Bouncer at the Pink Bar, Louise is always the first to step forward when the clan is in need of a hand. Whether it’s to stand guard on a secret meeting, sort out a macho repeat offender or to ensure a good atmosphere at a fancy dress party.
  • Released on friday 12/09/08
  • Illustrator: phalloide
  • Uncommon Card Available at the Shop
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  • Danger zone icon Allowed in EFC up to Danger zone
  • icon 1 missions
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Power of Louise:

Power +3

Louise’s Power is increased by 3 points. (Remember: Power * Pillz = Attack)


Bonus :

-2 Opp Damage, Min 1

If Pussycats loses their fight, the Damage inflicted on Pussycats’s owner will be reduced by 2 points or up to a minimum of 1.

First evolution of the 4 different evolutions of this character :

  • PussycatsLouisepicture
    Power2AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage4Bonus-2 Opp Damage, Min 1
  • PussycatsLouisepicture
    Power4AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage4Bonus-2 Opp Damage, Min 1
  • PussycatsLouisepicture
    Power4AbilityUnlock ability at
    Damage6Bonus-2 Opp Damage, Min 1
  • PussycatsLouisepicture
    Power6AbilityPower +3
    Damage7Bonus-2 Opp Damage, Min 1
63 characters
missions icon 26 missions
Bonus -2 Opp Damage, Min 1
Feminists are a thing of the past. Make way for the reign of Double X, XX power! For these hot-blooded women, men are nothing more than a means to satisfy their desires. The Pussycat revolution is here and they’ve got their claws out! And to gain influence in government circles, the Pussycats are quite prepared to strike below the belt…in more ways than one!
  • At level 2: min 13 526 Clintz
  • At level 3: min 13 157 Clintz
  • At level 4: min 12 000 Clintz
  • At level 5: min 13 818 Clintz
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18 comments on Louise

Sunday 20/02/2011, 09:28


Wednesday 30/06/2010, 18:42

Louise - 6/7 with Power +3 (ability) and -2 opp damage, min 1 (bonus)

- Excellent damage of 7 (9 with fury) that 2HKOs with Noemi, Yayoi, or even a furious Muze (or if you wait a turn from the poison).
- In most situations, Louise has an amazing power of 9, which makes Louise one of the strongest Pussycats out there.
- Even in those situations that she loses, Louise has the Pussycat bonus, making the victory of your opponent less significant.
- A more interesting note: Louise is one of those few cards that can go over 8 power without a need for a bonus. So Louise is interestingly integrable into other decks (although they'd probably have to be T2 Survivors or something).

- SoA hurts quite a bit. Most Roots can take down the weakened Louise, as can GHEIST, Striker, Jackie, ect.
- She is a hefty 5*
- 7 damage is an awkward number, preventing 2HKOs with the common 4 damagers. Not really a flaw, but it should be noted.

Overall: 9/10. Louise is not the best ELO card out there due to the amount of SoA in those areas. However, many people like to use Louise over Charlie due to her potential raw power, and they aren't wrong. It's completely preference if you'll take the risk. Louise is still a tough cookie in most formats though and can really crush teams that don't see her coming

Wednesday 18/01/2012, 22:37

OMG I just noticed something!! All the members of the Pussycats are women!
That is crazy!

Tuesday 03/07/2012, 01:25

Actually Slify 's system is not fucked because they both are the best 5*s in the clan of pussycats . The best is only definitive in more precise conditions. However it seems to silfy that there are a few more conditions under which Charlie is the bettter choice over Louise so she got 9.5 instead of 9. If you have any further you can ask them.

Saturday 04/08/2012, 04:20

Her last art is dumb her first art should stay the whole way

Monday 06/05/2013, 23:22

He yo, so, why does no one use her anymore? smiley

Thursday 27/09/2012, 13:25

The Charlie Files
Name: Louise
Member #27
Occupation: Bouncer for the Pink Club.
When the Pussycats founded The Pink Club they were tickled pink about the 'no men allowed' policy, so Betty, the owner has decided to let us set up shop here, but we needed a bodyguard to prevent the men from entry, that's where Louise came in. She's tough, she's loyal to the Pussycats' cause, and she'll throw the men out on the street. Louise used to be a bouncer at another nightclub located in Montana terratory, but was fired after she unknownly kicked out the Don's niece (then again she was underaged at the time). So she discovered The Pink Club not long after her being fired and was hired on the spot by Betty. Ever since then Louise has gave over 200 men (even some in drag) the boot, but there is one person that she hasn't kicked out and I'm talking about Liam, since he can alter time at will, so Diana is currently making a device to counteract the rifts in the temporal line and giving it to Louise to use on the perverted teen.

Sunday 19/12/2010, 10:11

Louise for Miss Clint City!!! smiley smiley smiley

Wednesday 14/12/2011, 23:49

I'm sorry Silfy, but you're on some good shit right? You give Louise 9/10. On CHARLIES review, you give her 9.5/10. Then say Louise is a better 5*... Well, if the better rated card is worse... Your system is fuckedsmiley

Friday 01/06/2012, 09:09

Nice art!!!smiley

Sunday 12/08/2012, 07:50

@GreenRager,look at Vortex and Jungo smiley

Saturday 01/09/2012, 05:09

@Monsieur Duck
What Slify is trying to say is that without Louise, Charlie would have undecidedly been the best 5* in the Pussycats. Since she exists, you can put up to preference which one you think is better.

Saturday 13/10/2012, 12:24

this card is good if you have amber it could co up to 12 attack the monny on louise should go highersmileysmiley

Tuesday 16/10/2012, 13:05

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Clint City, day.