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  • RescueAurorapicture
    6Ability unlocked at
    1Support: Attack +3
  • RescueAurorapicture
    7Ability unlocked at
    2Support: Attack +3
  • RescueAurorapicture
    7Ability unlocked at
    3Support: Attack +3
  • RescueAurorapicture
    7+3 Life
    5Support: Attack +3

Ability of Aurora:

+3 Life

If Aurora wins the fight, the player controlling Aurora will win 3 Life points at the end of the round.



Support: Attack +3

Rescue’s attack points are increased by 3 points for each character belonging to Rescue’s clan and who is part of their team. Remember that Rescue is also taken into account.

16 comments about Aurora

Friday 26/09/2008, 14:08

Aurora - 7/5, +3 Life (Ability)

- Hefty 7 power, combined with Rescue bonus, makes her a strong strong force.
- Decent 5 damage (7 with fury) that widens the gap to 10 with her +3 Life ability
- Beautiful Art smiley

- SoA weakens her usefulness, like many Rescue cards.
- I'm unsure if she will replace Hax. While she can definetly widen the gap a lot, Hax has the potential to have 10 power. Thats pretty huge!
- Oh, shes like Bloodh, but with one less damage and a different bonus

Overall: 8/10 A very pretty and good card to use in ELO! Would be 100% staple in my mind if she had 8 power (but that might make her too good)

Tuesday 24/04/2012, 16:01

im just know realising since ive seen her last level OMG she would be the best miss clint city ever soo screw Lola bye bye Haze out with Nellie adios Eloxia sianora shaakarti Aurora miss clin city 2012 (or any year smiley)

Wednesday 02/06/2010, 15:14

Mission! Win 80 rounds with Aurora.

Tuesday 24/04/2012, 16:11

i love she would make the best clint city 2012 ever better than Lola Eloxia Haze Cassandra shaakarti Nellie (man i voted for lots) but know i want her to win Aurora miss clint city 2012 if she dosent win il be very smileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

Tuesday 24/04/2012, 16:14

miss clint city 2012 smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley no miss clint city 2012 smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

Thursday 09/10/2008, 06:07

[-Another Project Soul profile Guide-]
This pretty much covers everything about this card:
Name: Aurora Type: Rare Value: $X000 ?
Ability at lvl 5: life +3
Lv2 6/1 Hello. Im flying a helicopter.
Lv3 7/2 Hey again. Im flying a plane.
Lv4 7/3 I dont need machines any more i have bird wings.
Lv5 7/5 Life + 3 Touched by an Angel. smiley
Clan: Rescue
Bonus: support +3 attack
Cards Similiar to Aurora: Bloodh
Mono Deck: +12 attack
Leaders power ups:
Ambre = 10/5
Hugo= 7/5 + 6 attack
Timber= 7/6
PROS: One of the best cards in Rescue, 8 Gap -> 10 gap with fury
CONS: Takes you more than 30 minutes to level this card from 2-5
Two hit combo with: Ghoub , Marco
Two hit combo with fury with: Pam, Hax

Sunday 23/08/2015, 18:31

Damnit Don

Tuesday 24/04/2012, 16:05

i love imagine her art if she was miss clint city 2012 smiley vote Aurora miss clint city 2012

Sunday 30/09/2012, 04:36

*insert plea for miss clint city here*

Wednesday 05/10/2011, 10:50

really, really goodsmileysmileysmiley

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