesth. This is mainly because she has great synergy with the rest of her clan. Bloodh and Pesth can create big life gaps, yes, but Dalhia's pill control and 8 power makes her greatly overshadow them. Her only REAL competition is Selma. To me, it's a toss up between the two. Selma can create a bigger life gap and only has one less pillz control, and you don't have to worry about a minimum. But Dalhia's 8 power is what makes her such a deadly opener, which you'll see Selma as in many situations.

Conclusion: Dalhia is a beast. For right now, I am concerned for her ELO future. I would hate not to be able to use her in my decks, but only time will tell.

Tuesday 08/05/2012, 14:37

Dahlia has quickly become one of my favorites. So many ways to use her. I can use her as a bluff, I can use her after a round where I didn't pill and then she steals pillz from the opponent I suckered. She's a wall, an attacker, the whole package. Overall she's part of the reason why the Piranas have become my second best clan.

Thursday 27/09/2012, 12:58

This card is deadly in Survivor Extended. Especially for the opponents who advanced in Survivor should fear to face against Dalhia.

As you know, when you advance in Survivor, you start to play with 10 pillz -15 health. And when you face against Dalhia and your opponent play with him, what will you do? He can put 5 pillz without no fear, since if he wins he will take your 3 pillz.(8 pillz next round). If you try to win the round, you should spend at least 6 pillz which means you will have 5 pillz in the next round against your opponent 10. Even you're a pussycat, SOB of your opp will avoid your damage reduction.

Dalhia is a wonderful card in other kinds of plays too. She's much better than Naginata since less minimum. When you face against Naginata, you can spend 6 pillz. If you win, you get the round. if you lose, Niganata won't take any pillz from you. But Dalhia have min 4 which forces you to spend 8 pillz in the first round. And if your opponent was bluffing, 5 pillz against 13 provides him an easy victory with SOB.

I would give 9.5/10 to Dalhia. If she was 8/6 card, she would be 10/10 easily.

Thursday 06/12/2012, 20:10

As the Piranas refuse to elect her clan Leader, Dalhia has decided to leave town to explore new horizons and perhaps set up her very own clan. And she’d only just made up her mind to do this, when she received her first recruit in the form of Chiara, who’d also decided to go off adventuring away from the clan of her beginnings.
From Monday, December 10th, Dalhia and Chiara will no longer be available in the shop’s packs. However, players who already own them can continue to use them as normal. Sales of the two characters on the Market will be blocked until the morning of Wednesday, December 5th.

the full story for everyone

Friday 07/12/2012, 15:09

Awesome. just another card i should've gotten a while back but i preferred my Junkz. Now i will never finish my Piranas collection since i sold smokey a while back before he went cr.

Saturday 16/03/2013, 13:52

Perhaps the only card that was more expensive before turning into CR

Monday 15/04/2013, 00:47

will be worth millions one day

Monday 13/01/2014, 10:58

This card is a beast in her artwork and her stats